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  1. Natalia Zuk, 10:13am, Week 2 Friday May 8th, Ford Video

    I have done brainstorming yesterday for a new idea for my ford video, I didn’t like my original one so this’ll be my take 2. I researched video clips to put in my video.
    I’m gonna finish the video tonight. My goal is to show the beauty of driving in all aspects, social, romantic, work, family, that there’s a ford for you. Still thinking on a slogan. But something to do with the fact that there is a whole new world out there to experience with a ford. Or the fact that there’s a ford built for your life style.

    Summer Fun

    See the world
    that’s the clip with the door thing




  2. Natalia Zuk, 12:30am, Week 3 Day 16, May 12, Truth Med and Ford Video

    1. Soundcloud Recording on Creative Word – Truth

    So that was a recording I took during a moment today when my mom decided to lecture me. I was outside so you get a bit of that background noise. This recording makes me think of truth because… in all honesty, she does have truth behind the words she shares. She’s lived a long life and is only trying to help me better myself before it is too late. No matter how many times I say “I know” or “Okay, let’s go. Please.” I still get dragged back into a rather painful talking to. Now the truth is that I actually do know what she is saying, but of course (It’s typical for teens to say this isn’t it?) she does’t understand. She thinks she does. And well, she does on a certain degree. But she can’t understand some things the way I do. She does have widow to share though, I will listen. But it’s hard.
    2. Creative Experiment
    Well, a shower to me is a moment for myself. A moment to think, reflect, or forget. It’s time for me to focus on something other then the hellfire of life. I love showers, baths too. Both are a means of relaxation and a chance to reset. A chance to fine tune my emotions and thoughts and even to create. I remember when I was very young and I wrote my very first song. It had one line to it. I still remember it to this day. It was a song that was created because of a bar of soap. Too embarrassing to share but I’m rather proud I still remember it. It goes as proof to how creativity comes easily and differently in a different state of mind. Nice technique to try and reset the musical mind.
    3. Daily Dose-Envy
    Envy is deadly and it ruins the mind. Taints the art within it. I have a recent incident of this state of mind. In a time of my personal growth and success, my best friend was envious of what I had. She let it tear apart our friendship and I had no idea that was even happening. That year was one of the best years of my life. And now, I lost her, one of the people that made that year what it was. She feeds off of her success and throws it in my face any chance she gets. Now that I am down, and in a bad place, and have had a hard time keeping up with my expectations for myself, she has grown and taken advantage of that. Now I guess you could call it envy that I’m jealous of how things just seem to easily come to her and I have less now. But I have chosen to be strong through it and understand that everyone faces hardships. I can’t let the fact that I’m having a hard time ruin me even more by clouding myself with envy. She has had it hard too. She deserves healthy and happy moments. Eventually I’ll be back to the world I love and I’ll be out of my situation and I’ll find what I was looking for. It’s frustrating that I cannot be what has always been expected and known of me. To be a perfectionist and a hard worker. I have to fight to bring that back. This process has taught me though to appreciate all life. Everyone faces hardships. We just gotta pull through and well come out strong in the end. By working together we are stronger then fighting alone. I hope that wasn’t just babble, I don’t even know if my point came across. It did in my mind.
    4. Daily Act – I am Unique
    There have been times where i’m proud of what I’ve created, and times where i’ve been disappointed in myself. On the verge of giving up because I don’t think I can pull it off or be as good as others. The point is that it’s not about being like the latest artist, It’s about myself, creating, working and making a world of my own to share with others. If I can create music and inspire even just one life then my job is done. The point of music isn’t to be rich or popular. It is to invision an create to relate to people and make emotion and connect people by a bond stronger then any other, it is unspeakable, but it is there. It is a powerful force and my story offers my own music, with my own vibe. I am unique and I can create and inspire just like any other rich musician. We all have a story to tell.
    5. Ford Video


  3. Natalia Zuk, 12:04am, Week 3 Day 20, May 16, D.M.M. Breakthrough

    Soundcloud Recordings:

    This is just another addition to my sonic tool kit. It’s just my step dad sleeping at the T.V, so sometimes you catch a bit of music from the show too…

