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Please post the your entries in your WordPress/SoundCloud accounts first as you would a regular assignment. Then post your “Daily Meds” entry (Word Form) under this section along with you SoundCloud link (under the “Daily Meds” section the recording applies to) of your recording assignment of the day. Remember this is to be done everyday for the rest of the course.  Each day you will pick a topic/theme from a new page in the “Daily Meds” to create, record and write on. You will turn-in two daily assignments to this “Daily Med Blog” (Personal WordPress blog and Soundcloud recording) in one post under the “Students Designated Post Area” . Start with your WordPress Account first, then Musical Daily Meds Blog, then Copy and Paste that Link under this post in the “Leave a Reply” section. All posts on all three WordPress sites(1. Students account. 2. Musical Daily Meds. 3. Intro to Audio.) need to be labeled with the student’s name, time, week, day, date, and topic title at the beginning of the post (Example: John Doe, 11:25pm, Week 1 Day 3 April 28, Begin Again). Remember you can link all assignment topics to the “Daily Meds Topic” of choice to help aid in finding a source of inspiration that is best for your recording and video needs. The Daily Meds Workbook can be found at (


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  1. Mitchell, 4:16pm, Week 1,Day 6, May 1, Cultivating Through Music

    1, “Cultivating Through Music” Blog:

    Cultivating through music basically means learning more about yourself through music. The type of music you would create could help you discover more about your personality and likes. It can also meaning more about about yourself through the type of music you listen to, which can tell you more about yourself and your personality. Cultivating through music could also mean listening to music while thinking, such as in meditation, to learn more about your self. It is thinking of music not only as something to listen to, but something that can help you learn more about yourself!

    2, “Cultivating Through Music” Audio recording:


  2. Mitchell Botter, 4:00pm, Week 2, Day 1, May 4, Homework:

    1, Random Mapping:

    Random Mapping is taking 3 objects that are not related and making noise with them. I used a dial and a space heater, Turning on a tap to produce the sound of water flowing, dropping a empty wallet, and dropping a wrist watch. These objects create unique sounds that could be combined, and retouched, to create music.

    2, Blog “Music is a Miracle”:

    Music is more than just something to listen to for many people, it can be a way to escape and ease the stresses of their life. Many people who have a difficult and challenging life use music as a way to help them forgot, and to help them get from day to day. Music can bring back great memories, as hearing a specific song might bring back memories of hearing it during another specific time, such as during a vacation, for example. Sound is one of the best ways to bring back memories, and you may be able to associate a song, or even a sound, with a memory. Music can help bring people together, such as a band, and keep people together.

    3, Creative word-“Sprout”:

    Sprout is associated with growth, many people associate the work sprout specifically with the growth of a tree. It can also be related to how a person grows, both physically, and personality wise. It can be related to music, in how a person grows through music, as a dedication to making music can give a person valuable personality traits, such as determination, dedication, Initiative, Ect. A person “sprouting” through their music could also refer to them expressing themselves through their music, and intern, learning more about themselves, and developing not only their music further, but also themselves, “sprouting” to a new stage in their life and development.


  3. Mitchell, 3:25PM, Week 2, Day 3, May 6, Homework

    1, “Nourish” recording:

    For the word “Nourish”, I though of food. I connected that to audio by mimicking the sound of chewing

    2, Blog “Toolkit”:

    It is important to build a toolkit of audio equipment and techniques. To create a quality recording, it is important to have the right equipment, such as a good microphone to pick up higher quality sound. It is also important to have a good DAW, one that will allow you to do what you need to create the sound you are looking for. It is also important to create a “Toolbox” of audio techniques. As you gain more experience creating audio recordings, you will learn techniques and microphone positions that will provide you with the best quality sound. Both equipment and techniques are important aditions to your audio toolbox,allowing you to create the best quality sound

    3, Blog “Baby steps”:

    In audio recording, like anything, you will get better at it the more you practice. If you want your first song to be as good as a “Beatles” song, you will only be disappointed. The first piece of audio or music you create will have problems, but important ones that you will learn from. As you create more and different music, you will learn important lessons, to do something different next time to create the best sound. It is important that you expect that your first attempt may not be a running success, it is important to take “baby steps”. Improving means learning from your mistakes, and as your “babysteps” grow and you take on and create more, you will improve and eventualy, you may be able to create that great song you imagine.


