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  1. Rachel Gauthier, 11:14am, May7, Day 11, Week2, Daily Meds

    Soundcloud Link:

    Creative word: Breakthrough

    For my recording today I thought of thinking outside the box. I thought of it because you do that you can get a breakthrough for your train of thought or a conclusion you have been looking for. So I thought of glass shattering. The reason I thought of this idea is from tv shows like the big bang theory and how I met your mother. Two of the ep have to do with thinking outside of your normal thinking. So when Sheldon tried this by doing Penny’s job he drop a bunch of plates (breaking glass) and had a breakthrough idea of how to solve his equation and in how I met your mother was a whole ep about glass shatter information to see someone differently. I thought of this as a breakthrough because they were able to see each other in a new light and move forward with it. Which in a sense is its own breakthrough. Plus it could be someone breaking through glass in the simple terms. So in order to make this sound I wasn’t allowed to actually break glass. So I got a sound effect off the internet and added key falling plus a thud (i did my self) to add to the sound and make as if it hit something hard and the crash echo like in the movies.

    Creative Experiment: Say Yes

    Today for my experiment I plan on saying yes to all my ideas for ford and how to make my ideas better. For example, putting idols from different eras into my pitch. Pitch two ideas at the same time and branching them off of each other. I am going to say yes to making this a big deal because if you have people who dont view it that way or do you still get that attention of it. you get the attention of other people to take at least an interest in what your selling. Yes that is a good idea. Im going to try to say yes to different ways to advertise this as well so I am going to look at social media and try to figure out ways that could sell ford and the idea together. Because not only do I think it could sell the car, which I really hope for but I also think it could sell to people the idea, and the illusion. I think that is important.

    (#9) Personal blog-Daily Dose: Progress is Perfection

    Personally I dont take photos that often. Its not because I dont like them, in fact i love photography. A lot of the time, i actually sit back and picture photos in my mind, or shoots that would be great. But I dont take photos often because I dont want to live looking through a lens that cant take in all that is around me. i came to this decision when i had gone to New York. Now one of my biggest fears is losing my memory and not remembering my life. So I took pictures to remember all the good times. I still do sometimes but when I was in New York (half asleep due to the fact I didnt sleep on the bus) My camera died half way through the day. So I ended up just looking around and I felt way more in-tuned with everything around me. So it was great that i had the photos but at the time it is better just to live in the moment rather then worried about if i got the right photo or not. I think this really relates to our daily meds because it is about the journey to that creative idea that is normally remembered and what you feel most good about. For example. If I was to sit down and just write that book I want to do. Im not going to enjoy writing it. Im not going to be inspired or remember when I came up with those ideas. Neither will it help me move forward with my thinking. So I enjoy living life. Loving all the opportunities I have and just trying to experience it fully. And actually I have found by carrying around a note book or my phone I can write down my ideas. And I got a lot of them. Just because I focused on living and learning rather then trying and getting it done. Or worrying about my memory or if I am doing it right. And I think that is a big lesson here. That you have to take chances with your fear, and you have to try to live your life to the fullest if you want that creativity or ideas or something like that. By that You can reach your goals and learn a lot about yourself. Its progress.

    Daily Act: Focus

    Today I want to really work on my Ford ideas. But I tend to be easily distracted by small things that dont matter or I just cant think. But like my experiment i just going to say yes to it and try to buckle myself down enough that I can compete the work I plan on doing. I am going to find things that interest me on each of the eras and see if I can figure out a way to move forward with that information. For example some of the biggest female stars of the 50s were different from most because of the fact that they rebelled against the normal thing for a girl to do. For example Elizabeth Taylor married about three times and had a string of lovers while having a very successful career, and making herself a person to be respect despite what others thought of her. When at that time you normally would stop your career to be married and have children. Audrey Hepburn did that with her acting career but her goal was to have a family. But she was also a rebel of her time because she fought for other people, becoming a humanitarian which is something sadly she isnt really remembered for. So i plan to focus on people as well to see if that would sell and make my campaign even better.


  2. Rachel Gauthier, 7:53pm, Day 12, May 7, Week 2, Daily Meds

    Pg 41

    SoundCloud Link (daily meds):

    Creative Word: Truth

    Truth can be expressed through words. A lot of times this is the way most people convey their truth. But I find the deepest truths come from silence. Because in silence you’re not listening for lies in someones words. Your paying attention to their breathing, their eye contact, their body language. You can find truth about yourself even through the silence of the world, and the noise of your brain. If you think about it this silence, it is used in everyday situations and movies as well. Because it means so much not to have sound. It creates an intense feeling of nerves and a anticipation of something. Silence is truth because it is more then just words being used its a feeling. Even silence is a noise louder then anything else. SO in order to create silence on sound cloud was I recorded my tv and then doubled it and cut it and replayed it to sound like a bunch of people and then had it fade out. Like how someone zones out and blocks everything out. And then the sound comes back.

    Creative Experiment: Hop in the shower

    Honesty this has to be one of my favorite experiments so far. Not just because showers are amazing but the fact that it is so simple. A lot of times i find showers are a great way to start or end the day because then you feel better, like that day has washed off you and you can start again tomorrow. That or that morning your just ready to start the day. For today though it was great just to get loose and stop worrying about things and it helped me calm down. This is good because I didn’t have other things distracting me and I could think and be calm.Actually I found that I got some more ideas from it, that I’m grateful for.

