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  1. Julia McCabe, 1:45, May 5, Week 2, Day 3 – Breakthrough1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Progress is Perfection

    Progress is perfection is one of the more true statements I have ever read. Perfection is something we rarely see. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen perfection in anything I have made. Progress on the other hand is being made all the time. We make progress on our creative ideas and skills everyday and become better and better. We may not become perfect at what we do but we get progressively better and more confident in our abilities. The progress I make in radio is unbelievable. After reading the description I went back and listened to the first radio show I ever made and compared it to the one I am currently working on and the progress I have made since September is incredible. I may not be very good at radio yet but I have become ten times better then when I first started.

    Daily Action: Focus

    Today I will focus on the radio show I am making. I have decided to put my full efforts into my show to make it the best show yet. I am making a themed radio show about local musicians and I am focusing on the details. I have done a lot of research and have pulled together show that I have spend the majority of my time focusing on the details.

    2. Recording

    Daily Word: Breakthrough

    The recording I picked to represent breakthrough is the song Semi-Automatic by Twenty One Pilots. I picked this song not because the sound of it was a breakthrough but the lyrics themselves were. Certain mental illnesses are commonly talked about in songs but mental illnesses such as schizophrenia are left in the shadows because of what the general public know of it. Twenty One Pilots have become very popular within the music industry in the past few years. There song House Of Gold getting radio play and their Youtube videos getting millions of views. They have been a major breakthrough in the music industry for the things they sing about. Tyler sings of his past suicidal tendencies, family problems, the voices in his head and in this specific song sings the lyrics “My prayers are schizophrenic.” Being a band that have become quite popular it is normally uncommon to be singing about these topics and still get radio play and an ever-growing mainstream fanbase. They have made a breakthrough with this song in specific because of the speak of the mental illness that isn’t glamourized by the media and that is why I chose this song.

    Creative Experiment: Say Yes

    For todays experiment I sat down with a pen and paper and thought of ideas for radio shows. I came up with many ideas that normally I would have pushed aside and moved on but today I took them all into consideration, did my research and am now in the planning process for two radio shows. One involving local band recognition and a second on focusing on a specific local musician.

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  2. 1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Envy

    I find regardless of what it is a person is working towards, we seem to let ourselves due to envy towards others work. We automatically assume that a persons work is better than our own by a quick glimpse at their work or from the confidence they have. We envy others for what they can do but don’t have an appreciation for our own work. I find myself to be very much this way. I have no confidence in the work that I do and if I am to see someone else’s work it brings my confidence down even more. I need to stop being envious of others and realize my own potential.

    Daily Act: I Am Unique

    Today I will remember that I am unique in my interest in radio. As a kid I always had a love for Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge and when given the opportunity to actually make radio I took it. I think this makes me unique because not a lot of teenagers at 15 have an idea of what they would like to do with their careers and take the opportunity to make radio themselves.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Truth

    Using the creative word truth, I recorded audio of the sounds of my neighborhood. The truth in this audio is that even though they were recorded on an iPhone microphone they give a really good representation of the sounds of a neighborhood. You can hear my neighbor watering his garden, a car honking in the distance and birds everywhere. The creative truth in this is that you don’t necessarily need an expensive microphone to get the natural sounds of the world around you.

    Creative Experiment: Hop in the Shower

    After a somewhat stressful day, I found this helped me to calm my thoughts and focus on my priorities afterwords. I continued on in my night more calm and relaxed while focusing on what needed to get done.

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  3. JULIA MCCABE, 7:15, MAY 7, WEEK 2, DAY 5 – BRANCH OUT (PG 22)

    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: Early Dismissal

    I find that the majority of the time I come up with ideas that I believe simply aren’t good enough to share. I dismiss ideas as soon as I think of them and have come to a point where I feel completely creative due to the fact that I have shot down most of the ideas I have ever thought of. This applies to ideas I have when it comes to making radio and projects but even more often in day to day things. I tend to find myself searching for the perfect idea when plenty of good ones are right in front of me. An example of this is when I begin the process of planning a fundraiser for the non profit organization that I am an independent fundraiser and youth representative for. I think of ideas but lack the confidence to bring the idea forward and dismiss then shortly after thinking of them. I need to stop dismissing my ideas so quickly and take some more time to put some thought into them and consider then from a logic point of view.

    Daily Action: Listening Without Judgment

    Today I will listen without judgment. I will calm myself and listen to the music for pure enjoyment and creative purposes without judging what I am listening to. For the song assignment I will not dismiss the ideas I have come up with and listen to the finished project without judgement in order for myself to be successful and happy with the work I am putting out.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Branch Out

    For this recording I picked a song by Braden Barrie (SayWeCanFly) who is from Lindsay, Ontario. I picked this song for branching out because he has branched out and gone a completely different direction from where he was when he started out in music at 14. When Braden first started making music, he recorded everything in his basement with an acoustic guitar. Now he has released this song (And the rest of the album) that was recorded in a professional studio and his sound has changed completely since he first started writing and recording music. He has branched out from the small town scene and is now playing the Vans Warped Tour this summer. This audio reflects on branching out because it shows his development compared to his older music and how far his music has come from the initial EP.

    Creative Experiment: Free Sketch

    I sat down for fifteen minutes and drew and as someone who can’t draw to save my life, it was an interesting experience. From this experience I confirmed that my abilities to draw are small but also realized why people may enjoy it so much. Its creative freedom and a way to express yourself on paper without words. More than anything I found myself laughing at my inabilities and just having fun with it.

