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  1. 1.

    When I hear nourish or nourishment, I think of spiritual nourishment or physical nourishment. In the case of spiritual nourishment, I think of the way things react in your everyday life. So you can either have good tunes and sounds that send chills down and right back up your spine, or eat good food. I ate good food.

    2. Creative Experiment: Toolkit

    When doing this chart, I took hold of what I had app wise as well as technology wise in my studio. On my phone, I have an app called nano studio, which is good for recording up to give or take 16 tracks from keyboards loaded with guitar and other samples and a launch pad with 16 different programmable noises. I also have the built in recording device, which is unfortunately mono, so it does not sound as good as it could. In the studio I have about 20-30 guitars, a bunch of effect racks, some really high quality mikes (mainly Behringer and Neumann mics), as well as several large sample packs from Izotope- mainly the Damage pack (my favourite), Melodyne and T-racks. The pros of all of these recources are: not everyone my age would have something like this, they would not have any knowledge of how to use them and actually apply them to a recording. The con is, when it comes to the studio programs, I do not know enough of the ins and outs to make something sound as good as say my father or brother or anyone that has a lot more skill than me.

    3. Daily Act: Trust

    After reading today’s daily dose and act, I can see that with a little trust in my own skills and ability, I may be able to become as good at recording as a first year college student. Now I do realize that this goal is not a very large one, but it is still a goal since I am in high school. The way I interpreted this is that, I can take this in my every day life very simply. If I can trust that my spirit can understand what I need to do, than I can do anything and create a masterpiece.


  2. 1. Sound Cloud Creative Word: Breakthrough Coming together is important, and so is saying yes. But one no can make you wish you never did anything. Here’s an example of how it can make people feel worthless, and block future breakthroughs. If one no can stop the production of a great thing, than why can we not say yes and let things go on, to see if it ends up being worth it. Doing this might create some of the best discoveries or best music that might ever exist.

    Experiment: Say Yes So today, after I saw this was posted, I figured I would give this a shot. So while I was at my High Skills Major trip, I figured “whats the worse that could happen?” This I figured could go horribly wrong, but since I was at the board office I figured it was a safe place (free of telemarketers and car salesmen). From here we were instructed to draw how a child ages 6-8 would look using the model they gave us, I decided to say yes to what my partners had to say. Our child turned into a Asian soccer player with a dragon soccer uniform and a whole lot of spirit. Later (after that hilarious catastrophe), we had to make a sound game that kids could enjoy and play using ping pong balls, clapping, stomping and buckets. Believe it or not, this turned out pretty fantastic. And all because I kept saying yes to my partners, we ended up having a small orchestra of popping and banging and I wish I could have recorded it. Unfortunately if my phone was out not during lunch it got taken away- no if ands or buts. I really wanted to see how that would sound with a little tweeking. But saying yes with to the creative ideas that my group had and the ideas of others on the trip I found out how amazing even some of the stupid ideas were. This created some of the best work out of all the students on the trip, it was a great experience.

    Daily Dose: Progression is Perfect So as I was reading today’s daily dose, all I could think about was how much you need to appreciate not only organized music, but nature’s music. The birds singing, the sound of a car going over a bump or the sound of laughter. That is why as I write this, all I am thinking about is the way that all the noises throughout the day create a symphony of music. After nature is perfect in it’s way, so how can we not see how wonderful all that nature creates as the best thing we can ever hear or see. The most powerful camera is the eye, and one of the best microphones are the ears, so why not use them as we should and have great sounds and sights enter as often as possible. This is the progression of perfect, how we interpret everything as perfect how it is, and not that it has to conform to a rubric, because to one person something may be complete, to others it may be a grievous failure and unintelligible.

    Daily Action: Trust Today I focused all day on what I had to do. When I was on my trip, I focused on my task at hand. When I was writing all of this, I focused on it. I did not have anything besides some sweet tunes playing in the background to focus. I focused on what I needed to do, and what I needed to think about to get my work accomplished.

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  3. 1. Creative Word: Trust// Found Sounds Song (I decided to combine them because they overlapped in concept when I was brainstorming) The concept for this sound design is using industrial sounds for an organic emotion. A lot of the sounds were metal hits done on different types of materials. These combined with random human words create an atmosphere of mistrust. The screaming is going on all through the piece and the repetition of “I don’t know” adds to the intensity of the confusion – it’s hard to know what is exactly going on. At the end a voice states “There’s no more ghosts” and the element of trust is restored in the last second of the song. It is really interesting how the whole concept of trust or mistrust can be swayed. In this song, the first 43 seconds emits a sense of confusion, chaos and a total lack of trust – but the fact that this cacophony of emotion can be restored in only one second. This shows a unique element of human trust – trust can be frail but in the light of a second it can be tempered as steel.

    Creative Experience: Hop in the Shower Me personally, especially today, jumped in the shower right before I started to write today, even before I read that it was the creative experiment. I was caked in mud and dirt and grime- head to toe- from the events I participated in today at the track meet. When I was walking home from the school around 8:30 pm, I could not think, I could not even comprehend how late it was and that I still had to do all this homework. So as I walked home, (another repetitive, mindless task) and listened to all the birds and bees- literally, bees are out now, be careful- I thought about how awesome the sounds that surround me especially this late in the day could sound. But once I came home, ate, showered and went to work writing and recording/ working in my DAW, I realized that the remedial work reset my brain from hectic and confused to clear cut and focused.