    (#10) Personal Blog- Daily Dose: Envy

    In my own way, envy is what puts me down. Ill see what other people are doing or what they can do or what they have done and it makes me feel less in compare to them. It makes me feel like I can’t do anything. A lot of this is because growing up even though my parents were very supportive; my friends weren’t. I was a follower, I did what I was told, i help people and people were always better then me. Now I don’t blame them for it. In a lot of ways I think I am much better now and I know who to choose to be my friends. Plus I think that I caused some of it by letting them and being so natiive. So my envy is more of a wish, and because of that I have a hard time pushing myself forward because i already have a image in my head of what I can and cant do. Which is why envy clouds our creativity because it effects everyone differently; for me I just believe I cant do that. So a list of faults I have is that: 1. I dont believe in myself. 2. I dont do what I plan. 3. I dont have what a lot of people have. 5. I struggle with myself. 6. I trust to easily. 7. I’m a people pleaser. All of these faults branch off but the biggest one is that I dont believe in myself. But a way I can move on from this is looking at what I can do and what I have to push myself forward. So the pros of myself. 1. I work get with others. 2. I’m not afraid to be myself as much now. 3. I have get ideas. 4. I have the support of friends and family. 5. I am passionate. 6. I am a good learner. Looking at this now I see things that a lot of people dont have, that I am lucky to have. But most importantly things I can use to make myself a better me and not anyone else just me.

    Daily Act: I am Unique

    There is no other person out there like me, Yet there is. The big difference is what we choose to do is what makes us different. So today I choose to learn to start believing in myself. It is a big step and in order to do it I need to stop relying on other peoples opinions and start focus on my own. And I am not even counting the mini steps that I need to do in order to get to the big step. It is like playing mario where you need to compete each part in order to reach the biggest part only to be dropped somewhere else to start all over again. I also realize that I might need to start over again. But I am prepared to try to get there. Because if anyone can do what I dream to do it is me and there isnt anyone like me planning on doing it. So Im kind of the only hope for the universe (I am completely kidding, just of my own really).

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  3. Rachel Gauthier, May 14, 1:19pm, Day 19 Daily Meds

    Pg 42

    Soundcloud Link:

    Creative Word: Invigorate

    For todays sound I tried to mimic the sound of ringing in your ears. Because our creative word is invigorate I figured every movie that you have seen, when the hero gets hit or something he gets a ringing in his ears. This somehow even though he is in a daze tends to give him strength from it. So in order to make this song what i did was record me saying ou. I lengthened it, copied and changed the pitch and the volume to make it sound kind of like ringing in the ears. Because it gets louder after it happens.

    Creative Experiment: Old Solutions

    One problem I had when I was recording was trying to get certain sounds that was too far away from my computer desktop. A way that was able to fix my problem was actually finding different objects that made the same sound that I could bring close to my microphone. Another problem I had was creating the sound of a crowd without a crowd actually being there. So what I did was record the TV without any other sound around and doubled it. Then part a different part of the recording under it and doubled it again so that way it sounded like many voices all together.

    Daily Dose: No Two Creativities Alike

    When looking at different generations, it is clear there is many different tastes; especially when it comes to music. Luckily growing up I was taught that every type of music has something good and something bad to offer. So when It comes to listening to different types, I keep an open mind towards it. I have found this to help a lot with my creative process. Not just with music but with visual ideas, for different scenes and what kind of feeling it would give the audience If I used that type of music. And I think that is one of the best parts of different types of music and creativity. The fact it gives the listener so many different feelings and emotions that it causes reaction. And honestly that is all I ever wanted when creating or performing something for someone, is to get a reaction or a feeling that would be different to each person. But in the end reaches to an understanding of that creativity and what it is trying say. That is how we move forward is from understanding.

    Daily Actin: Visions

    Visions are a constant thing for me. Not like supernatural I can see into the future but visions of photos, scenes, dialog, color, everything but mostly dreams. Ok this is starting to sound a lot like supernatural, But the difference is that I create all these things. So for my daily action I am going to start to look at my projects I want to do and start making steps towards them. A big reason Is the fact thee projects are meant to inspire or to open others eyes. Am hopping that will Cause a ripple effect.

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  4. Rachel Gauthier, 7:39pm, Day 19, Week 3, May 15, Daily Meds

    (I hope you will excuse the lateness of this daily Med that is for friday, My internet is going in and out with my devices, Saturdays Should be posted tomorrow morning, if my internet will allow. Dont worry ford assignment is being worked on and should be shown great progress on tuesday)

    Pg 44

    The link to that website with the musical squares and output boards:


    Creative Word: Wait

    Today (friday) I audition wasnt working really well but my premium pro was, so I took a video of my dogs. My dogs are very impatient and bark and are loud when they want outside or to eat. So the word wait isnt in their…mind set? I found this interesting because of the fact that we are always waiting around for something to happen instead of making it happen like my dogs did. So I thought it is was a good contrast. And pretty creative train of thought 🙂 ( I did edit it on my computer but it wont format properly)

    Creative Experiment: Asking Why

    When working on my project, I never asked why. I mostly asked how. How do I sell this? How do I film or shoot this image? How do I make this the best I’ve done so far? Because when I ask why, It mostly comes up with why is this important or why am I working on this instead of sleeping? And I already know the answers to that question and So instead of questioning my ideas I ask how I can do them because no matter how crazy they are they could be something great. And that’s what i did when it came to my ford project. Because I find how is more important then why, when it comes to creating something.