  4. Mitchell, 5:06PM, Week 2, Day 4, May 7, Homework

    1, Combined sounds:

    Combined the sound of Water flowing 3 times with a quick sound of headphones getting plugged in at the end, with the sound of a laptop fan throughout.

    2, Blog “The Simplicity of Creativity” (daily meds Pg. 3 ):

    High school is built of a system where everything is set and planned in a very specific way, exact bell times, projects where we are told exactly what to do, which gives no room for creative freedom. In an environment where we are told exactly what to do and how to do it, being creative can be lost on us. When we are in that environment for so long and we are then told to be creative, it can be hard as we can forget exactly how to be creative. Creativity is simple, and is not limited by anything except our imagination, but can seem hard and too open after being in an environment of set procedures. Music is driven by creativity, the artistic freedom that differentiates your music from anyone else’s. Creativity is wonderful, allowing us to create something that is unique to us, and is something we must not neglect and always remember.

    3, Blog “Enjoy Creativity” (daily meds pg. 3 ):

    In order to not loose our creativity, not have it worn down, we must not neglect it. We must enjor the creativity we have by freely using it whenever we can, such as creating as creating our own recordings or music, which is our own. Creativity can allow us to create something great that is enjoyed by other, but that they have never though of. Our creativity is one of the few things what have that are truly our own, so we must use it whenever we can, to share your unique prospective with the world.

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  5. Mitchell, Week 2, Day 5, May 8, Daily Musical Meds Homework

    (Musical Meds Pg. 9 )

    1, Creative word recording “Truth”:

    Quoting a famous line from the movie “A few good men”

    2, Creative Experiment “Hop in the Shower”:

    Taking a shower can refresh us and help us better focus on our next task. I don’t know what else you want me to say about that, not much to wright about. If it helps I took a shower before writing this so I did do the Experiment.

    3, Daily Dose “Envy”:

    Envy is something everyone feels, its hard to see someone who is successful or has created something great and not wish you where them. This is especially true of artists, both artists of music and of other kinds such as painters. An artist has poured a lot of their time into what they have created and is therefor connected to it. When an artist sees someone who has spent as much time as them, or perhaps less, and has created something greater, they could be envious of that person. We must remember that not everything is a competition and that in most cases you can be bias towards your own work, perhaps thinking its not as good, when others may very much enjoy it. We should remember to always appreciate what you have created for its true value, and to appreciate all that you have in your life.

    4, Daily Act “I am unique”:

    We learn from a very young age that everyone is different, and to appreciate what you may see that others do not. This is especial evident in music, as a song is created from one persons unique creativity. Everyone has different strengths and natural talents, some are better at creating music, some writing music, and others producing it, all roles are important to the creating of the final product. We must remember to appreciate everyone for the person they are the role they have to play, both in music, and in life.

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  6. Mitchell, 2:50, Week 2, Day 7, May 10, Homework

    Musical Meds (p. 16)

    1, Mountain sound:

    Dropping a rock from a mountain, that’s as close to a mountain sound as you can get.

    2, Standing Still:

    For this experiment I went outside and listened to the sounds around by house. With no wind, the prominent sound where birds, and an occasional passing car. In the distance the traffic of a busy road a km away can be heard. The quite noise of air conditioning systems running could also be heard.

    3, Flow:

    Often when creating something such as a piece of music, a video, or an essay, the beginning is the hardest part. Having no idea how to start, we spend a lot of time just thinking on what to do and how to start. It is important to allow our creativity flow, as in most cases, we are not limited by anything but our imaginations. Once we get started, we will soon be flooded with ideas, and be able to work hard on the task. Allowing our creativity to flow is important with almost any task, and will help us complete that task in our own unique way.

    4, Relax:

    Getting burned out by constant work is very bad, not only for our health, but also for our creativity and work ethic. Doing to much work will tire us out, having an impact on our brain, and making it harder to come up with ideas. It is also dangerous, working too hard can result in lack of sleep, which is dangerous to our overall health. It is important that we take time to relax and unwind so that we can continue to let our creativity flow and continue to love what we do.