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  4. 1. Daily Blog (Pg 24)

    Daily Dose: Choosing Happiness

    Sometimes we forget tot choose happiness in the things we do. Depending on our mood it is easy to forget about the happiness in our creative work. Choosing happiness should be something that I incorporate into all of my creative work. I feel that it would have a more positive effect on not only my creative process but the final work that I put out.

    Daily Action: Choose Happiness Today

    Today I will choose happiness in my creative projects by going in to any projects with an open mind and positive attitude. This will help me to choose happiness when working creatively because I won’t be starting a project with any negative thoughts.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Radiance

    I really struggled to make a recording of something that represents radiance but I found a recording that I thought really fit the description of radiant.

    This audio clip of Panic! At The Disco’s new song made me think of radiance because of the general vibe of the song. It gave off a bright, fun and positive vibe. The vocals worked really well with the instrumentals of the song to make the song radiant and bright.

    Creative Experiment: Meditation

    Today I took some time and meditated. I found it helped to clear my mind of stress and worries I had at the time. It cleared my mind and helped me to focus and work better and more efficiently at the tasks I was trying to accomplish today.

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  5. 1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Unnecessarily Complex

    Often times we go into projects with a mindset of what it is we are supported to do and narrow ourselves down in creativity. Though this process of determining the specifics of what we think we are supposed to do we leave out the possibilities of creativity and make projects more complicated than they need to be because we limit ourselves and our creativity by what we believe we can and can’t do. This can unnecessarily complex any project because it limits what we can do.

    Daily Action: Listen

    Today I will take the opportunity to listen to the noises around me and use them to really think about music and the song project we are working on. I will listen and think more in depth to how I can use these everyday sounds to make music and how effective using everyday sounds can be.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Decrease

    For the decrease, I used the sound of someone walking right beside the microphone then continuing to walk. This shows the decrease in volume as the distance from the mic increased. This decrease was a very noticeable one because the audio got much quieter very quickly.

    Creative Experiment: Baby Steps

    For the baby steps experiment I wrote a list of steps that I need to take to get in the creative flow for radio as I don’t make music. These steps include : Writing down any ideas that come to mind, testing how different recordings sounds, trying different places to record to see where the audio sounds best and then making the rough draft of what I want to say on the radio.

    I couldn’t actually record these steps because of the resources I have but if I were to it would come out as a rough draft of a radio show.

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  6. 1. Daily Blog (33)

    Daily Dose: Creative Frustrations

    Creative frustrations are the things we experience when in the writing process, while working on a project and for some, even listening to the finished product.. For myself, I find I am frustrated with my creative abilities as a whole. I find myself frustrated with the my creative abilities when attempting to think of ideas for projects, then becoming frustrated with the work I’m doing because of the constant thought of wanting to do better and then I struggle to be happy with the final product.

    Daily Action: Growth Through Frustration

    I feel like I grow through the frustrations I have when working on creative projects. I grow because when I get frustrated, I tent to want to learn from what I did that frustrated me which in turn helps me to better my skills and grow while making radio.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Create Conflict

    For this recording I recorded the noise of the microwave while it is turned on as a constant sound that sounds the same until the timer comes to an end. I created conflict in the sound by opening the microwave door and having a disruption to the constant sound of the microwave.

    Creative Experiment: Random Attachment

    Pillow – There is a pillow next to me and I am able to relate that to the project I am working on because a pillow is soft and when I go to make creative tasks, I am really hard on myself and I need to be softer and less hard on myself. By doing this I will be able to work more efficiently and feel more confident in my work.

    Couch – I can relate this to my project because when I think of a couch, I think of somewhere to sit, take a break and relax. When doing my projects, I need to not stress as much. I need to clearly take a minute to think things through and take the time to do a good job.

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  7. 1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Face Your Flaws (36)

    Facing my flaws is something I really need to do in the industry I want to go into. I tend to dislike many aspects of my work and lack confidence in the work that I present. I need to work with what I’ve got and learn to love the work I’m making. If I face my flaws, I believe that projects will become easier and I won’t waste as much time being critical and judgmental of what I believe are flaws in my work.

    Daily Action: Come Clean

    My first biggest flaw is my inability to accept how my voice sounds while making radio shows. I struggle with this the most because this is the field I would like to go into and I need to find ways to not dislike how I sound so much so I can be successful in this field.

    My second biggest flaw is my inability to be proud of work that I make. If I were able to not think so little of my work and take some pride in what I do, I feel like my work would be better. I need to come clean with myself and look at my potential and work with what I have.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Looking Up (37)

    What I did for this recording is I looked up and stuck my phone in the air and recorded everything that I heard. When I did this, I happened to see an airplane which is the sound that can be heard in the recording.

    Creative Experiment: Looking Out of Bounds (36)

    Today I am looking out of the bounds by taking the route of the audio project instead of the Ford video project. I am looking out of the bounds because I am branching out from the original project and trying something completely different.

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  8. May 12, Page 31.
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Contribute

    We all contribute to the things that we do. If you are a musician, you probably contribute your musical abilities in projects, a scientist would give their educated opinion during a study and a radio host contributes to the daily lives of those who want to hear music either on their daily ride to work, or throughout their day. In my case, I contribute by taking the time to make radio shows for the students of Resurrection for their listening enjoyment in the mornings. This contribution I make has helped me decide what I want to do with my career and also help support local music and bring music to the students of Resurrection.