    (#18) Personal Blog, Daily Dose: Active Listening

    Normally when is comes to listening, my parents say I have selective hearing. When I was younger they even thought I had hearing problems because I was so loud and didn’t hear them sometimes. Turns out it was just a selective hearing. What is terrible about this is the fact I can’t control it. So a lot of times what I have to do is really try to focus on what someone is saying. But once I do I find I can really understand what someone is saying. But one thing I can say about myself is I am a good listener when it comes to someone talking one on one with me about something they are passionate about. I find if someone is passionate about something they grab my attention much easier and I learn a lot from it. And honestly I love to listen to others stories; I find them very inspiring.

    Daily Act: Quiet and Attentive

    Today I tried really hard to listen to everyone’s presentations during college. And tried to be quiet and just listen to the presentation and advice that was given. This help me a lot by allowing me to see what ways I could make my own presentation different. As in more different then the others to make my own stand out. Also how to pitch it probably for mine to be considered. It also helped me see how the others ideas were compared to mine and it help me be more motivated to move forward with my ideas.

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  5. Rachel Gauthier, 7:28pm, Day 20, Week 3, May 16, Daily Meds


    Soundcloud Link:

    Creative Word: Center focus

    For today when I thought of center focus I thought of yoga. Because at the end of everything you lay down in mediation to relax you Body and to focus on it. How you muscles move or how your breathing. In fact during this you normally get really cold because your so relaxed. So a sound I think of for mediation besides saying “ohm” is the sound of a gong. The way I did this was by hit king a pot and lowering the pitch. As well as adding some Reverb onto it.

    Creative Experiment: Rush Hour

    I don’t drive, and unless the place I’m heading is really far, I’ll just walk. So today while I was walking around the superstore with my mum doing groceries I had that feeling of being cramped in and honestly it was annoying . When I get cramped in like that I normally have to take a few seconds to calm down because I get a little overwhelmed. That’s how I feel with my homework and the ford project because I’m not quite sure how to move forward with it and there is a bunch of little things I have to do and its overwhelming. So the steps I’ve taken is to balance my time and finish my first ideas in hopes of new ones. The groups that will help are friends I’m going to ask to help me film my ideas.

    (#19) Personal Blog: Daily Dose : What is a few minutes?

    I never feel relaxed. If anything I feel rushed, exhausted and drained. So for me it takes a lot to feel relaxed. To just forget about everything I need to do or want to do. But my few minutes are normally right before bed or in the morning. At night I have a hard time sleeping because my brain wont stop thinking and the gears continue turning until I passed out. But during that time is when I actually calm myself down and makes everything smaller then it is so I can handle it. This helps me not to be so overwhelmed to the point I can’t find new ideas and be more creativity. It allows me to do those steps need and move forward and grow. As for the morning my body decides to always wake me up before my alarm. Every. Single. Morning. But in those moments before I actually have to get up I sit very quietly and uprepare myself. That sounds like I’m getting ready for battle but in a sense I am. So in that moment I just talk up the things I have to do so I can get up and start the day, but I also just given myself a few minutes to wake up fully in silence. This really helps get up and do what I need to do.

    Daily Action: Spiritual Self Care

    Today I am going to take time to do something that I enjoy and relaxes me. And this time i will just focus on myself and my spiritual self. This Is something I need once in a while to create some extra energy and all around goodness for myself. I normally will do this when I’m sick, or if I’ve had a really rough day. And a lot timed I Feel a lot Better and will sometimes just sit there in silence totally relaxed. So today for my daily action i will have a nice hot bubble bath and watch Merlin. 🙂 That will relax me and help take my mind off things.

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    • Start thinking about “how” you can make the Daily Dose and Daily Action more in your life. Yes you stated how you currently are but you haven’t taken the step yet into how you can take what I being said and use it. You are reflecting not so much taking an action or even a re-action. We can talk more about it Tuesday. This is a topic that everyone is having a tough time climbing to. It’s a matter of: yes I now know how to understand what I am better and yes I will try something different. Then once you have started that, write about what “new” you are experiencing!! Ya pickin up what I’m puttin down?


      • Yes I kind of understand but i have a question. For flesh and machine song how much do you want done for tomorrow? I know it is a rough and we will be working on it farther but like how long do I have to get done for tuesday. As well for the vines how many should I do for ford?

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      • Do as much as you can when you can. There is no limit. You will be done with the song and vines when you know there is nothing else you can do to it.


  6. Rachel Gauthier, 12:13am, May 16, Day 22, Week 3 Daily Meds

    Pg 46

    YouTube Link:

    Creative Word: Deliverance

    Today I ran out of time to do a actual sound effect myself. And because of my internet i wanted at least hand something in somewhat on time. So today I picked the sound of ice being made. The reason I picked it was because deliverance mean being rescued. So I thought of instead of a book then a movie. In my book this girl named Tessa gets rescued by a boy named Will. During her rescue he complains about the heat in the witches manor being hot as hell; and Tessa, first time meeting him, corrects him and says that actually hell is cold as ice. So I thought it kind of ironic that a girl being rescued corrects the boy and stays calm and strong even in a stressful situation.