    Daily Dose: Envy I can completely identify with this section. Being a middle child, I have a bit of a complex, plus seeing what some of my classmates and fellow musicians and artists create makes what I do seem insignificant and worthless. But then again, humans are always looking for negatives in ourselves. I try to look past this and think about what are the good things about what I’ve done rather than what could be better. I could have made this more vibrant. I could have boosted the audio here. I should have put just a little bit more time into this. These are the negative thoughts, the positive thoughts go more like I like the shading I did here! Wow, the bass sound really worked out for me here, I am glad I did not change it. So as you can guess, positive does more for creativity than negativity, negative criticism is important, but it cannot always destructive.

    Daily Action: I am unique I know I am unique. The way I look, act, feel and my abilities are unique! It is just something you have to except. Some people cannot play a musical instrument to save their life, others can play multiple instruments and have so much fun doing it. What has to be remembered is that just because you cannot play an instrument or sing does not mean that you cannot create beautiful music! You can always grab a DAW and a bunch of great samples and make something beautiful (as long as you have some rhythm to you)! It can make you the happiest person ever to see something great come out of what may have been little talent! After all when you take a test or do a project that you know you are going to bomb, but then you get a B instead of the C- you were expecting, you do a little happy dance in your desk! So just as you might do that little happy dance for a good grade, imagine the happy ballet you would do to see the amazing work that you could do with a small idea, a DAW and a little ingenuity! I know that I’ve done that…. and boy does that feel better than anything I’ve ever done in life. So you are unique and have your own talent to bring to the table, and I know I will never forget that, for as long as I live.

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  4. 1. Creative Word: Deliverance

    I couldn’t resist. Here’s the tasty lick inspired by Deliverance (1972).

    Creative Experiment: Fake it Till you make it

    This is actually a philosophy I like to follow. I do this from any song I work on, to a paper I have to write for English. If I have no idea where to start, just jumping in always seems to help. Once you get the juices flowing and your mojo you really can not fail. Or well, you can fail, it is just that the actual work gets done a lot faster and easier than when you go in with a whole plan. I actually love to work like this. During English courses throughout high school so far, I have had to do an in class essay every time. In this in class essay we had to plan all things out to the last detail before we actually wrote our essays, and because of this I crashed and burnt every time. But whenever I wrote a other essays backwards (writing them then doing all the “planning after”) I would be getting high to mid 80’s and 90’s. So I can actually attest to the fact that this experiment 100% applicable to everything.

    Daily Dose: Any which wayWhat I got from reading this is that people (obviously) cannot take everyone else’ experience as fact of their own. This is true for me, when I was learning how to play guitar growing up, my dad and brother told me how they learnt and tried to get me to learn that way… it did not work. I had to find my own way of learning how to do it- for me it just seemed to be watching someone else do repetitions. For me the biggest thing is seeing the difference in people’s high school experience, especially people who have older siblings that gave them advice. My brother gave me advice on how to do assignments, course selection and his view on trying out/joining sports teams. It did not work out for me, because I did the opposite and met some of my best friends, got some awards and some pretty great life skills.

    Daily Action: With a scream or a whisper

    Today was not a fun day for me, I was in the emergency room with my father today after he got really hurt moving some equipment. So today my actual spirituality was very concerned. But then when I looked through the Musical Meds today, I found a creative word. That word is deliverance. All I could think of was the banjo theme from deliverance, probably one of the more iconic Burt Reynolds movies in my opinion. So all I could think of was the one tasty lick off that sweet, sweet banjo. So I recorded it on a guitar and then tweaked it to sound like a banjo. pretty happy with the results… even though it isn’t the line from the movie, I still feel it works pretty good.

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  5. 1. Creative Word: Adoring

    Here is a very basic attempt at a bands closing synth noises while “multiple” people in the audience congratulate them and as for an encore. This has an adoring crowd just waiting to show the band their love for just one, final song. Recorded using NanoStudio for iPhone.

    2. Creative Experiment:emotional Dart Board

    I tried this with an actual dart board and sticky notes, it did not go well because I suck at darts and do not like to be any closer than 8 feet away. Needless to say, there are a few holes in my dry wall. So I decided to try it with nerf guns instead. I wrote emotions on the darts and decided that the ones that stick are the ones that I use to make my next recordings. I got exhausted. So I decided to listen to music that makes me sleepy and lose energy. So things like Slow Cheetah and This is the Place by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Say My Name by Destiny’s Child (sadly not kidding, it’s a really chill song and my sisters listen to it on repeat so I kinda have it burnt into my brain). So I took that as inspiration to make a new “song” that in bodies how I feel after a long day, or a lot of hard work.

    3. Daily Dose:Extending Love

    I love music. I love the thrills, the chills, but hate the Spills. Like most people, I have certain songs I listen to in certain moods and situations. Working out or music I listen to before games and competitions: starts slow yet with a steady, heavy beat and moves to something fast and powerful. An example of this would be Hate by Death Ledger or IplayYoulisten by ODESZA. This then moves to something a little heavier at the end of the “playlist” to Cold by Alison Wonderland. I more or less only listen to music that gives me chills, so that tunes that do not are usually left out in the web for me to not listen to, but for others to enjoy. When I listen to these songs, I can picture a music video in my mind, or I can see a scene of a movie where this song would be perfect, or add it to my own personal life sound track. So when I do the things I love doing, music is always involved, and thank God for that, because if I did not have music involved in my day-to-day, I think my life would be an empty shell.