    Daily Action: Contribute

    Today I will remember that my contributions to the school radio station are unique and valuable no matter what because for a while I was running the radio program almost five days a week and it is a unique opportunity that not many people my age take on.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Force

    For today’s word of force, I used the sounds of the construction equipment taking down a brick wall the force of the metal against the bricks made a really cool noise that had a very unique sound to it. The impact of the metal made the noise very loud and unclear.

    Creative Experiment: Talking It Out

    For the creative experiment I went and talked with my mom who knows very little about music and audio. I did this for the songs project I am working on and I selected her for a reason. I picked my mom to talk to because she doesn’t understand what it is exactly I am doing in the class and by explaining my creative ideas to her, I had to present my ideas that would not only make sense to me but make sense to her as well.

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  9. Julia McCabe, 11:24, May 14, Week 3, Day 3 – Obstruction
    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: Know It All’s

    Working on projects, I quickly come to the realization that I don’t know everything. When I go into a project, I don’t expect to be able to do everything perfectly without needing any help of any sort, such as asking for help or researching. I don’t think I know everything when I go into a project and I learn as I go alone. I don’t believe that I will ever actually know everything there is to know as there is always more to learn and my knowledge can always grow in our changing society. I believe that going into a project thinking you are a know it all will set you back in the long run. By doing this, you will either consistently do the same skills wrong or never expand your knowledge.

    Daily Act: Knowing What I Don`t Know

    I am well aware that there are many things I don’t know while doing projects. Personally, I feel that is why I am doing the projects in the first place. To learn and grow through creative acts. What is the point of doing anything in life, if we don’t learn from it in some way? I know that there are many things that I don’t know when it comes to radio and I learn as I go along to help myself to become good at what I am doing.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Obstruction

    The bustling of the paper obstructed the sound of the voices in the background leaving the audio sounding distant and cut off.

    Creative Experiment: Take a Second Look

    I went back tonight and took a second look back at the first draft of my first song for the four track EP all while asking myself the questions. What I gained from doing this is the ability to listen to a piece of work that I created and decide what I need to do to make it better, and by listening to it while asking these questions I was able to think of ideas to make the song better as I go along.

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    Posted on May 15, 2015 by mccabejulia
    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: Reach Only to Let Go

    Through reaching to let go I find that we let go of all stress. By clearing your mind, taking a couple breathes, and going back into the project with a clear mind, we see our work from a new angle and fresh ideas seem to come easier. If we don’t reach out to let go once and a while, we become very attached to our ideas and projects and struggle to accept change and criticism. I believe reaching out to let go is a very necessary part in becoming better in our creative works.

    Daily Action: Renewal

    Today I will take a moment of quiet, silence my thoughts of all the creative projects I am currently working on and renew my creativity in a way that will allow me to go back into my work with an open and clear mind. This will help me to expand my creative thinking and not let myself get too stressed out over my work.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word:Conjoining

    For my conjoining recording I did the conjoining of sounds in the room I was sitting in. The sound of the TV mixed with the sound of the music I was listening to and the other sounds in the room came together to be a big cluster of noise.The different sounds create an unorganized group of sounds that conjoined to come together to create one sound.

    Creative Experiment: Yoga

    While working on the songs for the four song EP I took a fifteen minute break to try yoga to de-stress. Through following the different yoga positions and steps listen in the description, I found myself going back into my project with a fresh, clear and more relaxed mind. Taking a fifteen minute break to clear my mind helped me to forget about my problems in the project and try new strategies when I started again.

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  11. 1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: What is a Few Minutes?

    Taking a few minutes of silence every day, is something that everyone should do. Take a break from your project, turn off the music you are listening to and focus your thoughts on what is important. At the end of the day, the time you’ve spent in silence will benefit you. It will give you a moment to focus your mind on your priorities and creative activities. Though giving ourselves this time, we develop creatively and get our thought and creative ideas in order. I believe this is a necessary part of creating quality work that you will be proud to put out there.

    Daily Act: Spiritual Self Care

    Today, I will take a moment to focus myself and what is important to me. During the school year, I find myself very busy and unable to put any time into personal projects and things that make me happy. I dedicate the majority of my time to projects for school and the nonprofit work I do. Today I will take some time and focus on me. Read a book or use my skateboard for the first time in as long as I remember. I feel like this is a necessary thing for me to do to be able to continue to work efficiently and effectively. Today I will spend a few moments working towards better spiritual self care by focusing on myself and bringing my thoughts to a more relaxed and motivated place.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Center Focus

    The purpose of this recording was to hear the papers moving in the foreground as the center focus while having the voices in the background to be background noise that added an effect to the paper but didn’t necessarily overpower it.

    Creative Experiment: Rush Hour

    Today while on the bus, heading downtown to meet up with some friends I looked around me and thought to myself about how the amount of people made me feel. I indeed felt an overwhelming feeling of a large group of people. I felt very claustrophobic. I can use the metaphor of this feeling in my current project because I have become overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have and the overall feel of the song. While on the bus I had to reassure myself that I was fine and that I could handle having large groups of people around me much like in my project. I have had to tell myself that the workload is manageable and I can get it all done well and to the best of my abilities.

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  12. 1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: Extending Love

    Sometimes we start out doing something we love, and it slowly turns into something that we do for other purposes taking away from the initial reason why we started. When money, or a reputation is involved in the creative project we forget about the joy of something that we love to do and things become projects that are with a purpose other than self joy and a love for the work. We need to extend our love for what we do back into the projects that we do and find the joy in our creative works because if we don’t, will they really be something worth making?