    Creative Experiment: Fake it Til you Make It

    Today I sat down to do this daily med and I thought how am I going to do this experiment. So the way I went about it was just going for it. I started writing what I thought and then deleted repeatly, and kept busy until I finally came up with something that worked that sounded good. It helped me come up many different ideas resulting in something I was happy with. And that is how I did this experiment today and personally I found it a little annoying but I also understand this had lot to do with the fact I was under a time and stress problems. So I can see how this can work with other things but writing for me isn’t one of them.

    (#20) Personal Blog-Daily Dose: Any Which Way

    I find that I have lost my faith or way in a sense when it comes to communicating with my higher creative spirit. But when I was younger I was very in touch with it. I exercised communication often and honestly it helped me through a lot but recently I lost of lot of it. I don’t know if it had to do with the fact I had to grow up pretty fast or reality kicked in; but I find a lot of the time creativity or faith is hard to come by with me and it is a struggle for me. A major struggle. So for me I need to scream and shout to feel heard or to find something close to it, normally. Yet recently I realize my creativity and faith comes from whisper that I don’t realize that I’m doing. Because I find my creativity flows better when I’m not trying. Which is why I carry a notebook normally for my ideas I tend to forget. I think natural ideas can be better then forced ideas.

    Daily Act: With A Scream or a Whisper

    Today I didn’t really scream. I think it was more like a whisper because my ideas just came naturally. the only thing that sucked was while trying this daily action I wasn’t able to figure out anything for ford exactly but I did think of cool shots and scenes I could do for extra stuff. Now I am just thinking and wondering if I could use those shots and scenes. How I did this was while I was walking around and was around friends I tried seeing who could help out with filming and if those scenes fit with these different ideas of those shoots. I took some photographs as well to kind scream ideas. Instead I found them as I was just experiencing life. So no I’ve learned I prefer to whisper today and ill continue to do that by just living.

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  7. Rachel Gauthier, 10:13AM, May 18, Day 23 Week 3, Daily Meds


    Vine Link:

    Creative Word: Obstruction

    My idea for the creative word today was trying to do more vine type things to get use to the editor and filming with it. So What I did was I thought of a cartoon of something running into a barrier. Seeing as I didnt really know how to do cartoon on vine I brought out the next best thing which was my elephant. And I thought how do I dumb it down so people understand he is running into a obstruction without looking up the word. So I used cards against humanity cards and to visual show the idea and to mentally. That way they could put two and two together. Plus I thought it was kind of funny.

    Creative Experiment: Take a Second Look

    For today this is going to be on going as I try to do….Ford, Sonic Tool kit, Vines, the song, and somewhere in there my independent study. Now I swear that I didnt leave on of this last minute. My internet is being wanky and I was busy, but those are lame excuses. So today is a day I plan on buckling down (until volunteering) and trying to finish as much as possible. I shall keep this window open as I work on my projects in hope this will moviate me and I’ll get my stuff done 🙂

    What else can I look at?

    Should I even be working on this?

    What is my bottom line?

    What is my focal point?

    What am I trying to achieve?

    (#21) Personal Blog- Daily Dose: Know It All’s

    If I had to be honest I learned this lesson a long time ago. When it comes to asking questions I normally am the one willing to ask them because most of my friends are scared to ask. Now I also realize me saying this makes me seem like a know it all. But I am really not. I know for a fact I screw up, I make mistakes, and I need help. I left my pride at home during grade nine when I realized…Oh shit I dont know any of this….I should probably ask the teacher…even though everyone else in the class understands the work. But ill have to admit sometimes I have a hard time with it still. Especially when it is work I should know and I cant remember. Ironically I can remember lines but ask me to memorize steps to something I havent done 100 times yet. Nope I have no clue. So i have to look at myself and say whats more important, looking like an idiot or making sure you know what you are doing. because lets face it you look more like an idiot if you dont ask because you then have done it wrong. So I convince myself that it is more important to ask and I go for it…kind of shy, but I go for it. And thats How I ask for help I need to grow and learn.

    Daily Act: Knowing What I Don’t Know

    Ok I’m going to be honest right now. Doing this act today isnt going to be easy considering the fact I um have no knowledge in what I am doing today. Today is literally yesterdays daily med because I have no idea not a single one of what I am doing really….So taking comfort in the fact i don’t know is kind of stressful at the moment. But to be honest I prefer (normally) when I dont know but I have some idea and it ends up turning out to be a great learning experience. BUT but Today as I try to do this daily act; I’ll accept the fact i dont know the answers and try to move forward to find them. Because that’s the only knowledge I have today on how to do what I need to. Is Jumping right in and just working on what I know and figuring out the rest later. 🙂

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  8. Rachel Gauthier, 7:51pm, Day 24, May 19, Week 4

    Pg 48

    Sound cloud link:

    Creative Word: Mountain Sound

    For my sound Today I used the stereotypical echo on the mountain. Like in the grinch, when he is talking to the echo and it responses and you hear it all around you. So i made it sound like it was bouncing off the mountain walls and going farther into the mountain.