    3 separate little ideas for a song, didn’t really know which direction to take it in yet so i posted all three approaches…

    Creative Word: Breakthrough

    This word to me means more then just the recordings. This word speaks to me today because I’m reaching out and making choices to work towards my own personal breakthrough. Working on small things, appreciating the small accomplishments as simple as just getting through the day and somehow managing and surviving it all. Taking control back into my life, slowly learning to speak for myself again and make decisions. Even if they are mistakes, I learn to accept them and see the good in those mistakes, take that and learn from it. Sometimes you get that gut feeling that you shouldn’t make a decision but at the same time you won’t learn to take risks if you don’t. I feel better and I feel pumped to take on my new challenges, bring the old me back and take on the world.

    Creative Experiment: Say yes

    Okay, well. Instead of hiding away from the world I chose to return and try to find my old self again. By doing that I am trying to bring myself back into activities and things I used to love. I’ve said yes and have made plans with friends which I didn’t think I would be able to do. I reached out and made the decision to get myself involved in the world. I have said yes to going to a few events, and even prom. Although you can get a terrible outcome from really any situation, by trying and saying yes to things again, I find the old me coming back to enjoy these things I used to love.

    Daily Dose:

    Well, I kind of got freaked out reading this section because it completely applies to me right now. I’ve been focusing lately on appreciating the smaller things in life. I’ve always done that a bit but now I’m using those small accomplishments to drive me to the next level to build and build myself and not let anything take me down. As I move forward I see that in my isolation I was blinded and felt like I had nothing anymore, it was only when I started reaching out to people, trying to trust, that I realized I have many things, passions, people, and support to keep me happy and confident that I can make it through the day and always have someone or something to turn to. Reading, songwriting, reflecting, all these things enable me to take things one step at a time and break up huge challenges into smaller, manageable pieces that aren’t as threatening.

    Daily Act: Focus

    Instead of stressing about whether or not I made the right decision with what I truly want from this course, with a bit of guidance, I managed to make a decision and take a chance and now that that part is over it’s time for me to focus and just get through it. Put all my energy and passion into this new pathway for myself. I won’t turn back and regardless of any possible regret I might feel I will get through this and give it my best shot.

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  4. Natalia Zuk, 11:59pm, Week 3 Day 21 May 17, D.M.M Invigorate
    Creative Word: Invigorate
    Sounds I recorded in a food court at the mall…

    A random song Idea, kinda just went with it…

    Creative Experiment: Old solutions
    In the past I had a hard time getting myself to sit down and write music. I would maybe get a good idea but only for a single verse and the rest of the song would be missing, or I just wouldn’t have time to continue on that piece. Most commonly I would like it at first and hate the idea within minutes. What I began to do is whenever I had an idea I would make a quick recording on my computer and just sing out my one verse that I liked or I would record a few chords I thought had potential. Sometimes I would just play and improvise musically so that later I could come back and pull out pieces of the improv song, match it up with my other ideas and develop them further. Taking that, for my songwriting that I will be doing, it is now time that I review my archive of ideas and piece together music or just choose a section and develop it further. It’s time for me to take that next step.
    Daily Dose: No two creativities alike
    Many times I have tried really hard to make a song that sounds like something mainstream on the radio and I figured if I could just make something like that, I could be just as famous. I later realized that it wasn’t in me to copy. Overtime I developed “my sound” and it is still a work in progress but I have come to recognize that I am different and that isn’t a bad thing. My taste is different then others and the way my music comes to me creates something different then what other people find. That isn’t a bad thing and though I am still coming to terms with this, I am proud of what my creative mind finds within me.
    Daily Action: Visions
    Well, today I have my voice lesson and I’m rehearsing for our upcoming show. Today is where I will take my song and make it my own, bring in broader ideas to tell the story. Make it different and original.

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  5. Natalia Zuk, 11:41pm, Week 3 Day 22 May 18, DMM Develop

    Creative Word: Develop

    This is just a recording of my laundry machine at home, adds to my sonic tool kit. I have two separate recordings in it because the first one was further away and the 2nd one was closer to the machine.