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  7. Mitchell, 4:50pm, Week 3, Day 1, May 11, Homework

    ( Musical Meds pg. 10)

    1, Word (Invigorate):

    Means to give strength to. I recorded the sound of a desk being dropped, showing lack of strength.

    2, Experiment (Old solutions):

    For this experiment I looked back at my idea for the ford campaign of a toy car getting stuff dumped on it to show off the toughness of Ford ( ) I was not able to find a any toy cars except for a large truck which I had to use. I had limited to so getting the stuff together took alot of running around, and I had to do it all before anyone got home! During the recording I mistakenly recorded the video with the Ipod straight up, making the video the wrong resolution when uploaded to a computer for editing. Also the wrong amount of cereal fell out when shooting, making it more comical for the video, but harder to clean up after. More time to shoot and more planning would make the video better quality next time.

    3, Daily dose ( No Two Creativities Alike ):

    Every person has a different point of view, everyone sees things in a different way and offers a unique input. In music, this allows the vast different types of music as each person will take alter a genre in their own way. This difference in creativity is brought to others through music, as one person can alter a song or type of music that already exists and put their own spin on it, sometimes creating a brand new sub-genre. This difference in creativity can help inspire others to think in a new way, as our unique ideas may inspire new ideas in others.

    4, Action ( Vision ):

    Vision is our unique ideas on how to go about something. Our creative vision is our own ideas on how to go about a project, such as a video or a song. Our unique vision allows us to create something that no one else may have thought of, and inspire other with our idea. Creating different pieces of music with our own vision helps inspire others and share our creativity with the world.


  8. Mitchell, 4:55pm, week 3, day 2, may 12, homework

    ( Daily meds pg. 18 )

    1, Word (Adoring):

    Making a sound I associate with adoring something or someone

    2, Experiment ( Emotional Dartboard ):

    Happiness Sadness Embarrassment Anger Jealousy Love Fear

    Randomly picking one of these as instructed, I got Sadness. I then created a Recording that reflects this emotion

    The sound of my team, Montreal, loosing

    3, Daily dose (Extending Love):

    Love and loving other can sometimes be a hard topic. This topic is often covered in media but perhaps no so in video games. Some video games are more driven by their story and character development and love is sometimes covered in these cases. One case is a video game by the name of “Life is strange” in which the main character is an 18 year old student. Throughout the game we learn about the relationships the main character has in her life. One of these characters is her bullied friend Kate who the main character, max, tries to comfort. In the closing moments of the second episode, Max witnesses Kate attempt to commit suicide by jumping off a building. Max is able to make her way up to kate and tries to convince her not to jump, and depending on the actions of the player can either save her or witness her jump, which causes her to break down. The theme of love and caring for other is shown in this case by Max who will do whatever it takes to save her friend.

    4, Action ( You can never give too much love ):

    Continuing with the topic of love in video games is the story of Joel from the game “The Last of Us”. The game follows the story of a man named Joel who is tasked with protecting and escorting a young girl named Ellie to a safe zone. Initially reluctant and unhappy with this task, after traveling with Ellie, he develops a father-daughter type relationship with her, as Joel is still grieving the loss of his own daughter he died at the beginning of the game. The love Joel and care Joel has for Ellie at the end helps to protect her and help her survive in a difficult world. The love Joel showed to Ellie helped save her lfie and shows that you can never give too much love.

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  9. ( Daily meds pg. 20 )

    1, Word ( Contemplate (From pg. 19)):

    The sound of contemplating/thinking.