    Creative Experiment: Standing Still

    When I picture time stopping I think of a frozen 3d picture. But also a emotion that reaches its peak and continues. So that emotion never stops. Today the way I used this was when I went to dinner with my grandparents. I asked my grandfather if I could record his life story, that way I could write a screen play of it. Plus it would be a great way to remember my grandparents. And he looked at me and said irk my life isn’t interesting. It wasn’t until I started to repeat back to him all his crazy stupid adventures he did, that I had my stand still moment. It was when he was laughing and coughing remembering everything he did. And I realized that is the happiness I want to convey in the movie or clips or however I decide to do it. That though his life was hard he is still happy, has no regrets. So a feel good kind of idea. I can imply this not only to that project but towards the work I am doing that to do the stupid ideas and have no regrets with them.

    Daily Dose: Flow

    I find with a lot of my projects once I get an idea it doesn’t change too much. I tend to stick with what I know and thats pretty bad in reality. But when I do open my heart to creativity I find myself finding so many ideas and most of the time is when i’m listening to music and I picture a cool or dramatic scene; or listening to a teacher talk. I love sitting in class sometimes and talking about global issues because I come up with a lot of ideas that way. For my flow I need listening to create things because sometimes the best ideas come from reality.

    Daily Action: Relax

    So yesterday as I tried to relax to create ideas…..I wasn’t able to relax. Yesterday was a hard day to try this daily action because at the moment I have a million things going on in my head at once and it was hard to focus. Today I aim to try again and see if I can come up with something that would be worth using towards ford. But on the plus side it really worked for my story of my grandfather like I said before. And I found myself actually getting excited about my idea.

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  9. Rachel Gauthier, 12:20pm, May 20, Day 26, Week 4 Daily Meds

    pg 49

    Creative word: Directing

    Youtube link:

    For this creative word what I thought of was a conductor of music telling everyone what to do. I thought this was good because it related to music and directing because he is directing how the music will go and how fast and who plays next. So i use the song “kiss the girl” because sebastion is really a director and likes this his way. I thought it was fitting.

    Creative Experiment: Start a song in the middle

    Sound cloud Link:

    Actually what I did for the experiment was use a recording I made just the night before. Its kind of really…really…REALLY rough, it was me just walking around singing different things and I actually found something I really liked and recorded it. I recorded it wrong but it still will help me remember the idea and I think it could turn out really good. So maybe it is the hook? I don’t really know much about writing music.

    Personal Blog-Daily Dose: Not Just Any Old Path

    Right now I am not sure what my path is when it comes to actually following something. I tend to step on many paths with my creativity I think because I havent found one right for me just yet. But I’m the opposite when it comes to giving up control. I feel like i never have it. I never control anything of mine I just let it go to the wind, and I think that even if that is good for others it isnt very good for me. Yes I have come up with my ideas but half the time one someone starts helping and stuff it become theres and not mine. yes it is beautiful but personally I am starting to get sick of it. Of losing my ideas and just giving up control to someone else. I love when people help but personally, I want to find a new path for myself that is mine.

    Daily Action: Practice

    Today I will practice not letting things go. Im not going to let my ideas go and have someone else use them. I will work hard to develop my ideas and then ask for input on it. Still having it be my idea. (I know this sounds really prideful? of me, but I am normally pushed around and a by stander with projects and stuff.) So the way i will do that is develop my ford commerical and once Im done I will ask for opinions and what people like and dislike.

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  10. Rachel Gauthier, 10:54am, Day 26, Week 4, 22 May, Daily Meds

    pg 52

    Creative Word: Persevering

    Soundcloud link:

    For persevering I thought of persevering food so I thought of a container closing. I didnt have a container so I used a pill container and just snapped it closed.

    Creative Experiment: Radial Movement

    Today I while walking to school I danced all the way to school. This is actually something i do often it helps me get pumped up and it makes me happy. I dont really care very much that i get looked a lot. I enjoy it so I was happy to do this experiment today.

    Daily Dose: Looking for Opportunities

    I learned a long time ago that people were good and bad. No one it purely good and no one is fully bad. All that matter is the actions they do that help my decide if I want to be around that person. I am a big person when it comes to second chances. I tend to give a lot of them because I have a lot of faith that people can change. I also know that this can be an impossible for others. But giving a second chance is my way of forgiving and letting go of things that happened. Then if they prove they cant change Ive can say i tried and thats it. All’s forgiven and I can move on.

    Daily Act: Asking for Forgiveness

    i am always saying sorry. Sorry I didn’t do this, Sorry you took it that way, Sorry sorry. And sometimes i’m forgiven and other Im not. I am not that prideful when I do something wrong. I try to admit it. Yesterday I asked forgiveness and now I am moving forward with someone I used to be very close to and I am very glad about it. Now I just need to forgive myself.

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  11. Rachel Gauthier, 11:59am, 22 May, Day 27, Week 4, Daily Meds

    pg 53

    Creative Word: Turning point

    Soundcloud Link:

    Today for my sound of turning point I thought of a car making a sharp turn. Seeing I have nothing on me or I cant do this sound later I am taking the sound of a car turning off youtube for today. But I think this is good for a turning point because when it comes to turning things around it can be like we are on a road of life and if we hit a dead end that is where we will make a turning point of what we want to do.