    This is a 3rd song for brainstorming…

    Creative Experiment: Take a risk

    I have definitely been stepping out of my comfort zone lately in an attempt to find myself again or to find the new me throughout this crazy transition right now. I have made decisions that I have doubts about but I tell myself to give it a shot and just try. I have faced challenges with this and sometimes the decision doesn’t always seem to be the right one but i’m building on what I like and don’t like so I know for the future. I am slowly building up my character again and it’s a good feeling. Also, by taking risks and trying to create my music, I understand that not everyone will like it and sometimes I don’t even like it because I feel I could do better, I take that and learn from it. All I do is try, give it a shot and build on from that, one step at a time.

    Daily Dose: Cultivation through Music

    By adapting myself and my creativity based on the influences around me I am building upon my knowledge therefore giving me more meaning behind my music and my creativity as well as myself as a person. The stories and experiences I have build my character and give me a new outlook which adds to my music.

    Daily Action: Remember

    Everything i’ve been through, everyone I’ve met, all the stories I have lived have contributed small pieces that form the full puzzle of myself. Regardless of whether or not my experiences were good or bad they have worked to cultivate myself through music. My music has changed so drastically over the past few years and that is because of passion and emotion and experience that has now become a part of it. My music used to be something I thought was fun. Now It is still fun but it is a passionate experience and need to do the song justice and express myself the way I truly wish to come across.

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  6. Natalia Zuk, 2:23am, Week 3 Day 23 May 19, Report on recording
    The Basic Necessities of Recording
    When recording a song there are many different takes as to which path to follow with regards to equipment and how it is used as well as technique with mixing and arranging and such. The methods vary based on the amount of money people are willing to spend, what equipment is available to them, whether it is a home studio or a professional/commercial studio, What is being recorded (Vocals, instrumental), etc. The key sections it comes down to is equipment, setup, recording process, and mixing. Many situations do not require these exact “necessities” but it is a general overview of the most common steps.

    Computer with a DAW
    A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation that is used for the arrangement of the raw, original recordings. The DAW is used to add effects, cut and adjust certain areas, and mix the track. Also it’s needed for the export of the audio to convert it to the proper audio format.
    Condenser and dynamic microphones are the two main categories of mics. Dynamic miss are better for louder instruments and are stronger and resist feedback more. Condenser mics have a greater frequency response and pick up softer sounds, they have a louder output. Pop filters are used with mics to reduce any popping sounds caused by air hitting the mic. Typically with these mics come along the XLR cables which connect the mic to an audio interface.
    Audio Interface
    Connects the microphones to the computer and allows you to get your work saved and into a DAW. It’s not needed typically when working with a usb microphone which would connect right into the computer. But when using condenser and dynamic mics, they connect to XLR cables which go into this box, which connects to the computer.
    Closed back for recording so that there is no sound leaking into the recording, open back for mixing because as sound isolation goes up, quality tends to go down.
    Studio monitors
    Needed to mix properly because regular speakers sometimes sound a certain way and then when the same track is played in another set of speakers the levels will sound completely different. Studio speakers regulate that issue for a universal sound quality.
    Wall Panels
    Acoustic panels are used to eliminate echoes and reverb from bouncing off the walls which gives a more pure recording. Bass traps can be used and wall diffusers

    Multitrack recording is when the tracks are all recorded separately rather then at the same time. It is easier to manipulate and adjust tracks in the mixing stage and enables coming, which is a term for comparing tracks and choosing the best one or the best pieces of that one to put into the song. It’s also useful for a one-man band, the person can play each instrument separately. The main difficulty is keeping everything in time so it is easiest to create a track to follow along during recording such as a click track, pre recorded drum loop or scratch track.

    These are the main aspects of mixing, quoted from the E-Home Recording Studio Blog,
    “Music Production 101: The 4 Steps to Recording a Song”

    1. Balancing Faders – which is done so that no instrument sounds too loud or soft in relation to the others.
    2. Panning – which gives each instrument it’s own space in the stereo-image, much like each musician has his own space on-stage.
    3. Equalization – which crafts a unique space in the frequency spectrum for each instrument, so that no two sounds compete for the same band of frequencies.
    4. Compression – which levels out the dynamic range of an instrument so each note is heard clearly, and the mix sounds louder as a whole.
    5. Reverb – which creates 3-dimensional space for the mix, adding a sense of depth, and unifying the instruments under one room-sound.
    Automation – which allows you to change settings at different points in the song, to give your mix a sense of movement.