    Daily Action: You Can Never Give Too Much Love

    The statement “You can never give too much love” is very true. Sometimes I start off a project feeling unconfident and unable to do a good job but start to love what I am making. It comes with time and practice, I have started to develop this feeling but I will never be 100% in love with what I do because there really isn’t too much love I can put into my creative projects.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Adoring

    This is a recording of the sounds of people enjoying and even adoring the nice weather. You can hear the car driving around, the birds chirping, the music and other human made noises. This recording shows through the noises of the outdoors and all of the outdoor activity that people are even the animals are enjoying the weather.

    Creative Experiment: Emotional Dartboard

    For the emotional dashboard, I created the list of different emotions and then focused on the ones that I was feeling towards the project I was working on. Through doing this creative project I was able to bring reassurance to myself about the project I was working on as well as bring new ideas to my mind and expand my creative spectrum.

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  13. 1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Looking for Opportunities

    Looking for opportunities to choose forgiveness will benefit us greatly in our projects and in life in general. By choosing forgiveness we overcome the obstacles we may face due to people and things that we have bad experiences with. If we let a bad experience with a certain editing program prevent us from using it again we are limiting ourselves to a very narrow group of resources capturing our creativity and not bringing our ideas and work to their full potential. We need to look for opportunities to forgive things that happen in life and move forwards having learnt something from what we have just experienced.

    Daily Action: Asking for Forgiveness

    Today I will ask for forgiveness when it comes to my creative thinking, I will try to forgive myself for the mistakes that I make and move forwards, learning from them. Thought doing this, I won’t let my mistakes get me down or hold me back. They will help me to move forward and become successful at my projects no matter how many times I mess up.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Persevering

    This recording is by the band A Day To Remember. Even thought the audio of the song itself doesn’t show the creative word the story behind the song and the album do. In 2011 A Day To Remember started case against their label, Victory Records. This case involved many agreements including the band not being able to release this album as an independent band. They persevered and ended up winning the trial and were then able to put out this album Common Courtesy. Through persevering, A Day To Remember were able to fight for their music and in the end were able to release their album on their own.

    Creative Experiment: Radial Movement

    For radical movement I got on my skateboard and went for a ride. This helped me to clear my mind and get back into a creative flow. I found peace in the quiet of the outdoors last night which helped to clear my mind of stress and come to a peaceful place with my creative projects.

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  14. 1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Healthy Perspectives

    We can never solely depend on others for happiness. Happiness comes from within and we must do things to make ourselves happy. If we depend on others our perspectives of others become unhealthy as we begin to depend on others to bring us happiness. To create healthy perspectives, we need to first become happy with ourselves and the things in our lives that we have instead of dwelling upon those that we don’t. Through self acceptance we will gain a healthy perspective on live as well as creative projects and ideas that we put across the table.

    Daily Action: Encouraging Others Through My Art

    I will encourage others through my art by making radio for the students at my school. Though doing this, I will make myself happy by doing something that I love and will make those around me happy by playing the music they want to hear.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Turning Point

    For turning points, I took a recording of me walking towards a pond and then me supposedly jumping in. As I didn’t feel like going for a swim in a gross duck pond, I used a large rock and tossed it into the water. This gave a similar effect to the point of the audio recording. Turning points can sometimes be defined as a change in situation and the change in situation for this was the change from land to water and I felt that it worked well.

    Creative Experiment: Watching Something New

    Today I went and listened rather than watched something. I sat down and listened to a radio announcer from out in BC and then another one from LA to see how they do their jobs and what they do to make themselves sound good on the radio. This helped me to get inspiration and also ideas for when I’m making radio.

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  15. Julia McCabe, 7:35, May 19, Week 4, Day 3 – Travel1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Reach Out

    What I’ve found while making radio is that a lot of the time I work alone, most of the time by choice. I am often offered to do projects with other people and turn them down out of creative fear. Creative fear in a sense of having to share my ideas and the judgment of another. I need to reach out to others and take the opportunity to share some of my skills as well as learning from what other people have to share with me. I need to reach out and take offers as well as make them so that I can grow in the field of radio.

    Daily Action: No Self-Inflicted Loneliness

    Something I need to learn to do, is share my work with others. I act as if I have no pride in what I do and avoid sharing my work if possible. I am fully aware that this will get me nowhere in life but my fears of judgement force me to confine myself to self-inflicted loneliness. From now on, I will have confidence in my work and will make an effort to join others. This will help me to gain confidence in what I do, learn from others as well as share what I’m doing with those around me.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Travel

    For todays creative word, I held my phone close to the wheels of my skateboard while I was riding around the parking lot of the school. For me, my skateboard is my mode of transportation other than the bus so for me to travel where I need to go, I take my skateboard.

    Creative Experiment: Habitual Habits

    A new habit that I am going to try and embrace is the willingness to share my work with those around me. Instead of finishing a radio show and just uploading it and moving on, I showed it too my mom and asked for her opinion and learned from what she had to say.

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  16. Julia McCabe, 5:55, May 20 , Week 4 , Day 4 – Strip Down (36)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Face Your Flaws

    Some act like they are flawless, others show off their flaws as they’ve embraced them. I am a different story. I am well aware of my flaws and for that reason I stay quiet and draw as little attention to myself as possible. This can be a struggle while making radio because I am ok when it is on the radio but while I am in the process of making it and someone asks to see, I panic and while I sit with someone as they listen to work, all I hear are the flaws and the mistakes I’ve made along the way. This is something I really need to work on because this will negatively effect me in any career I choose to go into.

