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Please post the your entries in your WordPress/SoundCloud accounts first as you would a regular assignment. Then post your “Daily Meds” entry (Word Form) under this section along with you SoundCloud link (under the “Daily Meds” section the recording applies to) of your recording assignment of the day. Remember this is to be done everyday for the rest of the course.  Each day you will pick a topic/theme from a new page in the “Daily Meds” to create, record and write on. You will turn-in two daily assignments to this “Daily Med Blog” (Personal WordPress blog and Soundcloud recording) in one post under the “Students Designated Post Area” . Start with your WordPress Account first, then Musical Daily Meds Blog, then Copy and Paste that Link under this post in the “Leave a Reply” section. All posts on all three WordPress sites(1. Students account. 2. Musical Daily Meds. 3. Intro to Audio.) need to be labeled with the student’s name, time, week, day, date, and topic title at the beginning of the post (Example: John Doe, 11:25pm, Week 1 Day 3 April 28, Begin Again). Remember you can link all assignment topics to the “Daily Meds Topic” of choice to help aid in finding a source of inspiration that is best for your recording and video needs. The Daily Meds Workbook can be found at (


4 thoughts on “The Mal Post Area

  1. Mal Odol July 9th,2015
    Day 1 Week 1

    Apps: Real Drum and My Guitar

    Creative word : Yield

    When I saw the word Yield. The first thing that popped in to my head was a car slowing down hard with the tire making that high pitched screeching sound. I don’t know why that was my first thought. Maybe it was because of the fact that everybody was warning me to take driving seriously because there have been times when I’m in the middle of driving and I’ll hit a curve because my mind will go in to lala land and I won’t pay attention to the road. So I kind of have this deep seated fear that I might get into a car crash.

    I recorded the sound from YouTube because I didn’t want to disturb my family or neighbours with my risky idea.
    Which would have been attempting to have my car making the skid and hopefully tire screech with someone recording it for me. Yeah that’s probably a stupid idea.

    Creative experiment: Lollipop
    I did 40 push ups and rewarded myself with a large milkshake. That was my Lollipop

    Daily Dose:I Choose Peace
    I’ve decided along time ago just to go with the flow because I’ve learned to let and know what it’s like to hold in anger bottle up inside. It’s never a good thing to do because anger and negativity clouds and corrupts your mind if you keep your hatred and anger bottled up to the point where you start to suffer emotionally, mentally,and physically. It clouds your judgement and makes you take out ur anger on to a loved one without realising it. So I choose peace because the opposite feeling is a dangerous thing

    Daily Action: Be at Peace

    I will let go of all the things that give me worries and just try to be myself. I will let my mind wonder in a controlled setting and see what comes to mind.

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  2. Day 2 Week 1 Mal Odol July 10th, 2015

    Apps : RD3 Demo, VL-Tone Synth

    Creative word: Provide


    They’re were birds chirping outside so I went for a walk. You also hear a car passing by in the begining and my foot steps

    Creative experiments: Point of view

    I was sleeping all day so it feels good to stand up. I feel fresh and awake now

    Daily dose: Making ends Meets

    I believe that if you are honest with yourself and your peers you will eventually find success even if you make ends meet now, you will find a compromise between what makes you happy and what pays the bills. You will lead a more fulfilling life

    Daily Practice: Practice Honesty

    I plan to be honest so I can live a more fulfilling life

    listening exercise i listened to koffi olomide’s Monde Arabe to get my juices flowing and to be alert today

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