    4. Daily Action: You Can Never Give Too Much Love

    Today I played bass for about two hours, just trying to get everything all good in my dome space. And through doing this, I wrote one great song, and configured it to guitar, drums, piano and then wrote some lyrics to it, for one amazing person that I love. She loved it when I sent her the We Transfer link, she called me to tell me how much she loved it. So I literally kept this action in mind, thinking about how much impact the instrument(s) I was playing had on one person, and how much love, care and thought went into writing it. That is what music is for. It can be a powerful weapon to use and if used wrong can make people feel weak (in a bad way) but can also make some people feel empowered and cared for, like someone out there is connecting with them somehow. The love that is shared through music has pulled me out of some dark times, and I know it has brought some people to dark times. But through the love music gives all of us, you can always find comfort, happiness, and solace in music. Especially if it is your own.

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  6. 1. Creative Word: Wonder

    Here is my take on a kind of science fictiony way of looking at wonder. I used nanostudio to make this. I recorded, a simple note randomly from a keyboard and edited it. This is what goes through my mind when I think about waking up in the future and seeing the world (hopefully with more synthesizers)

    2. Creative Experiment: Different Clothes

    I love thrift stores, so like half of my clothes are weird clothes. So a lot of the time I feel different than when I wear some of my normal clothes. I like to feel like who ever I am when I record. I dress differently, and feel different. I wear more metal clothes for when I do industrial music, chill loose clothing for reggae or just calming/relaxing music. It’s kinda a mindset thing.

    3. Daily Dose: A New Attitude

    Okay, so I cannot really agree with that. Mainly because to me it does not make much sense. I see this as people saying that “well, it will figure its self out” then go on and figure more things out. For me, I never say “it will work its self out” that’s a load of poppycock to me. If you cannot see the way things are going to work out, stop. Think about it, think about everything about it. Look at yourself, what your abilities are, and what on God’s green earth you can do about it. Because if I look at my life, sure there’s a lot of good things that have come out of it. But at the same time, I see the stupidity behind everything I’ve done. I see the mistakes and think back. Because of this, I can have a new attitude, because I learn from mistakes and from success! It’s life; ups, downs, and everything that’s in between!

    4. Daily Action: Spiritual Attitude

    Today I did this, in class and on the bus to and from class. I did not have a Ford ad campaign idea. That is on me, but then I asked my professor, my classmates and my teacher. I got different suggestions from everyone. From my classmates I got a lot of good intentioned confusion. From my professor, he gave me (or rather helped me) develop new pereamerters when thinking about the assignment. My teacher did the same,and he’s actually just great. Gave me some useful, useless advice that ended up clarifying everything. And from this, I got some great ideas and advice and got a great attitude adjustment and am now 100x more convinced that I know what I’m doing.

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  7. Creative Word: Dispersing

    Constantly coming in and out, fading back and forth. The sudden rush, and then the fade out create a aerosol puff of something in your mind. It goes for a hard fast noise to something a lot more distant, then to something a little eerie creating suspense, then drops.

    Creative Experiment: Why not? What is stopping you?

    When I ask myself what that “thing” that I’m not doing is wrong, I think to myself, “well, what is the point of doing this?” because it doesn’t always seem like it is going to work out, or even make sense! But at the same time, some of the best things in all of history were made from mistakes. Kevlar was made by accident, and who thought “Hey, lets see if the extract form willow trees will do something!” it makes so much cool stuff to just go why not? It can always be amazing to just see what the heckle and jeckle would happen!

    Daily Dose: Drugs and Alcohol

    A band I personally identify with is Sublime. They had a almost impressive drug problem, and was ultimately the downfall, since singer Bradley Nowell decided to go clean after having his family develop. He went and had one more hit after several months of sobriety, and died. This made me see that the ways they made music, since then, Sublime hasn’t done much. A few reunion tours but no new songs (sadly). Songs like Santeria, that reflect the pain of losing his girl and wanting to do anything to get her back! Even practicing Santeria or other forms of voo-doo! It shows how much pain he went through to get to where he is, and how he had the means to get his girl, but squandered the chance to get her. This was true as well in the movie Walk Hard: the Dewie Cox Story. I was never clear if this was based on true events or just something funny that Billy C. Reilly decided to get involved with. He was this sweet young man that got into all sorts of trouble with sex, drugs and music down the line of his career. He started to try all these drugs from something like marijuana to crack cocaine (and even at the end viagra, which was a really funny joke if you ever watch the movie). These show how the slippery slide of drugs in music can make everyone flinch away and how it can make people that don’t know what they are doing, follow a path that can lead to a lot damage. Even seeing other students at Rez that are “musicians” or “poets” or even just “artists” I can see that they are filled with such aspirations that they seem to only have because of their immense angst that seems to pool out of them. People need to see that the whole “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” is kind of dead. It doesn’t exist too much anymore because people are getting squishy, and think that means “ya lets do drugs and drink and…” blah blah blah. It takes a little more than that, it takes guts, experience and a passion to make real good music.

    Maybe understanding some musical theory.

    Daily Action: My influence

    I know that my actions and emotions influence what I do and what I make. If I’m feeling lazy, the song sounds half assed, if I’m in an atrocious mood, the song sounds angry and distressed. And then these influences that influence what I am doing, can then be transmitted to people that listen to what I wrote, made or did. I love the fact that the smallest decision I make can create a great day for someone or tear them down. Either way, it can make people feel better or worse than whatever they feel, and can make a world of difference.

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  8. Creative Word: Constacny

    What is more consistent and more faithful then a marriage?

    Creative Experiment: Acting Goofy

    I did act goofy- when you look at my recording above, the complete seriousness of being faithful and all that. Oh happy days, you never have to be serious ever! Even if it’s a funeral, you should still be a little goofy from time to time! Being childish these days is important and isn’t. You can get in a lot of trouble and have a lot of people be angry with you for being childish. but at the same time- WHO CARES? Its so much fun to just not care and find fun in the little things like playing cards with friends and throwing around a base ball in the back yard… or go into a hot tub in winter then roll around in the snow.