    Creative Experiment: Watching Something New

    For my experiment today I am going to relate it to the concert I went to a little while ago (wednesday). For the first time I went to a concert where I didn’t really know anyone who was performing in other words I didnt know any of the songs. Not only that I had never been to that side of Toronto before. So it was a new experience all together. And I actually came up other idea altogether for my ford campaign because we are suppose to have two different ideas and I thought with the rebel why not pick these edgy people reach out to this crowd that has so much passion and their clothes and what they wear sets them apart from the others. So in a sense they are the rebels of this area.

    Daily Dose: Healthy Perspectives

    The thing I want to be when i am older is happy. That is all I want and after everything my family has gone through I learned that possessions and success do not guarantee my happiness. My family and my friends plus my experiences are what really help me with my happiness. And knowing personally not everyone isn’t as lucky as me I always try to leave my door and heart open to help other who might not have what I have. Because when I was in that place I didn’t really have that as much as I wish I would’ve. So now I just try to help others and make them happy because that me happy.

    Daily Action: Encouraging Others Through My Art

    Today is prom. And today a few friend of mine are suppose to come over and get ready with me. This isn’t music I make but it is an experience I hope to make others happy with. By playing music loud, dancing around, helping each other get ready. That is my main goal with this. I just want to have a good time with them today so that is how and what i am going to do. And technically makeup is an art form ;).

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  12. Rachel Gauthier, 1:09pm, May 24, Day 28, Week 4, Daily Meds

    pg 54

    Creative Word: Branch Out

    Today I for this word I thought of a movie clip that i tried to find but couldnt and i couldnt think of anything for a soundclip so I thought id just explain this movie clip. The movie is called merlin it came out in 1998. There is a part where Merlin learns he has powers. And the way he learns is by saving a girl in a sinkhole by growing a branch. And I thought that fit well because he was different and out there, then he made a branch grow.

    Creative Experiment: Free Sketch


    Honestly I love free hand drawing and really enjoyed this experiment. And it helped relax me a little bit which was good.

    Daily Dose: Early Dismissal

    Ideas for me come and go. Which is why i try to carry around something that i can write them down with. But not only that i tend to lose a lot of faith in them because my ideas tend to be…unrealistic. Very out there and hard to get them. Half the time dont even know how to go and do them. So I dismiss them.

    Daily Action: Listening Without Judgment

    For today’s action I will try to quiet my mind…..something that is going to take a lot of work. How I plan on doing that is by just doing what I need to do and not judging my own work.

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    pg 55

    Creative Word: Travel

    soundcloud link:

    When I think of travel I think of planes so today I tried to make it sound kind of like a plane landing. So I blew slowly and quietly into the mic and then quicker and louder.

    Creative Experiment: Habitual Habits

    For me I am trying to find a routine for just school. Because school is hard enough but I never plan anything after. I am the type of person that if you ask me randomly hey you want to hangout ten to one Im not doing anything (or something I dont want to do) and Ill be all for it. And that is how I find a lot of my creativity. Because then I get new experiences all the time.

    Daily Dose: Reach Out

    Loneliness is something I hate and am use to. I find a lot of times lately i feel loneliness even when I am not alone. A lot of it I guess I could say is because of my choices to not to trouble others with my troubles. Some because i dont want to put more on them and others because I just dont think they will get it.

    Daily Action: No Self-Inflicted Loneliness

    Today I will try to go to others and work on things together. I am going to do that by inviting someone over to help me with my project and hopefully get it done. That way I am not so lonely and I have someone to talk about my stresses and share them.

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  14. Rachel Gauthier, 10:24am, May 25, Day 29, Week 5, Daily Med

    pg 0

    I picked page zero because in order to move forward I need to collect my thoughts together and make it smaller then it is.

    Creative Word: Spiral

    This past year has been a rough one and i find myself feeling behind not only in school but in life. Last night I happen to sing something randomly that I really liked and ended up coming up with lyrics to it. Now I am not the best singer or song writer but it is a expression of emotions and that is going to help me move forward hopefully. Now the creative word I choose was because of the feeling of being behind is like a spiral. It a slow and hard thing to get out of because once your down up seems really far then the drop down.

    Creative Experiment: Breathing

    For the experiment I thought breathing is a good one. Now Not everyday breathing I mean the relaxing let go of your emotions type of breathing. So for five minutes what I did was sat down and covered my eyes and tried to clear my mind. I did this by breathing in slowly and counting my breathes. Ironically this is how I have to fall asleep most nights because my mind is too busy. This helps me calm down enough to try to fix my problems or face them.

    Daily Dose: Thought process

    I over think. That is the honest to God truth. My mind keeps me anything but focused and keeps me up at night most of the time. This causes me to stress because i cant think of ideas, or sometimes they come to me at the worst of times like when I am about to sleep. Its crazy annoying and just stressful. I tend to have too many things in my mind going on at once. For example: i am thinking about the planet dying at this very moment because that is what we were talking about in religion. However it was mostly about how much we use and how it doesn’t make us happy. Happy. I am also thinking of what will make me happy and if doing stuff like this will make me happy. Stuff I have to do is a long list of personal and professional things. Example. I want to make a short film but I don’t think I have much time to do it now and i think I might wait until the summer. But I also know that for myself if I don’t start things I wont finish them. Finishing things. I have also been thinking about ford this whole time and how if my idea will work, is it going to make sense? Is it worth the work? Not mention the fact I couldnt do anything filming because i keep hitting that road block. This frustrates me. That I cant work like everyone else and that I know myself is getting in the way but I cant bring myself to do anything. But here is the trick. I know I can I do this but I dont. I want to be strong but I fear i can only do little things. But I have something to prove for my ford idea that girls can do anything boys can do but I am hitting that road block. Now you see i am thinking about this all in a matter of five minutes. I am very easily distracted, and I over think. Which is why I am very stressed.

