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Kailin, start with logging into your WordPress Account first, then go to the Musical Daily Meds WordPress Blog, then post in the “Leave a Reply” section under this post your entree for the day.  Remember you will need a Soundcloud account to post your creative word recordings. These recordings do not have to be long, anywhere from 1 second to 15, if you are inspired then go as long as you want. You can also record directly to a Soundcloud app if you would like. All posts need to be labeled with the student’s name, time, week, day, date, Daily Med page and topic title at the beginning of the post (Example: John Doe, 11:25pm, Week 1 Day 3 April 28, Page 23 Topic: Begin Again). Remember you can link all assignment topics to one “Daily Meds Topic” of choice if you are having trouble finding inspiring things to write about. Also to help aid in finding a source of inspiration that is best for your recording and video needs try writing about different mediums. The Daily Meds Workbook can be found at (


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    The creative experiment for today was to take a risk. I know from personal experience that when it comes to music, the second you hesitate, or become afraid, is the second that you lose it; you lose your place, you lose your rhythm, you lose your note, you lose your energy. The whole process of creating something is risky and scary just for the fact that you are putting yourself out there for the world to see.Sometimes its hard and it takes me a while to drop all of the walls and let go of my guard for the sake of just free creative flow, but it is worth the wait. Today I took a risk by doing something I try to shy away from; I decided to sing something in my higher range. I have a really weird stigma around high notes even though I know they are very much within my range of voice. I still don’t love the sound of my head voice, but I know it is just from lack of practice rather than lack of capability. I feel proud that I managed to record something that I’m proud to post rather than afraid.

    In the process of crafting the artist I will one day be and finding my voice, I have had so much help along the way. Even from people and experiences that have no major musical connection. Every experience and interaction I have been through has shaped the person that I am and thus influence my creative mind and the way that I think about, process, and cope with the world around me. I work on music a lot in solitude simply because I do not know many other people that like to create music and would be committed to working on something. However, as a singer I am only one tiny puzzle piece to the world of music, and I long for other creative minds to fill in the gaps where I lack knowledge or to see something from a different perspective. So for now I continue to work on expanding my musical knowledge and capacity and taking things one day at a time. I can already see that just in this past year I have grown so much and am excited to learn and grow more with years to come.

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    • Really Great first start! Just in case I did not tell you do not have to record a lot, 2 – 15 seconds worth. Soundcloud has three hours of upload time for free after that you will have to start a new account. Also have a look at the mike post are far down into his entries and you will get an idea of how to comment on each section. Most students tend to keep the writings around 100 -300 words a post. If you have any questions you can always leave a comment under your post are and I will get back sooner then email. I am looking forward to reading and hearing more!


  2. Kailin Doucette, 2:17pm, Week 1 Day 3 June 5, Page 15 Topic: Know It All’s

    Creative Word: Obstruction


    Creative Experiment: Take a Second Look

    I took special care today to look back over everything and makes sure there was nothing else I wanted to work on. Whenever I felt stuck, I thought to myself ‘what is the ultimate goal? where are you going with this?” and it really helped my to refocus and get what I wanted to done. It also helped me realize the point when it s out of my hands and I can do no more or should move on to working on a different aspect. It’s hard to try and take a different perspective or to step back from something that you’ve been working on for so long. Once you’ve invested yourself in something you really feel connected to it even if it’s not yet fulfilled its ultimate form or is not the best it can be, so it can be hard t be objective and really think about what you have created from a different point of view.

    Daily Dose: Know It All’s

    I can’t say that I ever feel like I know it all. I have been singing almost all of my life and I still look around sometimes and feel like a novice compared to other musicians. I used to feel especially under acknowledged and under educated since I am not classically trained. However, now I look at things differently. Musical knowledge and creation is never ending, and everyone is on their own path just trying to grow, learn, and improve everyday. Anyone who thinks they are perfect and all knowing is sadly mistaken.

    I often struggle with asking for help, just because I have always had to figure things out on my own. It doesn’t help that I’m a very opinionated perfectionist. Yet, even I know when to through in the towel and ask for help. I would rather have a better end product over all and have it be thanks to the help of someone than have something unsatisfying, but done on my own; there’s no pride in that to me.

    Daily Act: Knowing What I Don`t Know

    I know I don’t have all of the answers and I never will. I just hope that I have an amazing journey trying to find as many as I can. It’s through the seeking and gaining knowledge that grow and become more wise. It can be hard to ask for help sometimes, or to find the help that you need, but it is worth it. Hopefully every day I can help someone else find the answers that they are looking for in their life.