    2, Experiment ( Radical movement ):

    I jumped and ran around and waved my arms as instructed. Don’t feel so creative as much as tired

    3, Daily dose ( Looking for opportunity’s ):

    This blog talks about the opportunity’s we have to choose forgiveness in our lives. Connecting this to hockey is the recent story of Brandon Prust, a forward for the NHL’s Montreal Canadians. During the game, Prust’s physical play drew the ire of the referee, Prust was given a roughing penalty late in the 1st period and was not happy, reportedly swearing at the referee all the way to the penalty box, then receiving an additional penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. After a fight late in the game, Prust was given a game misconduct and, on his way out, fired his elbow pad into the opponents bench. After the game Prust was went to the media and reported that the ref intentionally went after him and used vulgar language directed at Prust, which the ref denied. After a day to cool down, Prust apologized and stated his accusations were untrue. The referee could have called Prust out further, but chose to accept his apology and move on, taking the opportunity to forgive him. This story is one example of how one could take the opportunity to give forgiveness in their life.

    4, Action ( Asking for Forgiveness ):

    Forgiveness is sometimes a hard gift to give, but an easy one to receive. If I make a mistake, I will be quick to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

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  10. Mitchell, 6:00pm, Week 3, Day 4, May 14, Homework

    ( Daily Meds pg. 22 )

    1, Word (Branch out):

    I connected the word “Branching out” to a literal branch on a tree. I decided to capture the sound of the branch on the tree being broken off.

    2. Experiment (Free Sketch):

    A video time lapse of me performing this experiment. I kept drawing for the full 15 min…i’m no artist! (This was hard to record so the camera angle isn’t great)

    3, Dose (Early Dismissal):

    When it comes to video games, as well as music, sometimes games or songs can be dismissed before anyone has even played them. An example is the upcoming game “Star wars: Battlefront 3” scheduled for release in November of this year, meaning obviously noon has had a chance to play it as the game is not yet finished. News of features has already been leaked and is causing some to ring the games death bell months before the game is set to ship. The news of smaller matches with less players as well as that lack of fully controlled vehicles (at-at’s) has put some people off the game and has caused them to dismiss it preemptively. With games as well as music, we should not judge and dismiss until we have seen the finished product.

    4, Action (Listening without judgment):

    Often we judge someone based on either their appearance or the beliefs before we have fully heard what they have to say. In the deep dark regions of the internet a war has been brewing over “Gamer gate”, which started as a movement to force women out of gaming. Those against gamer gate, who preached inclusivity where labeled “Social Justice Warriors” which has taken on a negative connotation. Whenever someone goes to speak on the issue, to defend their position, they are immediately ignored, judged, or yelled at simply because they have been labeled. Listening to a person before you speak and put them down would help solve a lot of the problems, not only in this specific situation, but in general as well.

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  11. Mitchell, 4:17pm, Week 3, Day 5, May 15, Homework

    (Daily Meds pg. 27)

    1, word (Constancy):

    I though of a sound that was constant, I came up with a sound I hear every day, annoyingly so. I used the ticking of a second passing on a clock. ( Tick is a bit faint )

    2, Experiment (Acting Goofy):

    The experiments states I should goof around, even on serious projects, but that’s not a daily experiment for me, more of a way I live my life. Injecting silliness into your life is a good way to keep you generally in a good mood, but can also help inspire you in projects, an example is my 5 second video from the beginning of the college course:

    We where told to create a commercial for “anything”, so I chose the outdoors, which was meant as a joke. Creativity and goofiness can go hand in hand as sometimes an idea you get goofing around can be tweaked into a good idea for a project. Taking something too serious can sometimes be a bad thing, and having a little fun is almost always a good thing.

    “Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” -Nina Dobrev

    3, Daily dose (I Approve):

    Seeking approval is something that is important to everyone, as having someone wanting to experience what we have to offer ( Music, Art Ect. ) is a way of knowing that the time we have spent on a project is time well spent. This is especially true of video game developers, especially indie game developers who often develop a game by themselves or with a small team. Indie devs are often more reliant on feedback from test plays of early versions of their game to figure out what people like and what they don’t. With such small odd for an indie dev`s game to become a success and make a large profit, it can be a great feeling when it all pays off. Some dev`s value to response of their fans more than the money, saying it is heartwarming to have so many play and love your 8 month creation. This approval can be a great emotional boost for anyone, and can motivate you to continue working hard.

