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  1. Daily Dose: I Choose Peace. (pg 32)

    I’m currently in the middle of a move into my girlfriend’s place and the whole world I’ve made for myself (with a lot of money spent) is up in the air. I’ve needed space to help my being come to terms with being diagnosed with diabetes at fifteen and what I’ve done for myself has helped me straighten myself out. There are so many things I could be at conflict with right now, but I find it easier to “go with the flow” for I’ve made a decision for a better me and the “ego” me could come up with so much crap to say “oh but what about this and this and this” but I’m just like meh, I’m sure things will work out for the best. I’m in this transition right now, which makes it hard for me to find time to work on musical projects; so I’m saving my creative energy for a time once I’m moved in and have some spare calm time to work as to limit how much stress will transfer into my music.

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  2. Early dismissal:

    I listened to a memory lane of music that ive made in the past two years at work today. It helps to lessen that feeling of dismissing the creative feeling because a second take can be taken which implies… in a couple years, this could remind me of myself back then in that day. I still have yet to do any work on the controller/keyboard because im limited to a mini (in between keyboards).. and being super busy. A dismissal can be a clockwork factor because your planning on continuing with the creative behaviour in the future.. but early dismissal can be an embarrassment or denial factor which are both negatory. I will accept dismissal currently to provoke acceptance in the future.

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  3. Daily dose: reach out

    I went golfing today with a buddy of mine who’s a lyricist.. we went golfing and listened to some rap which is abstract to my interests but the influence and time spent is positive and creative.
    Haven’t had time to see him in awhile to filter out a lot of noise out of the cup of life. Life gets busier and busier while your young and its important to keep resetting to keep yourself fresh.
    Golf is an example of meditation. It removes yourself from a clustered life to a free open space that can help creativity.

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  4. Daily Dose: Simple Connections

    I’ve been listening to a lot of new music at work lately through Tidal. I have been enjoying being a listener. It’s been nice taking a step back since the beginning of the year and taking in different influences than what I had been usually listening to as of Christmas. The different hat I have worn lately is that of a listener instead of a “producer”. It will aid in keeping me fresh to myself and my music by acknowledging what I enjoy and what I find boring.

    I’m still working on finding the right space for my new studio..


  5. Daily Dose: No two creativities alike

    I made a little treasure map in paint.. the four coinciding themes that accumulate my creative process as of now and probably in the future are order/chaos and motivation/time. When I have motivation.. I lack the time to fulfill the motivation. When my world is changing around me and my day to day routines and habits are different everyday.. I lack the ability to ground myself and be confident and move forward with a project.
    It was one of my best buddies last time seeing the apartment today and I got to spend some time showing him a few things I had made in march & april and immediately he was like “you gunna send that to me?”
    Soon the time will come when I have motivation, time, order, and chaos in my grasp to sit down and work.

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  6. Daily Dose: Out with the Old and In With the New

    A little different than what was asked.. but, I finally finished moving… I always wanted to do some music that would help my “rapper/lyricist” buddy out by having his own jams. Now that I’m through a lot of my transition, I feel I will be able to work on a few side projects with him… as well as maybe do some music with my mom who’s always worked by herself.

    By working and spending time creatively with them I feel it will also help evolve my own process.

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  7. Daily Dose: What You Are

    By changing up the tempo in a project I’m working on.. it actually showed a few things I hadn’t heard with the faster tempo. There was a slight delay on one of my main instruments and the echo on the trumpets was a little different that what I had heard at the faster tempo. Playing through a few different speeds allows me to go through different feelings of the same note progression getting a better grasp of what I actually want the piece to be.

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  8. Daily Dose: Don’t Forget to Look Around

    Each day we hold on to unnecessary stresses and every now and again its of great benefit to sift through the ones that aren’t part of what you want your life to be. These are the type of things that blind us when a gift from our musical self presents itself. It gets pushed down below a stupid stress from work, or a friendship, or a family matter. All of which are important but sometimes another persons perspective of an issue is complete opposite of your own and can get in the way of having a true conversation with ones-self.
    I try to clear my mind a few times a week by hanging out on the deck after work… 9PM. Its a very quiet time and easy to think… and to not think.. depending on the day.

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  9. Daily Dose: Inspiration, not Procrastination

    When we did the recording today.. I presented what I was feeling for how we should set up. I imagine its much more complicated having 5 people with an equal say than one “head engineer” or director.. I didn’t get a chance to pre-figure-out any of the setup and mic-ing we would be doing because I didnt know we were going to be doing that recording. I think we did a good job given the time and uniqueness of the recording we were doing. Sometimes working with other people its better to do intro>chrous>verse> etc so everyones on the same page… but when im working by myself its hard to pre-determine what will be going where.
    Having an instrument that requires set-up as opposed to just having the guitar ready is a little trickier to just act upon inspiration.. its more of a built of inspiration that is let out when I get to record.

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  10. Daily Dose: Two Voices

    After working late last night, I had a slow morning. I took my time waking, getting out of bed, and brewing a cup of coffee. Once I had my coffee I had about an hour before I had to start getting ready for work. I sat down at the computer in the empty house (besides the dog who’s always chillin) and started messing around on the synths. I made the start of one of the tunes I’m going to use for the “passion” album we’re doing for class.
    It’s nice sometimes to play around with some music before really getting the day going where/when all the distractions and stresses start to come into effect and the ego starts turmoil.

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