    Daily Dose: I Approve

    I really don’t care much for having my name in the history books or seeing my name in lights somewhere in the big city. I could care less if people want to experience what I have. People that have a lot of confidence don’t need to hear how well they’re doing, or really care about being remembered in history- these things mean little to them, but so much to so manny. Yes, maybe doing work with others could help with my “creativity” but at the same time it can tank! When I work with people it’s 50-50 that its gonna fail. I either get along and our ideas kinda line up, or they bomb and nothing good ends up coming out of it and i should have just stayed in my little bubble.

    Daily Action: Show Appreciation

    I did this last night when I visited my father in the hospital, the man who influenced my interest in music. We got him a guitar rack mount that was shaped like a hand. He’s wanted this since it came to Sherwood a few years ago and we bought it for him monday night. It was awesome he was hooked up to a heart monitor in his hospital room and when he got it, it spiked! It was amazing to see that he was so exited over that!

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  9. Creative Word: Pushing Upwards ( )

    With this, the moving forwards of the violin is helping in contrast in the synth mash up. since they are not exactly similar in concept it is a welcome change. The violin is trying to break free and exclude itself from the low lying synths. It is a graceful little bit of classical in the industrial (ish) background.

    Creative Experiment: Music Shuffle

    For my 10 musical ideas, I decided to see if i could combine different types of music. This ended me with combining more industrial synths with some violin. I found This worked really well because the violin is extremely different then the synths used, with the synths being all lower sounds and the violin being a higher sound. This is a short clip I want to extend (and yes I did use it for the Creative Word), that sounds wonderful to me at least.

    Daily Dose: Left or Normal

    I can speak from experience that I have personal felt this way many times in my life. Whether it is at school, on the streets or even busing to and from school. It’s something that every person experiences, and will experience unless humanity develops some sort of hive mind, unlike our current hive mind mentality. But hearing what I can from other musicians and other people, I can use that as a strength when making my next song. It could make it an elegant ballad that will tug your heart strings or it will be some edgy thing you find in a high school student’s band. Anything can happen and influence you, it can be as small and unintentional as when someone is laughing as you walk by or as intentional as when someone scorns you and mocks you for something said or done. the emotional side of this makes it all topsy-tervy in your daily reactions to everything said and done to others after that event.

    Daily Action: The Key to Balance

    For me this has been true for the past few days. I have been under enough emotional and physical stress that the only two things I wasn’t to do when I get home are either go make a song or sleep until i turn twenty. It can be hard, but you just need to hunker down and make the music that reflects you for you. It’s just how it is sometimes, and you cannot always control that. because even if you don’t have any musical skills, you still write songs in your head every day, but what should be really done is attempt to put your ideas into something others can experience and enjoy (or hate) as well.

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  10. Creative Word: Branch Out

    Using some intense sounds, reminding of a technologic age where someone is getting the heck out of somewhere. With a fast paced motion, and some beeps here and there.

    Creative Experiment: Free Sketch

    Using some other form of art to keep your mind off other things, and to develop you’re ideas. It can make you realize how good an idea is or how horrible it can. It can make everything great and by using the ideas from your sketch you can see what you are feeling inside and use it for inspiration for a new song!

    Daily Dose: Early Dismissal

    I have often thought of songs, melody’s in passing while bored as hell in class, walking home from school or even listening to the hum of the bus on the way to school. I come up with many different Ideas on an hourly basis but they never or rarely follow through to something magnificent as what came to me originally. This makes me sad but i can always remember that we can have a great series of ideas and shouldn’t second guess them. Put them to work and then have them follow through to fruition.

    Daily Action: Listening Without Judgment

    Not judging is great as long as as they do not judge me, while i am judging them, judging me. It is good practice to get everything done and I can enjoy the loving vibes of music.

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  11. William Flitton 11:30am week 4 day 2 May 18th 2015; Augmentation

    Creative Word: Augmentation

    Using altered drum shots and mixing them together with classical string instruments. This is a play at how the augmentation process seen in many science fiction as some mechanical process that is against human nature. The loud kick drum beats as the heart beat of the patient and the distorted snare and tom shots are the “augmentation” of the patient with a mechanical bias spiking as the “surgery” continues. The string instruments in the background are the “surgeon’s” operating music. This came to mind after seeing Hellboy (2004) with Karl Ruorecht Kroenen, who created the “Apocalypse” army by combing corpses with robotics.

    Creative Experiment: Gambling

    This experiment wouldn’t work for me, mainly because non of my friends really understand music and they would just sit there saying nothing. Plus gambling at 17 is illegal so there’s that. If I were to do this I would need to sit with the music students at school and that would only be helpful for the writing of the song, not the actual production. What if I wanted a more papery snare sound, or a thicker bass line? they would only be able to assist with the bass part, but they couldn’t tell you how to edit the audio of a song to save their lives. They do not even know how to use the recording software we have in the school for class. I would need to talk to people that do audio, but those are in scarce and hard to find at my age, well at least people that actually know how to do it.

    Daily Dose: Standards

    It’s true that we have no base line for what we love musically. Our standards are in fact out of whack and we rally do need to practice unconditional love. This is because without the standards in our mind, we really cannot do anything to ourselves because we have no standards to grow by ourselves. It’s a crying shame I tell ya. What really needs to happen is that you need to look deep into yourself and tell yourself exactly what you need to have as your standard. It’s important, and essential for every musician to do, if they ever want to get anywhere.