    4, Action (Show Appreciation):

    As mentioned, showing appreciation can have a great affect on a person and having what they have created be enjoyed by so many can be very uplifting. Indie developers of video games often give back to their fans by releasing free content, such as the dev`s of the indie rouge-like spaceship sim “FTL: Faster Than Light” who released a massive expansion for free as a thank you to there fans for there support and dedication, almost doubling the games content. Letting someone know we appreciate what they have done is a simple gesture but can mean a whole lot to the person we are showing appreciation to.

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  12. Mitchell, 2:26pm, Week 4, Day 1, May 18, Homework

    (Daily meds pg 37 )

    1, Word ( Looking up ):

    When I think of looking up, I of course think of the sky and the sounds you here when u do this, the sounds around you. I decided to record some of the sounds a hot summers day outside.

    2, Experiment ( Mundane Work ):

    Doing a mundane task to spark your creativity is something I have used as a tactic before when in need of an idea. Its been said some of the best thinking you do is while lying in bed or taking a shower, basically doing tasks you don’t have to focus on. Doing such tasks can allow you to think while your body is doing something else, allowing you to potently come up with a new idea for your project.

    3, Dose ( Voice of Authority ):

    Following our good judgment while others around us tell us not to do something can be difficult. An example is that of certain video games that are seen as too dark or violent while they are trying to make a point. A video game by the name of “Hatred” drummed up much controversy for its violent subject matter, while the creator was trying to make a point about Americas failing mental health system, following his own good judgment to get out an important message, while many called for the game to be banned. The distinction as to what is more important, the voice of authority, or the voice inside us, verys from person to person, both of which can have negative and positive points.

    4, Action ( Listening to Intuition ):

    Our intuition can help us make the right choices, but sometimes the wrong. Listening to our intuition as well as our better judgment is the best course to keep us out of trouble.

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  13. Mitchell, 4:28pm, Week 4, Day 2, May 20, homework

    ( Daily meds pg. 40 )

    1, Word (Gnawing sound):

    The sound of gnawing or scratching away at something, in this case a wood table with a key.

    2, Experiment (Losing Perfection):

    Sometimes we can become obsessed with one idea and can work it till we see it as perfect, which may never happen. An example of this is the “Years of passion” commercial I created for the ford commercial:

    I really liked this idea of showing off the history to the song “we didnt start the fire” and wanted to develop it as much as possible. Eventually I had to move on to new ideas, look at it as good and move on, which can be hard to do.

    3, Dose (Anger is a Gift):

    Becoming angry is generally seen as a negative thing and when we are angry, we are often told to just “calm down”, however anger in many cases can be good. In a competitive, physical sport such as hockey, anger can help push you to skate faster and hit harder, all within the rules of the game. Making their team angry is a tactic many coaches used to get their guys fired up and play with more passion and a more aggressive mindset. However too much, or uncontrolled anger can lead to taking penalty’s or potently injuring another player, so anger must be managed carefully. Generally, a small amount of controlled anger is good, large, uncontrolled anger is bad and unhelpful.

    4, Action (Experiencing Healthy Anger):

    Anger in a class setting is almost never good. An example of when it might potentially be helpful is in a debate or discussion of a serious matter, as anger can be linked with passion for the subject and can push you in the discussion, as long as your anger is controlled and not targeted at a person. Generally though, it is best to keep your anger under control.

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  14. Mitchell, 4:14pm, week 4, Day 3, May 20, Homework

    (Daily meds pg 49)

    1, Word (Make comfort):

    I associated comfort with a bed. So I recorded the sound of lying down hard on my bed. Essentially its the sound of the springs.

    2, Experiment (Working in light):

    Being in a well lit room coveys a feeling of warmth and generally a feel of joy. While being in a dimly lit room can have a more cold feeling to it, which is why we turn the lights off on a hot day, it makes us feel cooler.

    3, Dose (Gratitude):

    Gratitude is a hard emotion to show, as it can be hard to express great joy or great appreciation to another person. Professional athletes often attempt to show this to their fans, which they often say have helped support them and, really, have given them a career “There would be no game in there where no fans”. Athletes try to show this gratitude by interacting with their fans whenever they can through community evens or on the sidelines during, before, or after games. While the gratitude and appreciation someone feels often cant be fully represented, people often try to show appreciation as best they can.