    Daily Action: Come Clean

    One of my character flaws is my inability to accept a compliment. I tend to take compliments roughly and leave the comments unnoticed as I don’t necessarily believe that they are sincere or my work really deserves them. I need to build my confidence and realize that my work is good and I should become more accepting to compliments.

    Another one of my character flaws is my tendency to keep my work to myself. Regardless of the fact that I know that my work is going to be played on the radio for the whole school, I struggle to show anyone my work before it airs.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Strip Down

    For stripping down I picked a song from the lead single Caleb Shomo from a group called Beartooth and formally Attack! Attack! This song is him going a completely different direction of what Caleb does, which is metal and post hardcore and he sat down with an acoustic guitar and played an acoustic version of Apathy. He stripped the song down to the bare minimum and made it sound amazing. His vocals are very clear and the guitar suits the lyrics but doesn’t overpower them.

    Creative Experiment: Looking Out of Bounds

    Today I sat down and played around with the DAW that I have been using and tried something completely different with my radio show. I played with the way my voice sounded and the general sound of the show. I didn’t end up liking the end result but I did try something that was quite different for me.

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  17. Julia McCabe, 10:26, May 21 , Week 4, Day 5 – Discover
    . Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Serendipity

    Everything that has happened for a reason. Though sometimes this saying can be negative towards the days events, in the long run it has an effect on everything that you do. Serendipity are the things that happen on a day to day basis that may not have happened purposely, but happened and the effect of that action or event will creatively help us. These events can give us ideas, help us to further develop ideas, discover new things and help us grow in our creative passions.

    Daily Action: Acceptance

    A lot of the time, good and bad things happen throughout the day. In many cases, we let the good overpower the bad. We have joyous moments that become memorable but then we experience moments that can turn those positive moments into just a thought of what happened on a bad day. We forget about the good and focus our minds on the bad, letting it overpower our creative thoughts and abilities. I need to accept the events of the day and not look at the bad more than the good. I need to stop focusing my thoughts on the bad and look at the good happenings of my life. Through doing this, I will be able to clear my mind of the negative thoughts and focus my creative abilities on what matters.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Discover

    For the creative word I took a recording of something that I discovered today. Even thought this involves my inability to do simple tasks in the kitchen, this is not what I learned today. That, I was already well aware of. Today I learned that while making pasta sauce, you can’t just put the lid on it and let it sit for twenty minutes. I discovered this the hard way when I burnt my mothers sauce and filled the kitchen with smoke. Through this discovery, I found the sound that the sauce made to be very unique and different. This is the sound of the sauce bubbling right before I went and stirred it.

    Creative Experiment: Creative Progress

    Tonight for the creative experiment, I wrote down a list of all o my creative goals and read through the list. I found that this experiment helped me because I was able to really focus my mind on the things that I want to do in the near future and set reasonable goals to try and accomplish.


  18. Julia McCabe, 3:34, May 22 , Week 4 , Day 6 – Light
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Tune In

    Tuning in to ourselves is an important process in being successfully creative. If we spend all of our time focusing on projects and never on ourselves we become out of tune with our own lives and become disconnected from our lives and our projects. Its important to tune in to ourselves in order to stay in tune creatively while doing projects. We need to be able to divide our time to tune in to the projects that we are working on but not forget about our personal wellbeing. We need to be able to tune in to ourselves and our creativity in order for us to be successful.

    Daily Action: Tune Up

    From now on I will tune myself up by doing things to increase my confidence in my work. I need to start to train myself to be ok with the way I sound in audio and to become confident in my skills and work. Though doing this I believe that I will get better at being able to share my work with others and my overall confidence will increase. I need to tune myself up in a way that allows me to focus on my creative projects, but prevents me from forgetting and putting little focus into my wellbeing. I need to be able to find a balance in the process of tuning up to be successful in my projects and life.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Light

    For todays creative word, I used My Hair by The Maine. The audio of this song is very light and bright. When you listen to it gives off a very happy vibe and when I saw this song live earlier this month, it had the whole crowd dancing and singing along. The vibe of the song came off as light and really had an impact on how the audience took the meaning of it.

    Creative Experiment: Tearing Down Problematic Truths

    Through doing this experiment, I thought about my creative problems in the project I am currently working on and broke them down to the point where I was able to become less stressed and wrap my head around what I was doing. I came to realize that the things that I thought were problems were really just creative road bumps that I needed to get over.

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  19. Julia McCabe, 10:50, May 23 , Week 4 , Day 7- Keeping Still
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Divine Influence

    Sometimes we become so attached to an idea that we struggle to make changes and improve work because we believe that the idea is brilliant and needs no work. Through this, we don’t show our full creative potential. We box ourselves into this tiny mindset of what we can and can’t do with projects. We need to become less attached to our projects and make ourselves willing to change and learn from our work. We need to make logical decisions based on what is best for our work, all while keeping our original ideas present in some way. We need to act as if there is a divine influence and use that to make the best and most logical decisions for our work.

    Daily Action: Recalling a Creative spirit

    Today, while I struggled to think of ideas for radio and my other projects, I looked back at some of my old work and listened through to search for ideas. This action helped me to use old ideas to create fresh ideas in a way that made me expand my thinking of pre-existing ideas as well as using those ideas for inspiration for completely new ideas. By recalling my creative spirit from the past, I was able to bring back that momentum and continue to think of new ideas.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Keeping Still

    For keeping still I used keeping still and the opposite of keeping still. I taped my phone to my skateboard and kept it as still as possible while the skateboard had nothing but movement. This got the sound of all of the movement through a still microphone. This recording was unique because I was able to capture the sound of this movement through a microphone that wasn’t getting a lot of background noise because it was still and so close to the source of the sound.

