Course and Seminar Outline

Course and Seminar Title: Introduction to Daily Meds for Musical Creative Practices

Total Hours: 30 

Credits: 2

Course Description: This course teaches students to integrate theoretical and experiential approaches in the creative musical  process and apply techniques for improving flexibility and originality in artistic thinking. The students will analyze and explore a variety of music, interdisciplinary art and creative writing as a means to develop self-expression and aesthetic sensibility. Students will apply methods to creative musical workflow with a unique collection of tools based on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects in human connection to art. Students will also engage in projects and explore significant musicians, thinkers, artists, examination of art works, and hands-on exercises to develop their own creative thinking skills.

Course Outcomes:

Successful completion of this course will enable the student to:

  1. Discover techniques to enhance musical creativity.
  2. Analyze different methods of creative problem solving such as observation, definition, representation, introspection and decision-making.
  3. Demonstrate and employee effective productivity and management skills in creative thinking.
  4. Discuss and explain different musical composition practices and create applications.
  5. Research, examine and differentiate between creative and innovative thinking styles.
  6. Demonstrate effective communication, group performance and diversity, evaluation and constructive criticism.
  7. Practice problem-solving skills, risk taking, paradigm shift and paralysis.

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