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Please post the your entries in your WordPress/SoundCloud accounts first as you would a regular assignment. Then post your “Daily Meds” entry (Word Form) under this section along with you SoundCloud link (under the “Daily Meds” section the recording applies to) of your recording assignment of the day. Remember this is to be done everyday for the rest of the course.  Each day you will pick a topic/theme from a new page in the “Daily Meds” to create, record and write on. You will turn-in two daily assignments to this “Daily Med Blog” (Personal WordPress blog and Soundcloud recording) in one post under the “Students Designated Post Area” . Start with your WordPress Account first, then Musical Daily Meds Blog, then Copy and Paste that Link under this post in the “Leave a Reply” section. All posts on all three WordPress sites(1. Students account. 2. Musical Daily Meds. 3. Intro to Audio.) need to be labeled with the student’s name, time, week, day, date, and topic title at the beginning of the post (Example: John Doe, 11:25pm, Week 1 Day 3 April 28, Begin Again). Remember you can link all assignment topics to the “Daily Meds Topic” of choice to help aid in finding a source of inspiration that is best for your recording and video needs. The Daily Meds Workbook can be found at (


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  1. Michael Fontes,2:15, Week 1 Day 1 July 08 Topic Take a Risk
    1.BeatPad lite 2. Sound Lab

    Creative Word: Develop


    The first thing that came to my head was a keyboard being use by a writer. That is writing out a book to be sold in stores.

    Creative Experiment: Take a risk

    I feel like i would regret my passed 5 years from now because i missed a lot of great things in my teenage year. I wish i took risk in my teenage years but now I will regret what i didn’t do.

    Daily Dose: Cultivation Through Music

    Cultivation Through Music is a a magical phrase.

    Daily reaction:remeber


  2. Michael Fontes,8:11, Week 1 Day 1 July 08 Topic: Take a Risk Page 2
    1.BeatPad lite 2. Sound Lab

    Creative Word: Develop


    I choose to use these sounds because you can hear the difference in the equipment from are dark ages to where you have a lighter in your pocket. It shows the development of humans from the legit stone ages to the improved humans where we flick a metal we and we have fire. I also love the sound the lighter made in the recording.

    Creative Experiment: Take a risk

    In five years from now when I look back in my teenage years I think I would be happy with what I did for the most part. I would never regret the friends I had or the clubs I joined because one of the clubs made me find out what I love to do. I may not be the best at it but I want to learn which is why I took the audio coarse. The one thing I regret is not taking class seriously and just passing I wish I tried hard. The biggest thing that’s out of my comfort zone is heights which I want to get over.

    Daily Dose: Cultivation Through Music

    I feel like we grow through practice which means if you want to get good at something constantly practice on what your goal is. Mostly in sound because you got to know the in and out of your music software so when you constantly work on it. It becomes second nature to you like knowing to get dressed in the morning. You got to know what sounds sound good with other sounds such as a basic snare and a kick drum. But where an electric guitar wouldn’t sound good with a saxophone.

    Daily Action: Remember

    I remember when I didn’t know anything about sound man it was hard to learn the langue of sound terms. It felt like a hole new langue but thanks to a helpful teacher and friend I learned how the basics work.


    I choose a fight scene from an anime the show music can warn you when something amazing is about to happen. It also shows how the music can set the mood of a scene like here its an epic fight so the have music that make people happy. They also have good timing on the match up for animation to sound like when the sword is pulled out for the first time and it deflects the bullets. That why I love this fight scene for its timing and how it sets the mood for the scene.

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  3. Michael Fontes,8:11, Week 1 Day 1 July 08 Topic: Take a Risk Page 2

    Music apps download

    1.DJ2 2.garge band

    Creative word: loop

    The first thing that came to my head when I saw the word loop I thought of vines. I record the best sounding vine with music in it.

    Creative experiment:A different perspective

    The majority of the people I look up to are YouTubers and I feel like I would ask them how they got start. It would take me a bit of time to get out of my rut but once I did I would be better than ever.

    Daily dose: relay the message

    I hundred percent agree on that because it gives both you and other the feeling to work for your dreams. It my be something you don’t know much about but if you put time and effort you will get results. With those people that you inspired they bring positive feedback to what you and push you to do more.

    Action: pass it on

    I try to encourage people to do what they love even if it’s hard to do what they want.

    Daily listen

    It’s over when it’s over by: falling in reverse

    It’s s song about pushing yourself and never give and the song, it’s self delivers that feeling of push yourself. The sound has a melody to it that what’s you to get up and do something which is the message of the song.