    Daily Action: Unconditional Love

    I will look for the best parts of all music I hear for the rest of today, but just never country. I cannot stand country. It makes my head hurt, that and I just do not like it. Never jumped on that band wagon when I was younger and now I don’t go into cars that are playing it. I pay people to put anything else on. But I will try and love everything else without the slightest bit of malcontent in my heart or words. I usually try and find the good in all music anyways, some just takes a few more songs than the others, but I always end up finding the good. Because if there is one thing that I can always see in music is good, because people want to be heard and appreciated for the songs they write.

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  12. Creative Word: Nearing

    Creative Experiment: Phone Recorder

    I tried this experiment, it did not work at all for me. As i had mentioned in an earlier post, I cannot do all the planning, I need to dice right in and let the creative juices flow. I got two ideas down when i hit record. the first was creating the sound of a babbling brook from the sound of marbles rushing through a kaleidoscope. The second idea was the sound of a avalanche made and morphed from the sound of rain (which granted is not too difficult, but would still be a challenge). Both these ideas are kinda horrible, doable, but horrible! Not my best ideas by any means of the word, but still better than some stuff I have come up with.

    Daily Dose: Here on Purpose

    I do, in fact, like to believe that the results of my musical efforts are in the hands of some great spirit. I like to think of it as some sort of large platypus at a mixing board. I don’t like to think that I have no control at all, but more like it gets guided towards some greatness (or horribleness) that results in a musical piece that then either gets put into my personal library or gets published and shown to others. It’s a great thing to happen because when it does happen, you can create some of the best things every!

    Daily Action: Asking For My Plan

    I will take action to look for a musical purpose and direction today by asking form creative spirits’ plan for me.

    I decided to do this today, and I saw how it influenced my clip I made . I saw how it made me realize how I may have let everything role together. And then it all fit together perfectly!

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  13. Creative Word: Mountain Sound

    Picturing the songs from the Hobbit trilogy and ESV: Skyrim theme, I pictured the thunderous and echoing chants and the sounds that move the mountains themselves. This is obviously less of an impact, but it is still pretty great! The smaller noises, hitting of the metals or things moving in the back ground, all culminating deep inside a mountainous areas.

    Creative Experiment: Standing Still

    If time stopped, there would be a sonic presents, but it would not be as weird as it might seen. It would be an interesting predicament, seeing as how sound does not need matter to move but the sound moves matter (at least from my understanding). It is important to think about stuff like this, especially, because it’s like the whole “if a tree fell in a forest, and nobody around could here it, does it make a sound?” It is important to think like that… and fun!

    Daily Dose: Flow

    Musical creativity is important because it can let us be us! It allows us to make the music, that we have inside our head. We can then make musical marvels that transcend generations, cultural groups and even class systems. Afterall, who doesn’t like a good tune!I know I do, and even though I don’t like to admit it, you can really learn a thing or two from big stars who have a team of writers doing most of the work, but still pump out top chart sensations- it’s the writer’s run with the flow that can do so much to impact the listeners. All I can think about is Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin, because you have to let things go, and you can not worry, you have to be happy!

    Daily Act: Relax

    More or less let go, let things flow? As a high school student I am more than down to do this! It does not require much to just let what is going to happen happen! All you need to do is sit back and let the good times, and possibly horrible or, good vibes go.

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  14. Creative Word: Incomplete

    At some points in life, things seem incomplete. It can be annoying and even cause depression and anxiety. It can be a lot of fun though, to think about what is missing from a song, and what you can do to make it fantastic! Look for what is missing in this song, or see the amazingness of this song for it’s incompleteness.

    Creative Experiment: Begin Again

    I did this in today’s creative word because my initial idea was to do a different daily med, but then it did not really work out, even though I liked it, so I scrapped it and moved onto this one! This is a very interesting take on improvisation, and when I made it, it turned into something pretty interesting! It sounds a little off, or like a Flerm edit ( ) what with the little clips and stops, but severely less cowbell.

    Daily Dose: Don’t Wait

    I personally find this first part true! I find I see a lot more people asking and crying out for help when there is nothing left that they can do. Much like when a politician in a very religious area turns to God when he is down in the poles. We shouldn’t need to ask for help to get past our problems, we just need to look deeper inside and see for our selves that we are majestic creatures that can create beautiful things with the flick of a wrist, the tumble of some rocks (especially in this course) and some clicking of keys. It is always possible to do anything that you want, especially with everything that you may have at your disposal. Sure I’ve been creatively blocked and asked everyone for help, but at that point i just scrap it and move on and hope that that one idea with a little more work isn’t the opportunity of a life time that i totally miss out on.

    Daily Action: Don’t Wait for Trouble

    (I really wanted this to say treble) I try and be inspired by something 24/7. It could be a dream, a person (often is) or some sort of thing that is near and dear to my heart like a movie or a comic book. I always keep this in mind. Today I made a video that was based off some really lame audio clip I remembered from a great movie and placed that into what turned out to be a pretty great video! All you need to do is find a muse and let ‘er rip!

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  15. Creative Word: Attending

    When you walk up in the club and all the bitches be like hahn, all the boys go darn! you hear a shrill voice in the crowd, and all the hatters laughing. This is the overall vibe I am trying to portray through this, the feeling that you are there and you are the brightest person in the room and such a special little snowflake, and how you feel the strongest and the best. Then you hear some hate flow your way… bubble bursting.