    4, Action (Giving Thanks):

    Giving thanks is important as it shows we genuinely appreciate what a person has done for us or given us and is often seen as simple common courtesy. Showing appreciation to anyone who has given us something, such as music, is always important.

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  15. mitchell, 4:50pm, Week 4, Day 5, Homework

    (Daily meds pg 56)

    1, Word (Fullness):

    Connected fullness to my wallet which is full of coins. Recorded the sound of the coins jingling in my wallet

    2, Experiment (Positive Attributes):

    When working on a project we often focus on the negatives of the project, such as how much work it is going to be. Focusing more on the positives, such as our ability to use our creativity, which helps to hone our creative mind, should be the focus and makes any project alot easier to do.

    3, Dose (An Obsession):

    No obsession is healthy, too much of anything is bad. We have talked in class about becoming too connected to an idea, which makes it hard to move on if necessary. Game developers often have the same problem, as they put months, sometimes years, into a game, months of blood, sweat and, tears and it can be hard to accept if this game then turns out to be garbage, which you could not see earlier because of how you become obsessed with the idea of the game. Not becoming too attached to an idea is not helpful on any project, as a passion for what you are doing is good, but uncontrolled, can be an obsession.

    4, Action (look):

    taking a moment to look around and appreciate the world around us can help give us inspiration. Its important to take a moment every day to appreciate whats around us and what we can gain from taking a moment to look.

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  16. Mitchell, 4:53PM, Week 5, Day 1, May 25, homework

    (Daily meds pg. 51)

    1, Word (Excess):

    Excess means alot of something, so I connected that to a shelf I have full of DVD cases. By lightly pulling one out, the whole thing collapsed. This is the sound of the collapse

    2, Experiment (Superhero):

    Becoming a superhero is a good way to fully look at our creativity. Becoming a superhero is usually seen as removing limits, being able to do anything you wanted. For me, I always respond with the power of flight, may not be most creative but it would make getting around a lot easier, Plus capturing the sound of the atmosphere would be cool for this project.

    3, Dose (Power and Control):

    when I saw the theme of power and control, I couldn’t help but think of a lesson from my history class, about how a government that rises in a revolution looks alot like the one it replaced, in other words “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. An example of this is the american revolution, which was a war fought between the 13 colonies, who wanted independence, and great Britain, who wanted to retain control over its colonies. In the end, the american colonies where victories and became the United States of America. Looking at the power given to the office of president, that person would be a lot more powerful than the king of England ever had, showing how the revolutionarys chose to bestow much power on their leader to control the people and to keep their young nation safe and productive.

    4, Action (True collaberation):

    Collaborating and getting help from others is an important part of the creative process. In class, we used to show our progress on Ford videos, allowing for everyone to input their ideas, giving the person an idea on how to continue to develop their idea.

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  17. Mitchell, 4:32pm, Week 5, Day 3, May 27, Homework

    (Music meds pg. 52)

    1, Word (Ascending):

    Ascending means to being going up, such as on stairs in this recording.

    2, Experiment (Maybe if I…):

    I have tried many different ides for my current project, the Ford commercial. First I used a small toy car and threw diffrent things at it, including cereal, to make the point that Ford cars can stand up to whatever is thrown at them:

    The next idea I had was to use the song “we didn’t start the fire” to represent the passion for has for building cars and how that is shown over their 100 year history:

    I then had the idea to use the song “sea of voices” and sync up the audio to cuts in the video. This commercial focused more on Henry Ford and his legacy. This is probably the best one I have done, though not my personal favorite:

    Using the suggestion of finding my passion, I connected Ford to hockey, specifically Paul Kariya and his most famous moment of toughness. Apparently this one was “Hard to follow” so I scraped the idea:

    The most recent one I created was another hockey themed commercial. It shows off an amazing save by goalie Carey Price and connects his reliability on the ice, to Ford’s reliability on the road. This one is my personal favorite, however I suspect it suffers from the same issues as the Paul Kariya commercial, however it was never shown to the class so Dave never got to rip it apart:

    Looking back at these different iterations of my Ford commercial does help me figure out what works, however I came out of it with no solid idea or 1 good concept.