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  7. Natalia Zuk, 10:51pm, Week 3 Day 23 May 19, DMM Wait
    Creative Word: Wait

    This sound effect is just me hitting a table with my palm, I thought it would sound more bass-like but my phone recorded it to sound more like a kind of crunchy sound. Also though I do not have a full sonic toolkit yet, and I know it hasn’t been asked of me to make one, I figured when I begin working on my ep, if i’m missing some sounds to make it seem more full and rounded, I can add these sounds on top of my vocals and guitar. That’s why I’m still building.

    This is my song idea for today. I actually recorded several but I chose this one to post for now. At 0:48 is where I begin to like the track, I feel the beginning is super slow and I just ended up killing time which could just mean 0:48 is like my pre chorus and as it continues we get to the fuller body of the song. I still have a lot of experimenting to do…

    Creative Experiment: Asking Why

    1. Why do I only have 4 original songs written when I have an archive of almost a 100 pieces that could be turned into many more songs?

    Because I’ve been lazy, busy, scared to try new things, and disappointed in past work that I feel the next song will turn out no better. Which is a dumb outlook because every time I actually write a song I am cultivating myself and my music and I am slowly building myself up. Though it may take a long time before I have good work to show for it, it is like a form of therapy for my personal self growth.

    2. Why don’t I write more music?

    I’m scared of embarrassing myself and being disappointed in my work because to me a song could never be finished and I will always want to fix it or change it or redo it. Plus I don’t feel like I know enough about what I’m doing and my thoughts are all so scattered within my songs and I feel I need to work on them so they make sense, but that also is because I mostly have bits and pieces, so obviously they will not make much sense, they haven’t undergone much planning.

    3. Why can I have a crazy flow of ideas one day, and have nothing the next day?

    I’m at a different place every day, sometimes music needs to be written and other days it needs to be heard. Plus, the passion and excitement I get from life can hit me real hard one min and be gone the next, and that passion drives my music.

    4. Why do I turn to instruments usually to come up with ideas for songs when it can limit me?

    I feel like the chords give me a general sketch or outline and then the vocals just fill in the empty space, plus that way I know when it’s time to record, I can actually play the song on an instrument to back myself up.

    5. Why do I strongly dislike everything I’ve written and come up with so far?

    Because i’m always growing and evolving, that’ll never change. When I learn new things, I feel like who I was when I wrote the older song, had no clue about the world and didn’t do it justice with what I had to say.

    6. Why am I scared now about posting bits of songs, I feel the need to polish them up a bit and listen to them before I post?

    Because now I realized that someone other then me actually listens to these pieces I post.

    7. Why do I find myself writing about a million different things other then what the biggest issue going on in my life is?

    It’s hard to sum it all up in one piece because it has affected me in so many different ways, I feel like I am tackling all those different ways separatly to attempt to give every stage and emotion the justice it deserves.

    8. What is another possible songwriting process I can take a look at and possibly attempt?

    Writing on paper, an outline and filling in the blanks of missing lyrics.

    9. Is my songwriting method the best option for me?

    For what I have time for and where I am right now, yes.

    10. What on earth am I doing?!

    I have no clue, let’s go with it and find out. Adventure is out there 🙂

    Daily Dose: Active Listening

    The way I always got to know people was by listening to them and what others had to say. I was a good observer, acting like a sponge and taking in all different opinions and sides of information to get the most well rounded and educated outlook. When I am put on the spot though or I’m in an uncomfortable situation, instead of being aware of others I am aware of myself, and then I become self conscious and a bit judgmental towards myself, and I’m not paying a s much attention because I’m so focused on what others see and read off me. I need to ease off that, relax, learn, and enjoy.

    Daily Act: Quiet and Attentive

    Instead of blurting out what I had to say, I kept my mouth shut sometimes and focused on the others in the conversation. I took the time to appreciate their words. That is a very good quality to have because it is so important that we take the time to listen as well as show the world what we have to say.