    Conscious Tempo

    It’s always a good time to have a tempo change.Some of the most impacting songs can have the most powerful tempo changes. It creates some fantastic beats and some of the most powerful songs ever. It can make an emotional roller coaster of fun and mystery out of any song! Magical things come out of there. IT can make soft moments into some crazy heavy symphonic metal and then have a sudden stop and a soft sweet outre. It is a wonderful and awesome way to intrigue audiences and It doesn’t even have to be that interesting of a change. I know I’ve done that in some clips I’ve done in the past.

    The Task at Hand

    !It takes time to get things right… lots of time! The objective won’t just stop! It doesn’t disappear, or stop being there, they stick around until it gets done. A good song alone have about dozens if not hundreds of hours of work put into it, including the recording of the song, the editing, the effect rigging, everything! Doing it right takes a long time. You need to think about the task at hand, and how everything that is going on around you is a distraction and unless you don’t focus on them, you won’t get anything done.

    Get Set…

    This did not go well for me today. 3 hours to do everything above and 4 songs, 3 of which were scrapped. It sucks a bit, right?

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  16. Creative Word: Finished

    In the end all you want is someone to clap. Even if it’s not your best work, it sounds awkward and kinda repetitive, you still just want someone to show some sort of appreciation.

    Creative Experiment: Conscious Roadblocks

    I’m willing to admit that I have conscious roadblocks, but I put them up for a reason. I grew up listening to metal, industrial, punk, reggae, rock and classical music. It’s a pretty large range, but because of this I put up road blocks. These create some good paths that I can travel by so that way I don’t try to do things I cannot really understand. It can make me go on main roads that take me on a path to I don’t know where, because I’ve memorized the back routes. My creative word assignment above kinda compiles this experiment. My road blocks are that I like synths and guitar and basic drum beats. It’s a crutch.

    Daily Dose: Silence

    I like silence. When I’m at home, I treasure the 20 minutes of silence I get between when I get home and then the rest of my family. It’s that little slice of heaven that I wanted since I was little. It’s being alone with my ideas and thoughts that bothers me. I have a busy head. So even if the rooms and places around me is dead silent, I can never be in silence. I run through all the ideas I have in my head, all the things that I messed up or shouldn’t have said over the course of my long term memory (and there are way too many of those situations).It’s a blast. But then again I am a teenager, so this isn’t that out of place, but still. I never look towards drugs or alcohol, empty short term solutions that spiral into a hellish nightmare. But I can look towards the fact that I know it will end better than I thought it would.

    Daily Action: Look Within

    I can’t do this. It makes no sense to me. The looking into myself for love, I can do that, but the whole universe thing, that’s just nonsense to me.

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  17. Enveloping

    When a fly gets trapped in a Venus fly trap, it freaks out, and makes noise and causes a panic. As the mouth clamps down on it, it’s life slowly flickers out of it and eventually the fly dies. So things slow down, things die out, and things stop.

    Charting a Course

    This created a monster that will never rest or be satisfied. I regret actually trying this one, as it is just a debacle of what ended up being noises that should never go together. I do not speak of organic and inorganic noises, I’m talking about cross genre/cultural sounds that remind me of a dying mouse.


    It is one of the base human emotions and one of he most influential ones. It can make you brim with anger or it can make you oddly happy to hate something in this way. People do not always accept hate for what it is though, sure it can be a destructive force that will negatively affect everyone around you and every aspect of your life, but it can be a creative and powerful force that can give you untapped potential (and especially if your genre of music is based on the complaining and dislike of popular culture and people in general). It can make a sane person blind and an insane person seem sane for a time. But in the end hate is not always a destructive force. Sure, if you want to follow what Yoda says you can do that, but if you look at the Sith code, (and I know this is not actually a ting, but it does show some parts of truth) “Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain victory…” so therefore if the oposite of peace and tranquility is chaos and hate, then you can make something beautiful through it. Not every negative act is bad, or ugly, or heinous- but it can create beauty and amazing things. Sure you can forgive yourself, and move on and not have the negative influence in your life, but what if that negative influence is your only muse and its working for you? Do you carry on like this? Or do you leave this space and try and find something new, that may not even exist?


    Forgiveness is a tool used by people to lower their enemies guards. But forgiving can work some what in the short term, but that sting will always be there. But today, forgiving someone made my day better and let me have some positive impact on my day, this lead me to making and planning some good things (I hope) will come out of it for days to come.

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  18. Create

    Personally when I think of creating things, I think of classical works of art. Because of games like Sid Myer’s Civilization V, when I think of classical art I think of violins, violas and other string instruments. This is because when you complete a work of art, the sound effect in the base version of the game, all you hear are harps and then as time progresses, the noises that you get at the end of the completion evolves with your civiliazation. But for me the sound when something is created will always be classical instruments playing in the back of my mind.

    Natural Flow

    This is literally all I do for my daily meds for both audio and the write ups such as these. I read over a section and play minesweeper and let ideas come to me and dive right in. I have my DAWs open and ready, my WordPress ready to type and I go for it. It’s always fun to just let it happen organically and to see what will go down without all the stress of remembering that it NEEDS to get done asap and with the respective parts of everything all ready to go and in great detail. It’s nice to just let things go for once in my day and have things go well in the end.

    Risk is the Spirit of Love

    Love is a positive emotion that creates and moves us to be better in all aspects: physically, mentally, socially, emotionally. It can make us do crazy things but in the end it makes us do the things that deep down inside we know we need to do. Physically, love makes our body stringer, it makes our want to be better physically even more evident and important in our lives than we ever realized outside of it (mind you most of these are relationship love). Mentally we create a barrier that we know we can pass, but we do not want to. This barrier is called revenge and it is one hell of a good time. It can make you do weird, savage things like spit hate and create a safety net in which our creative spirit always has a place to land, ruining the fun of being creative. Socially, it makes our relationships last longer or shorter, especially if your love is shared or is not shared by many. emotionally, we become attached to our ideas and see them as babies that have not yet grown into adults, much like a parent who still calls their children their “babies”.

