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  1. Daily Dose: Gratitude

    I guess I should think about it more often, but if I look at where I was as far a recording techniques last January, and where I am now, I am grateful at the progress. It is like experiencing growth in your children. If you are with them every day, you will not notice it. If someone see’s them after a period of time the changes in them is very apparant. I have to continue challenging the status quo.

    Daily Action: Give Thanks

    Thank you David


    Actually using mixing effects that were recently only a theory

    Yoga: I tried a few yoga moves, and found I can’t put my hands flat on the floor any longer. I will have to practice some more

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  2. Daily Dose: One Note at a Time

    It is so often a problem in todays world, where you have to multi-task and it has become the norm rather than the exception. No longer can you use the Charles Emmerson Winchester from Mash philosophy ” I do one thing, I do it very well, then I move on”
    If you can centre yourself (yes, that is how centre is spelled) and find the luxury of some time, tackle it like Charles would have done. It is far less stressful.

    Daily action: The brighter side.
    Music has and always will be a bright light shining on my mental state. I have had an old tune going through my head all day, and I don’t mind a bit.

    Creative word: Small

    “Speak softly but carry a big stick.” Teddy Roosevelt. In other words, be small until you have to be big, then be really big.

    Creative experiment. Blindfold.

    Well at least it is not -30 and snowing . I sat at my piano, and try to play chords that suited my basement. I was difficult to get past the key that my furnace fan, was in (A).

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  3. Daily Dose: Show Me the Way

    Have you ever listened to something that didn’t sound quite right to you ? Did the Producer-Engineer agonize over it, before deciding to pan that line in the chorus left, then right, or was it a snap decision after a long day, and they just said, “screw it, that will do” . Even though it may have sounded a little off to you, it could well have sounded great to most everyone else. Since it didn’t sound right to you, it shows that you are following your creative instincts and are not just following along. It can be a fine line between wanting something to sound right in your own mind, and becoming a control freak, and over analyzing everything you hear.

    Daily Action: Belief in Creating Change

    Sometimes you can come up with a solution to that bridge you have worked on all afternoon, by simply going for a walk, or noodling around on the piano. Sometimes you have to stop completely and sleep on it. Your sub-conscience will continue to try to sort it out while you sleep, and often you wake up with a solution running through your head. Not always, but it does happen a lot, if you let it.

    Creative Words: Big Approach
    Big approach, subtle approach. You have to channel your energy according to the situation in front of you.

    Creative Experiment: Listening to the Unlistenable

    If you have been to wedding, there is a good chance you are going to have to put up with the Village people singing YMCA.
    It is not something that 999 people of a 1000 would think of putting on after coming home from work.
    Strangely , I saw a version done by an orchestra, that worked very well, because of the instrumentation. I didn’t cringe at all.

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