    Creative Experiment: Working in the Dark

    For todays daily experiment I turned off the lights and my phone and worked in the dark. I found this experiment to be helpful because there were no distractions or other places to focus my thoughts. I was able to focus on my work and put in as much effort as possible. I didn’t lose my train of thought or forget an idea because I didn’t have anything else to think about and it helped me to put my best ideas forward.

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  20. Julia McCabe, 12:30, May 24 , Week 5, Day 1- Cluster Together (48)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: All Alike

    Sometimes we can be stuck for motivation or ideas and we tend to go to others for creative advice. We do this because we are alike in the way that we do our projects. for me, I find that when I go to someone working on the same projects, it is easy to find ideas and work off each other. We think alike because of a mutual liking of a topic or project idea. This becomes extremely beneficial to both people because we gain the ability to share ideas that we can look more in depth towards our projects.

    Daily Action: Share a Feeling

    Today I shared the feeling with someone who may not have been working on the same projects as I am but has a general knowledge of what I am going. I got my dad to take a listen to my most recent radio show and asked him to to give me his opinions of his likes and dislikes and how I can improve. He told me what he liked and things that I need to work on and I feel this will benefit me in a way that will make me think and be cautious of those things while recording and editing my next radio show.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Cluster Together

    For cluster together, I went into my sound library and put a bunch of sounds together and played around with how they sounded. I used the sound of the skateboard, birds, clapping, the child crying and the pouring of water to make a cluster of noises that were previously used for a different cause. This turned into a very unique sound that became a sound of itself. It may have become one that is almost undefinable but if you take a close listen you can hear all of the different noises.

    Creative Experiment: Different Environments

    I picked a couple different places to try and do my work. From somewhere to work on thinking of ideas to actually doing my recordings I found somewhere new. I found that this experiment helped me to open up my mind to new ideas and use my surroundings for inspiration. I sat by a pond to think about ideas for the creative word and by hearing all of the natural sounds around me, I thought to use all of my different sounds and mash them up to be one big sound of sounds that wouldn’t always be clustered together.

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  21. Julia McCabe, 1:38, May 25 , Week 5, Day 2 – Ascending (52)
    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: One Note at a Time

    Sometimes we get too far ahead of ourselves and try and do multiple projects at once defeating the purpose of doing the majority of the actions we are trying to achieve. Creativity is lost in the process of the rushed work of many ideas. We need to take the time to focus on a project and do it well. By taking these projects one step at a time, we get to show our full creative potential.

    Daily Action: The Bright Side

    I need to start looking on the bright side when it comes to doing projects. I find that I let myself get really down over the mistakes and ideas I make while working on a project. If something goes wrong, I lose motivation and make things harder on myself then they need to be. What I need to start to do is to look on the bright side of the events that have happened. Maybe the program quit and didn’t save my work, the bright side to that could be that I needed a new idea anyways and was just struggling to let go of my current idea, in the end helping me to grow creatively.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Ascending

    For ascending I picked a song called Sad Ghosts by Issues. This song represents ascending because the song starts off mellow but intense and continuously builds until Michael Bohn starts to sing. It was as if the song started at the bottom and continuously build up much like ascending up a slope of sorts. I thought this was a good example because multiple times throughout the song it is represented and the overall vibe of the song has an ascending type build up.

    Creative Experiment: Maybe if I…

    Today while working on projects I kept asking myself “maybe if I” and combined the ideas to create new and fresh ideas. This process helped me to think of the many different ideas that I could incorporate into my project. This process also helps to not confine you to a single idea. What I found was some of the ideas I worked on were better than the original and they ended up replacing the ideas I was working off of.

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  22. Julia McCabe, 2:23, May 26 , Week 5 , Day 3 – Small (53)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Role Models

    Role models can influence what we find interest in and help us to determine what we do and don’t like through the influence on another. For me, I started to get into radio as a child because of a radio host named Andy Frost and later on because of Wade McNeil (Alexisonfire) who is now an announcer on 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. They act as my role models when it came to wanting to do radio. Growing up listening to Andy Frost and then hearing one of my favourite musicians doing what I want to do one day, plays a role in the motivation I have towards what I am doing. They give me creative ideas and goals to stride for. For those reasons I think that having role models and people to look up to is a big part of doing what you love.

    Daily Action: Setting an Example

    Today while making radio I will work to make them as correct as possible and make them sound as good as possible. I will not make a half attempt but instead put my full efforts into these shows that I can go back and show other students who are looking to do radio, how to do radio in a proper way.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Small

    For this recording, I took one of my pre-existing sounds and made it sound small and almost distant. I took a clap, that would normally be loud and have a big impact on the sound and lowered the volume and brought it down to 13% if the original speed. This made it sound small and quiet.

    Creative Experiment: Blindfold

    Since I don’t play an instrument, I sat down with my eyes closed and listened to my old radio shows. I replayed through one of them until I found aspects that I really liked and aspects that I want to change. This helped me to see what is going in the right direction and what needs work. I was able to strictly focus on what I was listening to and reflect without distraction.