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  4. Michael Fontes,7:17, Week 1 Day 3 July 10 Topic: Habitual Habits Page 23

    Music aps downloaded

    1. Edjing – DJ music Mixer console 2. Beatwave

    Creative word: travel

    When it comes to travel I thought of an object moving at a high speed. What I did was take a tennis ball and put a nut in it attached to a shoe lace and spun the tennis ball at a high speed to create a great whistling sound. The sound made me thinks of traffic going by you constantly without the fad in and out.

    Creative experiment: Habitual Habits

    The biggest habit I have is to beatbox at random moments while I play video games ether when I’m upset or happy. I also bite my figure nails which is a terrible habit to have because my nails are ruined now.

    Daily Dose: Reach Out

    I never really reach out to people in a time of need or in a creative stump. Lately I’ve tried to express myself more which have open doors to meet new people and work with them. If I’m in public and I don’t know anyone I usually don’t talk to anyone but in the last mouth I sometimes start a conversation with them. I wish I was more fearless like other people and could do whatever they want in public.

    Daily Action: No Self-Inflicted Loneliness

    I inflected self loneliness to myself it may because I’m shy to put myself out there or its because I regret my past a lot. Now that I’m opening up more I might not inflict loneliness to myself.


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  5. Michael Fontes,10:51, Week 1 Day 4 July 11 Topic:Start a Song in the Middle Page 17

    Music aps downloaded

    1.Figure 2.4Beats Music Cteator

    Creative Word: Directing

    The word directing made me think of a police office directing traffic when a light go’s out. How he use a whistle to catch peoples attention so that sound stood out to me.

    Creative Experiment: Start a Song in the Middle

    When you start a song in the middle you might be caught in the coarse of the song and you sitting there wondering how did I get to this. It could be the best part of the song but without a build up you could just be confused about what’s happening in the song. It would make me feel hectic from all the sound thrown at me.

    Daily Dose: Not Just Any Old Path

    Yes I do believe that people are called to do this by there love and hard work they put into music. It’s you ether connect with music or you don’t it’s as simple as that. Not any ordinary person can do this you need to want to this because you like not because someone told you to like this.

    Daily Action: Practice

    I will open myself up to connect to my music spiritually.

    Daily Beat

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  6. Michael Fontes,5:04, Week 1 Day 5 July 12 Topic:Losing Perfection Page 40

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. Novation Launch 2. Music Maker Jam

    Creative Word: Strip down

    Strip down made me think of someone unzipping there jacket because when you unzip your jacket you zip down. When you take it off you a stripping your clothes off. I also love the sound off a zippier for beat boxing it adds a cut to a beat. It’s a great point to change a beat in a song.

    Creative Experiment: Looking Out of Bounds

    For me it doesn’t matter what’s in right now for music I like what I listen to. I love to go on the internet and find music that random people have created. I don’t follow the trend I make my own if people don’t like that’s fine by me because I enjoy it. The best thing to hear is someone’s take on a song that has been out for a remix version of the trending music into there music. Like Ariana Grande – problems and change it into an EDM or dubstep song I like to see what they use from the song and change.

    Daily Dose: Face Your Flaws

    I agree to face your flaws but it is not easy to do I have tried to face my flaws and it hasn’t worked once its my lack of work ethic. When it comes to home I usually just don’t do but I am trying to change that right now by doing my homework everyday. I think by the end of this coarse if I do my homework everyday then I fell like I would have got over one of my flaws. At the same time I loose focus really quick while doing homework so I’m trying to stay focused and do my homework in the morning instead of leaving it till tonight.

    Daily Action: Come Clean

    In the last question I stated my flow of work ethic but the other flow I have is to go out and do something. I am just a lazy person and the only way to get out of that for me that is to hang out with friends and go places with them. I would usually rather stay inside and play video games but now I try to go out more to be inspired by people.

    My Daily Beat

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  7. Michael Fontes,10:12, Week 1 Day 6 July 13 Topic:Listening to the Unlistenable Page 85

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. MusicLoop Lite 2. energyXT

    Creative Words: Big Approach

    Big approach made me think of making a load approach by stomping into a room. The sound of the thump makes a great kick.

    Creative Experiment: Listening to the Unlistenable

    I’ve tried this before with rap music I now want to try to make the background music. The reason for this is because I’ve always hated the rap music genre. Now my friends love to listen to it so now that i listen to it in a different why I want to try to make a song with my friend.

    Daily Dose: The Paradox of Success

    I believe that people make you successful or a failure because at the end of the day if people don’t want more content from you then no success will come either. The paradox of success only work if you put all your time into you can’t just stop and think your on top.

    Daily Action: My Success

    Yes I do agree the my success is thanks to my conscious and super-conscious effort.