  3. Kailin Doucette, 5:30pm, Week 1- Day 4- June 20, Page 18, Topic: Extending Love

    Creative Word: Adoring


    Creative Experiment: Emotional Dartboard

    I gave myself about three minutes to write down all of the emotions I could think of. My plan for today was to do an acoustic cover of the song “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters; when I think of the song Happy thoughts usually come to mind, that this moment in time is the best and all I could ever wish for is a reality with that special person. So, after taking all of the good emotions out of my mind map of emotions, the luck of the draw lead me to the emotion “sad”. At first i was at a loss for how I would make myself think or feel sadness when this song makes me so happy. I tried looking at the song from a different angle. Like, maybe he is sad because he will never feel the same amazing feeling he has now, again. Or maybe it could be sad because the fear of messing up with or loosing this special person. I think it’s really good to try to think of these different emotional dimensions in the music. Being one sided emotionally can make the music flat and lackluster and not very relate able for an audience.
    Daily Dose: Extending Love

    I have always had trouble showing myself the same love that I give to others. I am so quick to take care of others, uplift them, and try to treat people with the utmost respect, but when it comes to myself I am negligent. There is always something wrong, imperfect, unappealing, or unworthy of attention when I look back on my music and my voice. I am constantly striving to be better and grow stronger to counter the endless criticisms in my head. I feel like the hardest lesson for me to learn will be to love myself and to love my work and to trust in my music and talents. I have so many people behind me and supporting me; I hope that one day soon I’ll be able to cheer myself on as much as they do.

    Daily Action: You Can Never Give Too Much Love

    I’m trying to think more and more of my music as an at of love. It is my gift to the world to share everything that I have I hopes that I can help someone someday to feel loved and that they are not alone in this big, sometimes frightening, world. Nothing fills my heart more than when someone tells me that I am an inspiration to them or that they are so proud to know me or be friends with me. I feel like the more I am steadfast and work towards my goal the more people follow; it’s almost like it is contagious. I believe that anything you do with passion and love in your heart is a success and people can see that. Love is the answer in this world; it is the key to all of our greatest problems, and I believe that whole heartedy.

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  4. Kailin Doucette, 10:03pm, Week 1- Day 5- June 21, Page 141, Topic: In It Together

    Creative Words: Creative Alliances


    Creative Experiment: 3rd Person Point of View

    Maybe I’m a little weird for this, but I really liked talking to myself in third person when I got stuck creatively. At first it was unnatural and a little strange, but it really helped me take a step back from everything. Sort of as if I wasn’t stuck in a creative quicksand sink hole anymore, but rather I was looking from above trying to find the way out. It helped talking it out out loud as well. When working alone there’s no reason for me to ever really talk; most of the dialogue goes on in my head. However, I think my head gets tired of hearing my inner voice so much and enjoyed the break from all of my thoughts swirling around inside.

    Daily Dose: In It Together

    I’ve always felt in control of my future and my career. When I want to do something I go at it with full force, and if I can’t reach my exact goal I take comfort in getting as close as humanly possible. I know that comparing myself, or where I am in my career, with accomplished musicians is foolish. At some point in time, they were exactly where I am, and one day I will be where they are. Everyone must make their journey in their own time and way. However, though I do not feel estranged from my musical goals, I often feel estranged from other musicians. Music is a career path that can be, and usually is very competitive. I’m am not a competitive person at all; in fact I shy away from competition whenever possible. I feel like there shouldn’t be winners or losers in music, but a sea of creativity of all shapes sizes and kinds. All ideas are valid and if asked whose is better or worse, the answers would be completely different depending on who you ask. It’s much more conducive to creativity to work together and uplift each other.

    Daily Action: No Strangers

    It’s hard to open up to people about exactly how you feel or what you are thinking. I know when I am in my creative process I don’t want anyone to get even a glimmer of what I’m planning until it’s finished. I think this is fear of misunderstanding or rejection. I know that no one will have the same vision as me, and if I don’t follow through to the end, it might be left unfulfilled. However, it’s important to keep in touch and communicate with the people who are working with you, helping you, or supporting you, because often they are just as invested in you as yourself. The whole point of creating is to share with loved ones and with the world. It is impossible to share with someone who has been shut out from your life and sometimes when you go to finally let them in, they may be long gone.

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