    3, Dose (One Note at a Time):

    One of the most basic pieces of advice we receive is to take things one step at a time. This is true for video games, as well as music, as in the case of a small video game designed by 1 person, only 1 thing can be worked on at a time. First the basic concept of the game, then the basic story, then basic programming and coding, furthering the story as u go, advanced art assets etc. While u are working on one part, u may come up with idea for another bit of the game. It can also be a daunting task to create ur own game, no matter how small, and it can sometimes take a year to create one, but you have to go one step at a time, and before you know it, your finished or nearing completion.

    4, Action (Bright Side):

    Keeping things and perspective and admiring the bright side of life and what we gain from any particular situation. “Regret Nothing, Always Learn”

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  18. Mitchell, 2:50pm, Week 5, Day 5, May 29, Homework

    (Daily meds pg. 57)

    1, Word (Take Apart):

    The sounds of me taking apart my coffee maker quickly.

    2, Experiment (Removing the Next Step):

    Knowing your next step is important for successfully building on a project. Knowing your next step in a project can help shape what you are currently doing, knowing what you are building up to. Without knowing where you are going, you can end up creating something that does not work with your final idea.

    3, Dose (Human after all) Pg 55:

    This goes back to the old quote “to error is human”, basically that making mistakes is part of being human. We are taught from a young age that making mistakes is ok, that it is part of the creative process. Every time we make a mistake, we learn from it and learn how to avoid that same mistake next time. Someone who try’s to always be perfect, a perfectionist, can find themselves obsessing over small details and making no mistakes at all, to the point where they may miss something and accidentally make a big mistake. Not worrying about our mistakes and learning from them is an important part of the creative process.

    4, Action (A deeper connection):

    When it comes to creativity, thinking deep can help you in the creative process. Thinking about a connection on a larger scale, such as how something affects parts of your life, can help you create something that has a deeper effect on the person viewing your work.

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  19. Mitchell, 3:55pm, Week 6, Day 2, June 2, Homework

    (Daily meds pg. 13)

    1, Word (Wait)(Pg. 12):

    I associate waiting with the sounds of a clock ticking by

    2, Experiment (Rush Hour):

    Rush hour is a hectic time when trying to get around, even in a (relatively) small town like Kitchener. The few times I have driven at that time in Kitchener, the traffic is heavily increased and makes getting around slower and harder, generally people are in a worse mood as well. The sounds are generally of running car engines and the occasionally honk or screech of tires. The smell is usually of car exhaust.

    3, Dose (What is a few minutes):

    when working on anything, 2 minutes can be a lot of time and that time spent can help spark a new idea. If u look at a sport like hockey, those 2 minutes become even more important. There is an old attage that it takes a second for the puck to cross the goal line, and when you look at the speed of hockey and how fast a player can go from one end to the other, those 2 minutes can mean alot of scoring chances. In the 2013 NHL playoffs, the Toronto Maple Leafs where up 4-2 with a minute to go in game 7 of their first round series, a win meaning advancing to the second round. Boston rallied and scored 2 goals in that minute to send the game to overtime, and quickly scored in overtime to win. The Leafs went from ellasion to heartbreak in around 2 minutes, showing how quickly things can change, and how important 2 minutes can be.

    4, Act (Spiritual self care):

    I connect this more to your mental health, and taking time to relax and keep yourself from becoming too stressed, which is very important.

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  20. Mitchell, 4:14pm, Week 6, Day 3, June 3, Homework

    (Daily meds pg. 34)

    1, Word (“security” Pg 35.):

    A lock locking

    2, Experiment (Removing Expectations):

    Going into any project u have expectations as to what you would like the outcome to look like and what its purpose will be, sell a Ford, Make an interesting beat out of random sounds. When you remove expectations and just get to work, you can get interesting results. This is what I did with my “Do whatever” video project:

    I started by putting some footage of a game I had recently been playing into premier pro and playing around with it, after combining some more footage together I decided to make a “Explain the story in 1 min” sort of video, but at some point it turned into a trailer for the games 2nd episode. This video ended up being my favorite video that I have made in this whole course.