    In other words, just always let love run it’s course in every aspect of your life.

    Love over Doubt

    Today at Fanshawe college, we looked at what we wanted to film for our small videos we were doing as part of the film camp. We found that our doubt in the success of our video would go well. It really didn’t our audio was all over the place because we couldn’t even help with the software because it’s something we never saw before, and we had to rush it. BUT I LOVED IT. It was a good concept, a funny concept, just poor execution.

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  19. Humble

    I don’t want to toot my sing praises to myself, so I got my brother to do it for me. (Skipbridge)

    Purposeful Writing

    This is just really dumb. This isn’t how I work, eyes closed, head down- just jump right in and go for it. Writing doesn’t do much for me.


    When I feel vulnerable, I don’t like it. I like to kinda crawl away from everything. But it’s then that I can write and base so many creative ideas from that vulnerability. It’s kinda blessed to have that. because people do and don’t want something to just look at. Sure, a product has to have basis to exist aside from a bonus little bit, but in art (and especially music) vulnerability is important because it creates a bond of sorts with your audience. It can turn a lame song into something fantastic as soon as you throw something personal on top! Vulnerability sells like crazy. If you even think about ads, the more something makes you feel, the more it makes you pay attention to and remember it!

    The downside to vulnerability is that you have to humble yourself because you need to realize and demonstrate that you are not perfect (something egos tend to have us in disbelief of). When I have a moment of weakness/vulnerability, it makes me physically embarrassed to be like that in front of another living person. If I have a moment like that pretty much any other time, it’s not that bad, I just feel a little more than normal. Worse things in the world than that, right?

    Open Co-operation

    Today I tried this and I almost bashed in a friends ego. Being open I can do, but vulnerability doesn’t work like that, it needs to be a single piece for me to do that, it cant be something where I’m working with someone. Too awkward.

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  20. Creative Word: Power

    I personally felt powerful listening to this. It was recorded live (edited after) with the Death Cartel. What is more powerful than the promise that a new day will come? Nothing… unless its said in German.

    Creative Experiment: Personal Transformations and Translations

    So the recording i made that was suppose to “sound like me” was just an amagomation of synthesizers and a bunch of other sounds. I personally being a teenager just enjoy those sounds because they sound, well cool to me. It would be short, and not too drawn out, it shows the present, where I am a teenager sitting in my basement making music and goofing off with my tech and friends. It doesn’t need to show my highs or lows, because right now I’m just on a high, because I’m having a great time right now, and have been for a few weeks.

    Daily Dose: Self Entitlement These days, whenever I see people doing work, weather with music or with anything really, they always want everyone to like everything they do without complaint. This is a very selfish attitude, but it is developed because of the Western approach of the self where we want instant gratification of our actions. An example of this is when you post something online, or show something to a friend and you expect a big rousing sound of applause from them, and for that to stroke your ego for a while, then have them go show all their other friends. After that, get skyrocketed to the top of the charts and become the next Flume (young Australian artist who got famous off of remix’s, sadly, but is really famous in Europe and Australia). I don’t want to be famous, but I can always find holes in what I do, and in others as well (since our brains see flaw more than anything). But if you look at what you truly want to do, and as long as you don’t solely focus on flaws, but can look at the positives, and don’t go into something to get famous- you’ll do fine. People can tell when someone is doing something to get famous- with the girls, the money, the cars, the who shebang- and when someone is in it for the music and makes good beats because of it. For example, Ed Sheeran: the guy can sing, and has a few amazing songs, even to the point that he was in the Hobbit movies for the sound track. You can tell he loves what he does, and that he really didn’t care too much (although he did care) if he made it big. Then there’s people with the whole “Mixtape” joke, where its just a bunch of idiot kids trying to get picked up, through some miracle, by Roc-a-fella records, or GOOD music, or Def Jam. They don’t do it for the love, they do it to be loved and to make money. But when you look to only make money, there’s a certain thing missing, it’s like a little part of the magic of making music dies and you feel a little bit of your creative spirit just… goes missing. It’s one of the worst feelings ever, and you just hate to hear it. But when you develop yourself into more of a musician, with oodles more experience, than you’re fine! because seeing the flaws in your music is actually a strength now! Peer through the illusion of self-importance and the fame and see that what you make in your DAW or wherever is either good, shit, or somewhere in between. Above all else though, you gotta remind yourself that this is what you put out, this is what you like to listen to, and this is your brain child. Love it, listen to it, never hate it. Remember that what you make won’t receive immediate praise, but will get you one step closer to a kind of fame, and you just need to work at it with every mix, every song, every recording, and with every opportunity that lands on your plate.

    Daily Action: Trusting the Process

    Today I did a recording for my daily word assignment with the Death Cartel, a local band. They, as performing musicians, have a different approach to the “process” than me, a recording musician. I found that a good combination between us worked fantastically as we did this recording in three tries and it came out great! Working with people with a different “process” than you can really work wonders once things get established and running.