    Daily Act: Try Again

    So today for my daily act I will make my problems smaller then they are. Mentally. that way I can handle them and work on them to the best of the ability. Hopefully then i can get my stuff done.

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  15. Rachel Gauthier, 6:06pm, May 27, Day 32, Week 5, Daily Meds

    pg 57

    Creative word: Inject Enthusiasm

    Soundcloud Link:

    For my soundcloud link I thought of the idea of jumping around, kind of like kids.How one feed off the others energy and start getting louder and running around. Creating a heated energy that results them with a warm happy feeling. No I dont have a bunch of screaming children I can go and find around. So I thought what is the next best thing is popcorn! it jumps around and gets you a warm feeling 🙂 making you happy. I mean why else would they service it movie theaters?

    Creative Experiment: 50 Ideas

    20 minute ideas….Starting….now ( note these are also ideas of what i want to do or book ideas. for those I will not explain because then it gives away the idea.)

    1. A music video of “jealous by nick jonas, as a duet between a girl and boy

    2. Find a job, fix resume first and dont quit until your hired. Then work your ass off to get driving lessons. and start saving for college…everything starts with you resume

    3. This summer do the 50 dates things with your friends because it is awesome

    4. End of the year summer party idea: Make sure that it is not raining that night and start some part during the day. Set of a blanket like tent outside and have everyone come over with food and drinks and pillows and blankets and lay on the grass and watch a movie.

    5. Make a painting out of eggs filled with paint.

    6. Start Web show of Dear Alice. Scripted or No?

    7. Start writing everyday DONT DELETE OR ANYTHING.

    8. Buy new string for guitar and start teaching yourself. This is important because this probably the only way i can learn.

    9. See if you can find a place that will take you fro dance even though you are 18. its not too late. (maybe singing lessons too but cheap)

    10. Start practicing painting or little drawings.

    11. Get on a rountine for working out/eating better you know you feel better when you do.

    12. Go to the social painting thing when you have money and bring someone with you. You might not need the painting but you never know how fun it is.

    13. Try finding out about more community things going on, and get involved.

    14. Big picnic with friends and bring a soccer ball or something to play.

    15. Game night. Everyone brings a snack or makes something..Iove to do this every week but I doubt it. But pick a bunch of games and just sit around and play them.

    16. HARRY POTTER MARTHON !!! plus extras 😉 mmm butter beer (learn how to make)

    17. Play idea of the circus of dreams….Closely related to The Night Circus.

    18. try to find and acting stuff to be a part of. More the merrier 🙂

    19. make something out of nothing. Just around and find like buttons or something.

    20. Start writing poems again.

    21. Write positive things on walls and mirrors.

    22. Start designing and making clothes again.

    23. Make a mobil for little charlie that is air balloons of different colors. plus a cute little dress. PRACTICE SEWING.

    24. mkasm people

    23. high priestesses

    24. lune lagoon

    25. Tree people

    26. City of black and white

    27. The ruin lands and the people

    28. The night people (bells and glass)

    29. Dress made to look like a tree crawling up the body

    30. A school of creativity. Where everyone is welcomed. and if they dont have the money they can work it off and keep the grades up.

    31. Production of all my friends put together to build something amazing.

    32. A movie of a play. Film like a movie, but on a stage and done like a play. (can do this next year for the play at resurrection)

    33. Something that is neutral and knows everything but does nothing.

    So it has been 20 minutes. And I only got to 33…I have a lot of ideas but a lot of them branch off and ironically i got lost in what I was thinking about and forgot about writing them down it time.

    Daily Dose: Identify, Don’t Compare

    Growing up a big thing for my family was that i never compare myself to other kids and what they could do. But I was kind of bullied into thinking that way about myself and I see it everywhere. Even in school the idea of comparing is normal. Teachers and parents say “why cant you be like this person” and reward other students for work (that mind you is needing of rewarding) and forget that even the smallest progress for someone is hard for them to handle. I have come to terms that people are always going to be better then me. Because of experience and motivation and other things I just don’t have. And that ok because even the smallest steps Im proud of and thats enough sometimes.

    Daily Action: Identifying Without Comparison

    For the pass few days I have actually been practicing this because comparing myself to someone else isnt making me better it is making me worst. So I have just enjoyed what they can do and not look at as if it is better then mine. I have just simply separated me from theirs and I learned that i can enjoy things so much more when I do that.

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  16. Rachel Gauthier, 2:04 am, June 1, Day 35, Week 6, Daily Meds

    pg 63

    Creative Word: Force


    When I think of force I think of something pushing another thing. So my idea for force is someone pushing someone else. And I tried to upload it from the tablet and that did t work so I used a gif link I stead and it is a guy pushing a train which take a lot of force in my opinion.

    Creative Experiment: Talking It Out

    Today I talked out my project about 10 ten times with my boyfriend and it really helped me find things I needed to do and fix. I really enjoy getting other opinions on my projects or on anything in general. I find all very inspiring and helpful. It is also kind of interesting the different perspectives.