    3, Dose (Not for the faint of heart):

    Stress is something that we all experience and can alter not only our physical health, but how we act as well. Someone under a lot of stress will sometimes act in a unfriendly way, absorbed in what they are dealing with and the deadlines they are on. Sometimes letting go and saying “whatever happens, happens” is not a good thing, as the world will not wait for you to take a mental health day. However it is important every once in a while to let go, and let your day play out as it does, and focus on keeping stress down.

    4, Action (Follow your path):

    Similar to the dose, sometimes its good to just “follow your path” or let your day progress naturally and not worry so much about deadlines and meetings.

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  21. Mitchell, 4:32pm, Week 6, Day 4, June 4, Homework

    (Daily meds pg. 26)

    1, Word (“Light” pg 38):

    Turning a light switch on and off

    2, Experiment (Gambling):

    We take gambles every day, such as when we get an idea and decide to peruse it to completion. The idea we have may be good and lead to a great final product, or the idea may not really go anywhere and waste our time, its a gamble. We take gambles in small ways, whether to go out when bad weather is coming for example, we take gambles every day.

    3, Dose (Standards):

    We all have standards as to what we like and what we dislike, some people prefer one thing while others prefer another is based on personal preference. When a new game is announced, some people will become more excited than others because, some may be okay with limited information about a game before launch and become excited, some people want more information and have higher standers before they develop pre-launch hype. Peoples standards for excitement differ and some people require more before they become excited about an upcoming video game.

    4, Action (Unconditional Love):

    This is related to the concept of staying positive. Even when we hear bad music we have learned something about our selves and our preferences. In the wider word, when we have a bad experience, we learn a lesson from it.

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  22. Mitchell, 4:46pm, Week 7, Day 1, June 8, Homework

    (Musical meds pg 66.)

    1, Word (“Eliminate” pg 67):

    I connected “Eliminating” with crossing something off a list, so I recorded the sound of “X”ing something out with a marker

    2, Experiment (What about you):

    Something I would like to do that I haven’t done in a while is to simply play hockey. With the wrapping of the house league season back in March and lacking the skill to play at a higher level, I’m stuck with playing NHL video games. Good ice, Friends who are interested in playing hockey, and free time can sometimes be hard to come by.

    3, Dose (Intelligence Only Goes so Far):

    Intelligence is sometimes over valued when compared to dedication. An example is NHL players who are viewed as very intelligent, or skilled in this case, and not much focus is put on the hard work that went on behind the scenes. Many NHL players will say they began skating and playing with a stick and puck shortly after they began walking. Throughout there childhood, there was a great sacrifice made in their family, paying the enormous fees to keep playing, as well as the time there parents took to get them from rink to rink, sometimes town to town. A level of natural skill is required, but no professional athlete no matter the sport would be where they are without a tremendous amount of dedication.

    4, Action (Rich in Emotion):

    One of the most important parts of music is emotion, we may be drawn to a certain song when the emotion of the song matches ours at the time. Strong emotion can also help us generally connect with a song, a song which we may remember for a long time.

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  23. Mitchell, 4:04pm, Week 7, Day 2, June 9, Homework

    (Daily meds pg. 73)

    1, Word (“Storage” pg. 76):

    Putting a mic into a drawer and closing it, then opening it.

    2, Experiment (Doing nothing):

    Part of dealing with stress is taking time just to do nothing. As mentioned in an earlier blog, usually when we are lying in bed or in the shower is our time to just think and do nothing. Doing nothing can be hard to do, especially if you have trouble sitting still for more than 10 seconds, but doing nothing gives us time to calm down and just think.

    3, Dose (What you are):

    Sometimes we do feel that we are superior or better than others, but we must step back and look at the big picture. No person is ever superior to another, as we all have our individual strengths and weakness that balance out and make us who we are. While we may be better than someone in a specific area, we are never better overall. This is also true when you look at a team, whether a sprots team or a production team, everyone has their own strengths and all are needed for the team to function effectively.

    4, Action (Connect – don’t separate):

    when performing, a performer will often draw off the energy of the crowd. This is also true in general, as we tend to draw energy off the people we are around, which can alter the way we feel. Its important to recognize this and value those who are around us.

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