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  8. Natalia Zuk, 11:38pm, Week 4 Day 24 May 19, Recording Report Take 2
    My Pathway of Recording

    My Equipment consists of an H2n Zoom mic recorder which I connect with a cable directly into my computer so the microphone then becomes my audio interface. I then use Garageband as my DAW I also have some flat back headphones to use as well. I use that same mic for both my guitar and vocals. I will most likely record the song in my room which doesn’t have much reverb. I would start by opening my DAW and connecting my mic to it, setting up a click track so I can stay on the beat and work through any sections where the tempo changes because I find I have a part in the song where things slow a bit and the timing would be off with the click track, unless I just keep that track and just slow down to half the timing. Then I wouldn’t need all the click track adjustments.

    I would start off recording guitar so that the vocals just follow along which is easier. I have an acoustic guitar so I cannot plug it in. I would set up the mic, facing where the neck of the guitar hits the body and place it about a foot away because I am in my room recording and do not want background noise. Then I’d record the guitar with as many one takes as it takes because I don’t like clipping together different guitar sections. After I have one I like, I then can record vocals on top of that.

    I’d set the mic’s dial to the stereo XY mode and place the mic around 6 to 9 inches away from myself and do a quick sound check to make sure there isn’t any popping sounds or clipping. Also the mic and myself would be in the centre of the room. Then do a quick test of any loud parts in the song and adjust the miss gain accordingly. During any belty parts I would lean back a bit so as not to damage the mic or mess with the levels as much.

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  9. Natalia Zuk, 10:22am, Week 4 Day 27, May 22, DMM Center Focus

    Creative Word: Center Focus

    Creative Experiment: Rush Hour

    When I feel, clustered, overwhelmed, or trapped I start to panic. I get stressed and feel sick and I realize I will do anything do get out. Usually, you can’t get out and have to calm down and take things slowly. One step at a time and it will be conquered before you know it. To me it is the same thing with work, projects, and music. I can take both approaches actually. I can try and work through a song slowly, bit by bit developing it. I want to try clustering the steps together too. Sometimes the passion that comes with music can be better expressed when you just go and run with it.

    Daily Dose: What is a Few Minutes

    Silence is needed. Going for a walk or just taking a break from the busyness of life is key to ensuring that we stay connected with ourselves. When time, money, and events become overwhelming we begin to lose touch with our inner selves and our minds and souls begin to waste away. With silence and thought we get the fullest and strongest and most impactful experiences in our lives.

    Daily Act: Spiritual Self Care

    I definitely did this challenge yesterday. I saw this daily act and I did it and It was super helpful. The hardest part was returning back to the hectic and crazy stressful life style. But I took time out of my day, sacrificed a few things I was supposed to do and I focused on my personal, spiritual needs and they were met. I felt good, refreshed and ready to tackle issues. I became at peace with myself and I began to truly move on from my past experiences and I am taking my life back faster then I thought possible. Taking that time to analyze my thoughts and even say them aloud and be listened too, that really gave me something I needed to move on.

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  10. Natalia Zuk, 11:37pm, Week 6 Day 36 June 1, DMM Directing + EP

    Creative Word: Directing

    These are my two song recordings. The one was a completely new found Idea but I had a lot of fun with it. I tried out maybe several different song ideas and these two seemed the most concrete for now. I did take a bit of a different approach, I focused on the parts of the songs I liked and built upon those and added harmonies and effects to make it new. I also feel like today showed me how my music does not really have to be what it “should” be. My music should be what I want it to be.

    Song One-Heavens

    Song Two-Unbeatable (2nd Version)

    Creative Experiment: Start a song in the middle

    My two songs I posted above were developed from the middles I guess you could say. I cut out all the boring verses and sections I didn’t like and was just left with my favourite sections. They’re short because of that though but I find with people’s attention spans it is eye catching and gets to the point quick because you won’t always have someone who feels like listening to the bad part of your song in hopes that it’ll get better.

    Daily Dose: Not just any old path

    By switching up our songwriting methods or just diving right into something without a plan, sometimes you can find the most passion and truth coming out within the music. Instead of working through a song strategically I find that by just singing or playing a few chords and improv-ing or even just getting a few loops started I can end up with a piece I love and will end up working on it for hours straight because that passion and love for it is there.