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  21. Creative Word: Gathering

    Creative Experiment: 100 Years From Now

    In 100 years, I hope to God almighty, that I am not working on the same project, because that would have to be the best and most perfect project to ever exist! But I am doubting that I would ever put that much time into a project, mainly because I don’t think I would ever have that much of a timeline to work on something, but if I had to work on something that long, I hope that I create something great! I would hope that it sounds elegant and amazing, and will go down in history, or will be remembered by someone other than me. I would make sure that if it was sped up or slowed down, it would still look pretty amazing! But that’s what I hope happens if I were to work on a project for 100 years.

    Daily Dose: Love, Logic and Utility

    Ya, we appeal more to love than we do logic, because well, logic is a lot less fun! Ya sure, you could write a song from the perspective of Spock, or of a robot, and ya sure, it could be funny and gimmicky like The Lonely Island, but would it really be remembered? Personally for me, I don’t think so. I only listen to the songs of artists I enjoy when they give me chills and really leave an impression on me! Like this song Hate by Death Ledger.That song makes me feel a lot, it makes me feel anger, sadness ad everything in between, but not love. Never love. And even when you look at albums like Kamelot’s Poetry for the Poisoned album, it tells a story of love and hate, starting with a demon and ending in lostness (or at least that’s what I got from it). But logic doesn’t do much for me… I can’t relate to logic, I know/know of few people (fictional or otherwise) that can relate to a logical song.

    Daily Action: Love Over Logic

    Today this made sense to me, I was working on writing for other assignments, and I felt that the logical approach to everything felt like it was total bullshit! Then I redid it with a little bit of love and emotion behind it and I actually believed what I wrote, and what I wrote actually made sense to me! I got someone else to read it too, and even they could relate to what I wrote. So long story short, love is better than logic.

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  22. Creative Word: Light

    a quick small noise that can feel lighter than a wafer thin mint
    Creative Experiment: Tearing Down Problematic Truths

    Problems I have: 1. Can’t get things to sound right. 2. Can’t delete this envelope. 3. The audio file I need to use isn’t compatible with my DAW.

    False Truths: 1. Things always sound right, just not to you. 2. Envelopes focus your one aspect of the project. 3. find a new file to use! (I feel like I did the false truths wrong)

    Daily Dose: Tune in

    Of course you need to tune in to what is going on around us and what our creative spirit is guiding us to do. Because if we don’t listen to our creative spirit, how are we suppose to move on an artist? The way that our spirit guides us is important and because of that we need to look forward to and listen to it, since it is probably one of the wiser and oldest forces in our lives, especially if you are an artist. I always try to listen to my creative spirit, but right now, its very hit and miss… I guess I got to tune into what’s going on more.

    Daily Action: Tune Up

    I need to do this, because my creative spirit is much like the dodo bird, grounded and unable to fly free despite having wings. So when I “tune up” to listen, that means that I should tune myself much like a piano. Often enough to be consistent, but not so often that I end up losing it.

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  23. Creative Word:Youthful

    Creative Experiment:Thinking outside the box

    Rules I have to follow in this were I had to make it at least 1 minute long, it needed at least 3 different sounds, but no more than 5, I could use pre-recorded beats if I felt the need to, but it should only be a last resort.

    If I were to break any of these rules, I would need a darn good reason! I could make the song under 1 minute if it sounded better than a minute or over; If I was working on the project for over an hour, I can use pre-recorded beats I made to shorten time spent on the project.

    Daily Dose: Looking at now

    Yes it’s important to not dwell on the past, but unless we think about the past, we cannot learn! Yes at some point we need to pack up and go home, but can we not think while we aren’t performing/recording/working? Because as someone who does a recording or two every once in a while, I always think of different Ideas and what not no matter where I am. It’s important to think about how we can focus on only one little aspect of our creativity and it can send us spiraling out of control. Although, if we focus on our entirety and think of Anatta, we cannot be a person and have focus on only one aspect of ourselves. To become one, you must look at yourself as a whole, or you are not yourself.

    Daily Action: Focus on the now

    Today, I didn’t think about what I originally wanted my project to be, or what the original concept was or how it looks currently. But I was able to use ideas that other people suggested to improve and amplify the effectiveness of my project. It turned out better than I could have originally, and realistically imagined!

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  24. Creative Word: Posses Greatness

    If you’ve ever seen American Dad, you know this is what you wanted to hear whenever this song came on.

    Creative Experiment: I did this with a remix of a song, and I found that instead of continuing on with some sort of synthesizer or what I normally do- try to make things more mechanical, I decided to go with a more building power type of dealio. It starts off with the original base beat then builds to something a little more badass sounding. I flipped the original remix I did and turned it into something a little/lot different then my fist intention. And personally, I’d probably say its one of my better remixes and I’m actually proud to have it.

    Daily Dose: Talent

    I personally don’t have much talent for recording, I have had a few good tracks every like 20 I attempt, which is not that bad of a record. I’m very opinionated, but I enjoy music and can see when people are going to move on with what they’re doing in their lives and (maybe not make it big) go to the next level, maybe even have someone actually good at producing, produce their next album. I myself am not a very good producer, sure I can pull off a good beat for someone to go off of, and then just leave it at that after adding some little effects to the vocals, or doubling them to get a harder sound. But I would never consider myself a good producer. I can always find a way to make someone else’s stuff sound a little better, or give some input as to what could make things work better. It does not always sound the best for everyone, but if it’s targeted to people in my age group, and with how narrow the majority of their musical taste is, it is more or less a hit with the youngins.

    Daily Action: Cultivating Towards My Full Capacity

    Today, or I guess last night, I did look for my talents and I did put them to some good use. I finished the remix I was talking about and posted above. I think it turned out great and maybe it did not reach full potential, but it sounds pretty damn good! And now that I’ve got this as a base beat, I can make something even better!

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