    My Daily beat

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  8. Michael Fontes,7:17 , Week 1 Day 7 July 14 Topic:Baby Steps Page 29

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. Beatwave 2.DJ Rig FREE

    Creative Word: Decrease

    The first thing that came to my mind when I read the word decrease I thought of a sound just deceasing in volume. I tried to find the coolest thump in my house so I could use it in a beat. I thought volume would be the best way to show decrease.

    Creative Experiment: Baby Steps

    The steps I take to start my creative flow is think of a song I like, then I think of way I can create this effect or sound, after that I go into the music creation software and look at tool and sounds I can use to manipulate what the song did. Last thing I do is play with the tools I have to find the best way I can do the effect the song made. The thing that is stopping me from creating music is the inspiration I always think I can’t do what professionals do. Thanks to friends I can do this because they inspire me to keep going.

    Daily Dose: Unnecessarily Complex

    When it comes to music I make I try to keep it simple in the amount of sounds I use at one time but at the same time I try to alter my sounds around to much and make it complicated. This is how I make my music complex and simple at the same time.

    Daily Action: Listen

    I have listened to my spiritual voice today because I told myself to get out of bed to do my work for today.

    My Daily Beat

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  9. Michael Fontes,8:30 , Week 2 Day 1 July 15 Topic:Throwing out the Right Page 6

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. Computer music: Make Music now 2. DJ Music mixer new year party

    Creative Word: Connect

    Connect made me think of someone plugging in a plug into an outlet and you hear that spark sound. That make me think that the outlet a plug are now connect because the outlet gives power to whatever the plug is powering.

    Creative Experiment: Throwing out the Right

    I feel like they should teach this lesson to everywhere because you shouldn’t always succeed in life because you need to make mistakes to change who you are for the better. If you think everything you are doing is right then you will never change and grow and become a better person. You need to learn from mistakes and improve your skill as a person that’s how you become the best you.

    Daily Dose: Lines of Communication

    I may not believe in prayer and stuff but I do believe in asking your inner self for guidance on what path I should take. But by asking yourself that question you might not find the answer so he have to go and try and not think about it.

    Daily Act: Conscious Communication

    I will attempt to surround my self with my creative spirit and roll with it.

    My Daily Beat


  10. Michael Fontes,8:49 , Week 2 Day 2 July 16 Topic:Say Yes Page 8

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. Music Stusio Lite 2. Drum Pads 24

    Creative Word: Breakthrough

    A breakthrough made me think of someone breaking a piece of paper. It made me think of something with enough force pushing through an object.

    Creative Experiment: Say Yes

    I will apply this experiment to my life and not go near car dealerships and telemarketers. I will see how much i improve my music and how much I help others with this experiment.

    Daily Dose: Progress is Perfection

    You have to take each day as if as it was his last and not dull in are past. But its not bad to look back into the past and see how much you’ve grown through the years.

    Daily Act: Focus

    You should work on what you are doing now instead of planning the final.

    Daily beat

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  11. tots and the mantel That’s my number

    I see this song being played at a bar where everyone is drunk and the singer is drunk to. the song makes you feel happy thanks to the rim shot in the background with the main instrument the heard the most. The singers voice also brings up a happy vibe to the song.The song had me confused at the end because i could not understand what he was saying.

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  12. Michael Fontes,12:07AM , Week 2 Day 3 July 18 Topic:Emotional Dartboard Page 18

    Music aps Downloaded

    1.DJ Spooky 2. Equalizer+ – volume booster

    Creative Word: Adoring

    It made me think of a crowd adoring the famous person for a show our act. I used the bathroom to get the most compressed sound I could make.

    Creative Experiment: Emotional Dartboard

    The emotional dartboard is a great way to keep your brain thinking because you have to change the type of music you make to show this emotion. When it comes to emotions their are tons of them which it expands your knowledge of music. As it unlocks more emotions while creating music it takes lots of dedication to do this.

    Daily Dose: Extending Love

    I agree you need to spread love to get love back. you wont random be loved by someone with out doing something for someone else. But you become a better you when people love what you do it set you in a higher level of work. The inspiration of people make you work harder to improve.

    Daily Action: You Can Never Give Too Much Love

    I feel you can’t have a limit on the amount of love you can give. With my music I will give people love through my music.

    Daily Beat

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  13. Michael Fontes,11:30 pm, Week 2 Day 4 July 18 Topic:Frustrations Page 33

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. EasyBeats LE Drum Machine Free MPC 2. Multi Track song recorder

    Creative Word: Create Conflict

    Creating conflict made me think of people fighting and what usually start a fight is someone throwing the first swing. To create this sound I made my friend slap me on the arm with a large amount of force. I used someone else because I wouldn’t hit myself with the same amount to create a large sound.