    Daily Dose: Contribute

    So I am going to try to rephrase this for myself. In other words this mean that without being with others and family (participating) we lose the meaning and value of ourselves. Personally I find this funny reading this not because of the message, which I totally agree with because I don’t know what id be without either or those things, but because this is a huge topic in my religion class. So its kind of funny it relating to my daily meds.

    Daily Action: Contribute

    Yesterday I tired to do this by helping others out with their projects and asking them to comment on mine. And I realized how much just that tiny advice helped my project and how it helped theirs.

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  17. Rachel Gauthier, 9:17am, June 3, Day 37, Week 6, Daily Meds

    Pg. 64

    Creative Word: Yielding


    Today I wasn’t able to use audition or anything due to the fact sloos isn’t here for me to use the room. So I’m posting s picture instead. When I think of yielding I think of stopping. Ands then I thought of driving so I posted the picture of the sign used on the roads.

    Creative Experiment: Lollipop

    Believe it or not this has been my goals since Saturday. I have three things I need to hand in with school so I spaced it out over the course of four days. Two days were meant for ford, then last night for my report, and tonight for my study and maybe a little bit for tomorrow but not much. The reason is because I haven’t really slept in four days, and been non stop really… this whole time, so even the days I took a breather I wasn’t really breathing. But by Thursday night I plan to be done. So that way I can enjoy three days of fun in the sun and time with my friends. And relax.

    Daily Dose: I Choose Peace

    I have recently decided to choose peace. To do the things I want right away, and get them done immediately. By this I mean. use my time. If I need to breath I’m going to stop and breath. Because I need it. And I think this will make me happier because I will no longer be worrying about everything, just some things

    Daily Action: Be at Peace

    Today in order to do this I will admit I need sleep and maybe take a nap when I get home. Then once I wake up I wont procrastinate ill start my work and let myself just work and not stress about it.

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  18. Rachel Gauthier, 8:18am, June 8, Day 45, Week 7

    pg 69

    Creative Word: Looking up

    For my creative word today I decide I would share a poem I wrote for a photograph of me, when I modelled for my cousin. Now please keep in mind rote this randomly ot of the blue so it doesn’t sound like much.

    I look at the sky, with tears glistening in my eyes
    Through all the problems and all the hurt,
    I do not have it at the worst.
    Strangers I dont know,the people I do
    Have worst problems then me…
    So I know I’ll get through.
    I think those people, when I am close to tears
    Knowing i have a good life,
    And have nothing to fear.
    I have what I need, why want more?
    When there are people out there
    With nothing at all.
    When life gets ruff, and you are close to tears
    Think of those people
    Like I do here.

    Creative Experiment: Mundane Work

    Today for my creative experiment it actually fit in quite nicely for the things I had to do. And it was mostly cleaning. But I found while I was doing these things was that I felt a lot better because I was able to get out of my mind for a little bit ad just focus on something physical. As well I was just able to think without stressing which is awesome.

    Daily Dose: The Voice of Authority

    When it comes to making decisions I’m Pretty shifty at them. I am a very easy person and I tend to go with the flow of things. I dislike the pressure of making decisions and I contradict myself so I never feel like I know the right answer. But I know I have a gut I have use it before from time to time. And I normally feel happier when I do instead of just following along which gives me not as much happiness.

    Daily Action: Listening to Intuition

    So today I have a few projects to do so I’m listening to my gut and just getting them over with. For example right after I am done writing this I am going to work on my isu for religion. Considering she just asked me for it I feel as if finishing it would be a good idea… Honestly I don’t know how she hasn’t killed me for it yet :$ My gut is also telling me I should thank her by giving her flowers..I just don’t know if that looks like I’m sucking up or not.

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  19. Rachel Gauthier, 9:58am, June 9, Day 46, Week 8, Daily meds

    Pg 70

    Creative Word: Light

    Light on the end of railway tunnel. This is a photo

    For my creative word I thought of a visual rather then a sound. The light at the end of the tunnel is meant to be a saying of hope, that after all the darkness there is something on the other side. Something to be hopeful for. Personally I think this is a good thing to look at seeing a exams are next week for me and then I have summer vacation. So that is my hope 🙂

    Creative Experiment: Tearing Down Problematic Truths

    I don’t quite understand this experiment but here are 5 truths.

    ONE: I am exhausted therefore cannot think very straight. How to make this false? I’m going to nap. SECOND: I am stressed about grades. Therefore I’m just going the finish everything and say I did my best. (says the perfectionist) THREE: I need a job. So I’m going to apply to more places on the weekend..again FOUR: I’m sure which college to go to. So after exams I’m going to read about more programs. FIVE: I’ve lost my motivation, and confidence. So after exams I’m going focus on things to make me happy and force myself to do things.

    Daily Dose: Tune In

    So tuning into myself has proven difficult recently. I find myself just exhausted and just random. Like focusing right now on what to write is really really really difficult. So I guess myself is saying I need to sleep.

    Daily Action: Tune Up

    So for this action, I had a very bad mental image of a human being tuned an then a toy being wound up. But for creative possibilities I shall keep an look out. For example I shall find a way to get to social painting :)seems freeing, fun and stuff.

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