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  23. Julia McCabe,12:57 , May 27 , Week 5 , Day 4 – Forward Process
    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: Human After All

    sometimes we expect more from ourselves then we are actually capable of achieving. We expect so much of ourselves and become disappointed and unmotivated when we can’t achieve these unreal tasks. We want to be the best we can and put more pressure on ourselves then we can handle. We seem to forget that we are human, and have limits. I personally struggle with trying to achieve things that are not always possible in the time periods I have to do them. I need to think realistically about projects and do the best work I can while remembering I am only human and can only do so much.

    Daily Action: Imperfection

    Imperfection is all around us and something that I strongly believe is that nothing I have ever done has been perfect. There are imperfections to everything that I stride to achieve and those imperfections are the only way I find I learn. I learn from my mistakes, I take the negative impact of one project and turn it into a positive of another project. We need to embrace our imperfections and use them to our advantage.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Forward Progress

    For the forward progress I chose to compare two different recordings by the same band. The first song is an All Time Low song from 2006. These two examples shoe a forward progress of All Time Low as a band. In 2006, they started out as a Blink 182 cover band and in 2015 have released a song featuring Mark Hoppus (Second example) These two examples show how much they have changed and grown as a band and of the things they have accomplished since starting their band. (All Time Low 2006) (All Time Low 2015)

    Creative Experiment: Releasing the Pressure Valve

    For this experiment, I made a list of all of the pressures I have in my life and went through them to try and relive myself of the stresses. I found this activity useful because I was able to see what is important and what I need to stop stressing about.

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  24. Julia McCabe, 10:47, May 28 , Week 5 , Day 5 – Mountain Sound (16)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Flow

    sometimes we struggle to get into a creative flow. We find ourselves stuck for ideas and let our creativity drain from us because of a small road bump along the way. Sometimes creative flows don’t come to us as easy as other times when idea after idea comes to us. We need to try and regain that creative flow when it is lost and use it to capture as much creativity as possible. This will not only effect us spiritually as mentioned in the daily dose but also the quality and outcome of our work.

    Daily Act: Relax

    Today I will relax and not worry about my lack of creativity. I will have confidence in my ideas no matter how much I doubt them and will try my hardest to find the positives in the project I am working on. This act is something that I really need. I need this to calm down my thoughts and relax my brain to the point of where I can focus creatively and not worry about my creative insecurities.

    2. Recording

    Creative words: Mountain Sound

    For the mountain sound, I took a recording of some birds outside and added an echo effect to them to make them sound distant and as if they were from the echo of a mountain.

    Creative Experiment: Standing Still

    For this experiment I stood still and let the ideas come to me. I used this as a way to clear my mind and use the silence around me to help my creative process. I was able to keep myself from fiddling with things around me and in turn was able to think of a new idea for a project I am currently working on.

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  25. Julia McCabe,10:27 , May 29 , Week 5 , Day 6- Fullness
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: On Obsession

    sometimes we become obsessed with the work of musicians and artists around us but seem to forget about the good in our own. We focus on what they did well and how our music doesn’t even compare. We need to come to the point of where we can become obsessed with what we do and not just become obsessed with other people’s work but also the work of those around us. Through doing this we will gain a better appreciation for our own work and gain the confidence that we need to be as creative as possible.

    Daily Action: Look

    Today I will look all around me and find ways to experience peace and appreciation. I will appreciate the music I listen to and what I can learn from it, I will appreciate the silent room that I am sitting in that is helping me to concentrate. Through doing these things I will experience peace and calm my mind so I can let my creativity flow and produce the best work possible.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Fullness

    For fullness I picked the song The Northern by Alexisonfire. I picked this song because while listening to it, it sounds full and well put together. The mix of Dallas’s and Wade’s voices together mixed with the background vocals and instrumentals0 a very full sound was given off almost giving the song an erie sound to match with the creepy video.

    Creative Experiment: Positive Attributes

    For this experiment I went through my project and instead of pointing out things I didn’t like, I found all of the things I did like and used them to make my attitude towards the project more positive. This helped me to realize that I am starting to get decent at what I do and not everything I do is wrong or bad.

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  26. Julia McCabe,11:05 , May 30 , Week 5 , Day 7 – Take Apart (57)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Yours for the Taking

    We sometimes tent to limit ourselves creatively because we believe that our ideas are not always good enough or worth sharing with the world. /we have so much creativity but we struggle to put it to its full potential. We have abundance’s of ideas, some good, some not worth mentioning but all are ours for the taking. Sometimes we forget this and confine ourselves to one good idea putting aside all other suggestions and ideas and narrowing our creativity down when really we have so many thoughts and ideas worth considering and using.

    Daily Action: A Deeper Connection

    Today I will stride for a deeper connection while feeling stress about my creative endeavours through taking a deeper look into my work. I will find the things I don’t like and find a way to turn them into a positive, then find the aspects of the projects that I do like use them to move forward creatively and successfully. This deeper connection will help me to get a deeper understanding of what I am learning as well as a deeper feel towards my creative projects.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Take Apart

    I picked an acoustic version of a City and Colour song for the creative word because it took one of his songs that was already done somewhat acoustically and he completely took it apart and preformed it at the bare minimum. It showed his true talent and still gave off the same strong effect when preformed live with an acoustic guitar.

    Creative Experiment: Removing the Next Step

    If I were to remove the next step my song would become a mess of found sounds. It would be unorganized and I assume would sound awful. It may sound awful but it will be accessing some of my creative potential that I would not have brought forwards before and make my musical piece completely free.

