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Please post the your entries in your WordPress/SoundCloud accounts first as you would a regular assignment. Then post your “Daily Meds” entry (Word Form) under this section along with you SoundCloud link (under the “Daily Meds” section the recording applies to) of your recording assignment of the day. Remember this is to be done everyday for the rest of the course.  Each day you will pick a topic/theme from a new page in the “Daily Meds” to create, record and write on. You will turn-in two daily assignments to this “Daily Med Blog” (Personal WordPress blog and Soundcloud recording) in one post under the “Students Designated Post Area” . Start with your WordPress Account first, then Musical Daily Meds Blog, then Copy and Paste that Link under this post in the “Leave a Reply” section. All posts on all three WordPress sites(1. Students account. 2. Musical Daily Meds. 3. Intro to Audio.) need to be labeled with the student’s name, time, week, day, date, and topic title at the beginning of the post (Example: John Doe, 11:25pm, Week 1 Day 3 April 28, Begin Again). Remember you can link all assignment topics to the “Daily Meds Topic” of choice to help aid in finding a source of inspiration that is best for your recording and video needs. The Daily Meds Workbook can be found at (


7 thoughts on “The Alex M. Post Area

  1. Alex Mitchener 2:08pm. Week 1 Day 1 July 8th Keeping Still

    2 free music apps
    Shazam, Spotify

    Creative Words: Keeping Still

    i recorded this because i didnt move when i was recording it.

    Creative Experiment: Working in the Dark

    Working in the dark is different because you can’t see therefore there is nothing holding you back and you can be free from all the insecurities you face in daylight

    Daily Dose: Divine Influence As we create, so we are.

    Always be confident in your own work because its yours, and you should own that.

    Daily Action: Recalling a Creative spirit

    I made a click noise and i felt creative because i didn’t know i could that


    i found this on youtube throught the music section. this reminds me of summertime when its hot outside


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