    Daily action: Practice

    I’m going to focus on letting go of my music a bit and letting it figure itself out. Just getting started and jumping in is the best way for me to get out of writer’s block because it just flows and whatever my internal being has to say will be said.


  11. Natalia Zuk, Week 6 Day 37 June 2nd, DMM Turning Point

    Creative Word: Turning Point

    We all have the power to take control of our own lives and do something great with the years we have in our existence. Greatness comes from you and what you are proud of that you have accomplished. Tackling those little obstacles day to day is the first step. Once you have tackled those basic needs you can build your way up to self actualization and become who you are destined to be. Impact others around you to take charge of their own lives just like you did. Be proud of you. Be thankful for the pain and heartache, you may not see it but it built you up, miles and miles higher then the heavens could ever reach. You are you. That means more then you know.

    Creative Experiment: Watching something new

    To help myself in my current project I watched A LOT of videos of acapella performances to adapt their techniques and I found things that my songs were lacking. I also listened to 3 songs that I can listen on repeat to for hours and really listened to them to get in the same mood and get that same passion and feel and bring it into my songs. My music stopped being work and turned into excitement, I literally had to dance as I sang cuz I was so into it. Changed everything!

    Daily Dose: Healthy Perspectives

    I have compleatly changed my outlook on everything, and I am so much happier for it. I watched a bunch of motivational videos and have understood how I need to work through my life and feel good doing it. I am so much happier and I welcome stress and challenges because I know you can never escape stress so its time to embrace it and welcome it and let it fire me up to become better and stronger. I am ready to tackle the day.

    Daily Action: Encouraging others through my art

    My dream is to inspire people the way that music has inspired me. It’s amazing, that intense feeling and connection you can feel to your favourite song that speaks to you. That feeling is better then any other to me. That inspiration and passion and love for this emotion being conveyed to myself. I’m bringing that passion into my music and going at this in a whole new way!

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  12. Natalia Zuk, Week 6 Day 38 June 3, DMM Travel + EP

    Creative Word: Travel

    Creative Experiment: Habitual Habits

    I have been stuck in the same song writing routine, when I broke through that, Everything Changed. I stayed in the comfort of what I knew because it made the most sense to me, but during that process I ended up finding myself creating things I didn’t like, the parts I wrote were just like fillers to fill the space till you get to the good part. When I just dove in without a plan I was making sections that only had parts that I enjoyed. The structure was weird to me but I loved it. I ended up with more material that actually made me proud.

    Daily Dose: Reach Out

    All music is needed in the world, all different styles, mixtures, and compositions are out there and it doesn’t matter if you don’t create some pop hit, everyone has different needs and desires and with so many different emotions out there we need so many different stories and songs out there as well. Song writing is not a competition, it is a duty to express and share what you know and enjoy the moment with others. Song writers all have that connection and that desire that lets them think in a way that makes there music and themselves successful.

    Daily Action: No self-inflicted loneliness

    I know that I am a rather independent person, but when it goes too far and i feel alone, I know that I really am surrounded by many people that care: Friends, family, people that support my music. There are so many people out there that care and I am not alone.

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  13. Natalia Zuk, Week 6 Day 39 June 4, 10:49pm, DMM + EP

    Creative Word: Keeping Still

    Creative Experiment: Working in the dark

    So I did the experiment, was very interesting. To me my song ended up very slow and had a lot of reverb and a bit of echo. It was just a vocal melody, no fancy stuff added in. I think that because of where I am now the darkness gave me that creepy moody feeling and that came through my song. I mean sometimes the dark is exciting because you can imagine many different places and transport yourself to many different situations and locations but for me I was just in an empty dark space and that came through in the song. I am used to the idea of just not knowing what will come next in the song because i’ve been writing very spontaneously with a lot of improv so to me that wasn’t a foreign idea, but it just made me see how much I really love that method of creating.