    Creative Experiment: Random Attachment

    I feel like that method is a good way to think of new ways to use sound. This method also makes you think hard on how to implement a word into sound.

    Daily Dose: Creative Frustrations

    I agree with this statement because you should never dwell with past music you have made. You should focus on what you could have done better and learn from those mistakes. The most important thing to do is push forward and never back step in life.

    Daily Action: Growth Through Frustration

    Yes you should grow form your frustrations and become better and use it in your new music.

    Daily Beat

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  14. Michael Fontes,6:54 pm, Week 2 Day 5 July 19 Topic:Tune Page 38

    Music aps Downloaded

    1. Keezy Drummer 2.Ninja Jamn – The ninja tune remix

    Creative Word: Light

    The word light made me think of a light bulb and the way I could make a sound is how you turn it on. I used the light switch to use as a sound.

    Creative Experiment: Tearing Down Problematic Truths

    I tried this method and it made me think of a way to overcome the problem. This method made easier to overcome problems.

    Daily Dose: Tune In

    I feel like this proses takes lots of time to develop to master and hone. But once you tone your mind to hear these things then music will become much better to you.

    Daily Action: Tune Up

    I will open myself to all openings that come my way and open myself to creative possibilities and guiding messages.

    Daily Beat

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  15. Michael Fontes,5:51 pm, Week 2 Day 6 July 20 Topic:Shrinking the Problem Page 67

    Music aps downloaded

    1. Dubstep Maker 2. Dubstep Dubpad 2

    Creative Word: Eliminate

    It made me think of video games and how they get eliminated in FPS. I recorded the sound of a sniper from a video game I play. I used a sniper because its the most common weapon that people know.

    Creative Experiment: Shrinking the Problem

    I feel like there are no big problems there are only challenges to get past by. There are challenges to over come and get better from. problems make me feel hopeless but challenges make me feel like I can get past it and get better.

    Daily Dose: Everyone Has Been There…

    I feel like it doesn’t matter how much experience you have to show how much you’ve gone through. An inexperienced musician has gone through the same kind of criticism that a veteran musician has gone through. Which means we are all equals as musicians no matter what we’ve gone through.

    Daily Action: Say ‘NO!’ to No

    I will never say never. #Justin #Bieber But seriously I will let my creative seed grow and let loose and go with what I’m doing.

    Daily Beat

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  16. Michael Fontes,5:51 pm, Week 2 Day 7 July 21 Topic:Geographic Solution Page 65

    Music aps downloaded

    1. Electronic Song Maker 2.Drum Pads 24-make beats

    Creative Word: Gathering Support

    Gathering support made me think of medieval movies and when they call for support for more troops. So I need to find a horn that sounded the most similar to the ones in the movie. The closest sound I could find was a Viking horn found online.

    Creative Experiment: Geographic Solution

    I feel like depend on the country you were born you would have a different taste in music or a hole different style of music. If you were born a different plant then your body could be different we might be able to listen to higher frequencies of music. In that case it would put music on a whole new level because you would work with all new types of frequencies.

    Daily Dose: Worthy of Love

    I never have hatred towards anyone unless they give me a reason to hate them. Take music for example I don’t hate any artist unless they do something/ create something terrible I always give them second chances though. Now for an artist most people don’t like, Justin Beiber he has piss off a lot of people but he also makes shit music. This is a prime example of someone that deserves the hate. Then there are rappers that normally don’t do the right thing but they sometimes make great hits so no reason to be mad at them. That’s how I put hatred towards people.

    Daily Action: Flip Over from the Bad Side of the Bed

    You should never have hatred all day then you will hate whatever is going on today so people should try to look at the best of there situation.

    Daily Beat

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  17. Michael Fontes,4:11 pm, Week 3 Day 7 July 28 Topic:Pre-production Page 69

    for music aps I decided to discontinue this part but to got through with everything else.

    Creative Word: Tame

    The word tame made me think of a lion tamer and there wipe taming a lion. I just got a wipe from my friends house and recorded him using it.

    Creative Experiment: Pre-production

    It is always good to have a plan before doing most things but its is most important before recording audio. The reason for this is image a client coming in and you are not prepared for what they want/need do you think they’ll want to hire you again no. They want to get started right away and not have to wait for something they are paying for. That is why planning ahead is always a good thing in audio.

    Daily Dose: Control Kills

    This choice all depends on the person some people don’t accept there creativity but some do.

    Daily Action: Watch It Unfold

    I will let myself be free and see what comes from this decision will it be good or bad I will never know until I try.

    Daily Beat

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