    Daily Dose: Divine Influence

    I am very judgemental of what I create, for example… When I post a video of a cover on youtube I will love it at the time and believe I did pretty good and I am proud of it. Then, maybe a month later I’m thinking to myself, wow, what was I thinking. Because in that short time I’ve experienced so much, developed creatively and experienced things that change my outlook on life and I feel like I have the tools needed now to make that video or that song so much better. But I don’t go back, I go forward, so I use those tools in my next project, but the cycle continues. I am going to focus on being confident in my work even if I know it is still in progress. Because if I continue to work on a song and then scrap it and start over, I will be lost in an abyss of song ideas with nothing to show for it because I could never hold on long enough to develop the idea and let it become what it can be.

    Daily Action: Recalling A Creative Spirit

    Today, when I work on my music, I will use my creative guide and follow it. I will not judge myself or my work. Instead of being embarrassed that it is not where I want it to be I will either accept that is what I came up with or take the initiative to make those changes that I wanted for the piece.

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  14. Natalia Zuk, Week 6 Day 40 June 5th, 8:50pm, DMM + EP

    Creative Word: Dispersion

    Creative Experiment: Facing Fear

    I hold myself back a lot. I’m scared of being embarrassed or looking stupid or just being disappointed in myself. But It’s not about what other people think or say, it’s about what is the best thing for me to do and how can I do my best when I am doing it. Yes, it seems like with music people are basically trying to get people to like them and sell what they have created but if I don’t have any confidence in what I put out there, I really don’t have anything to show. I took a risk today and made a decision I wasn’t sure I wanted to make. I was nervous about it but I put myself out there and in the process I enjoyed myself and had a good time, after a while I was uncomfortable with where I was and I felt like crap so I went home. It may not have been the most progressive evening but I am happy that I took a risk. Even if we fail or realize halfway through a choice that it was a wrong one, we can get out. We are not trapped, and our poor choices only gave us a lesson to make next time even better. It is a process and it has to start somewhere.

    Daily Dose: You can lead a horse to Water

    I’ve been analyzing a lot. My creative process, myself, my actions, wants, needs. Trying to identify me. I’m happy I did because it helped me from making poor decisions and helped me get my life back on track and it helped me creatively and I was able to make music I am proud of. I know that I also need to just live. Take a break from my mind spinning for hours on end and just breathe and numb things down a bit so I can focus on the smaller things and take a break, relax my mind, reset and refresh for a bit. If I analyzed myself without end for years, I still would have questions, so it’s important to have that balance and take a break and ease off the gas sometimes.

    Daily Action: Let Go

    Today when I write and create, I am just going to have fun with it and see what I get, If I don’t like it, I’ll keep it in my personal library, but It is only for fun, entertainment and expression. No mathematic equations of trying to figure out the music, just letting it be. Unjudged and free. Which is essentially how I believe we should all be.

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  15. Natalia Zuk, Week 6 Day 41 June 6, 11:47pm, DMM + EP

    Creative Word: Yielding

    Creative Experiment: Lollipop

    I set myself a goal to finish and deal with a set amount of tasks and stress and then take a breather. After I became truly inspired and pumped to work hard and quick I was able to finish what I needed to get done and then I went out and took a break for myself, had a nap 🙂 A bunch of stuff that I told myself to hold off on till I graduate. I was planning on just going all out with work and droning through these last two weeks and then enjoying my summer. But sometimes we need to admire the little accomplishments and have a bit of a reward to get you through the day.

    Daily Dose: I Choose peace

    You cannot control all the stress that comes at you, but you can welcome it with open arms. By taking challenges with a peaceful mind you can feel good. Take these challenges as learning opportunities, working at your own pace and taking step by step methods to finishing up a task. It’s hard and it takes time because what I noticed is that sometimes I choose to react calmly and think peacefully but then when I sleep, subconsciously my body and mind know I’m masking the pain and stress and it comes out while I rest which affects me physically, that’s how I started grinding my teeth and I got TMJ which sucks. But it taught me that you don’t peacefully mask your pain. You truly understand it in a peaceful manner and that is when you get your result.

    Daily Action: Be at Peace

    I will openly take in my overwhelming schedule and tasks and work through them. I will peacefully accept that it all has to get done and today is as good a day as any. Today is my productive day 🙂

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