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  27. Julia McCabe, 3:22, May 31 , Week 6 , Day 1 – Openness (61)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Secrets

    Many musicians keep secrets about their music for many reasons. Out of fear of someone stealing their ideas, lack of confidence, inability to show work until it is done. By doing this, they are stopping themselves from finding out what can happen by sharing music. By sharing your experiences with those around you, you learn your similarities and differences and learn from each other. Through sharing your work with those around you, you gain an appreciation for others work as well as a better understanding of what you are doing.

    I personally struggle with being secretive towards my work. I am not confident enough share my work and fear judgement. I need to learn to not keep so many secrets about my projects and share my ideas with pride.

    Daily Action: Share the Love

    I will face my fears and share my secrets with others around me. Through doing this, I will gain an appreciation for others work and hopefully they will learn something from mine. Sharing my work with others will help me to gain confidence as well as get creative opinions on what I am doing well, could improve on and what I need to change. By sharing the love I will become confident in my work and that will benefit me greatly.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Openness

    For the creative word of openness, I focused on the lyrics of the Beartooth song Sick and Disgusting. I am using the lyrics of this song because Caleb Shomo wrote this song on a very personal level. He was extremely open about his past and sang of it with so much passion. The lyrics talking about feeling shameful to his father and the struggle he has with his past and mental illness problems, singing of “The voices in my head” during the beginning of the song. Another cool thing about this song is that he recorded the whole song in one try. Leaving in the sobs during the end and portraying the true emotion of the lyrics and his feelings towards them.

    Creative Experiment: Nature’s Voice

    If I were to try this experiment, I would think that the forest would be called in a way that would be relatable because for the song I’m currently working on, I have used a lot of found sounds from the outdoors. The projects sound would be relatable and would almost call out to the tree.

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  28. Julia McCabe, 3:49, June 1, Week 6, Day 2 – Exceed Greatness (66)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Intelligence Only Goes So Far…

    We learn about music and the things we need to know to do projects but through that knowledge we learn how to do a very basic and overdone thing. We are told the exact same instructions as thirty other students. Given intelligence is something that will get the project done, but doesn’t involve any creativity. It confines us to the basics. We need to use our own personal knowledge and emotion to make our creative works ours. If we do not, we make what everyone else is making. Intelligence is important but so is being creative and unique. Using both intelligence and our own personal creativity we will make creative masterpieces worth showing off.

    Daily Action: Rich in Emotions

    I will let my personal emotions towards my work take over control of my work today. I will not stick exactly to my long term plan and try something that I would have never thought. This will help me to show my true creativity and let my emotions show through in my work.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Exceed Greatness

    For exceeding greatness I picked a song off of Beartooths first EP called Go Be The Voice. I picked this song because Caleb Shomo exceeded greatness with this song. The entire EP was written and recorded by Caleb, playing all instruments and singing all vocals by himself. Through this single EP he exceeded greatness and gained a large fanbase. This song was so well put together from the vibe it gave off to the complexity of it, the overall sound was inspiring and strong.

    Creative Experiment: What About You?

    Today I wanted to take a moment and get a coffee and enjoy reading my book for a little while. I went and grabbed a coffee and spent twenty minutes clearing my mind and reading my book. This helped me to become more motivated towards working on projects and being as creative as possible because I was able to clear my mind and come back focused on what needed to be done.

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  29. 1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Inspiration, not Procrastination

    Sometimes we find ourselves up against a brick wall, no inspiration and no ideas. We then tend to put off doing any work needed to be done out of a lack of interest. We need to stop procrastinating and find ways to find inspirations by doing things to bring ourselves to the ideas. Go for a run, do something we love, do something you’ve never done before. We need to go out there and find inspiration. Not wait for it to come to us.

    Daily Action: Act on Inspiration

    Sometimes we find ourselves really busy with many different things happening at once. We may think of an idea and write it don saying we’ll do it later and then never get around to it. We need to act of these little burst of inspiration when they come as they are creative ideas that we will lose the motivation towards if we don’t act upon them quickly.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Begin Again

    For the begin again recording I picked the new Asking Alexandria single. For the creative words, I really enjoy picking recordings from bands as I have a lot of knowledge about many bands I like and in turn am able to talk about them in a more in depth understanding. I picked the new Asking song because they have just recently begin again. After the departure of their former original singer Danny Worsnop, most fans assumed the band was done, but James, Ben, Cam, and Sam were nowhere near done with Asking Alexandria. They just recently announced their new singer and have come back with the some linked above as their first single featuring their new singer Denis Shaforostov formally of Make Me Famous. The song shows them beginning a new chapter with a new more positive and motivated band member.

    Creative Experiment: 90 Seconds

    Radio Ideas

    -Do teacher interviews

    – For next year:

    Get announcements different clubs want to hear

    Find out what music the students like

    Work on how my radio shows sound

    -Program for the summer

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  30. Julia McCabe, 12:45, June 3, Week 6, Day 4 – Incomplete (77) and 4 Song EP
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Don’t Wait

    Sometimes ideas come to them but we wait to act upon them and that creative spark that we originally had is gone. We seem to think we have forever to make our creative thoughts into actual work and later realize we let so many creative opportunities pass us by through not acting on them right away and waiting. We need to take a moment once in a while to sit down and act on those creative ideas when they come to us. Not waiting until that spark is gone will show through our true creativity and help us learn from our creativity.

    Daily Action: Don’t Wait for Trouble

    Today I will not wait for something to go wrong in a project to let myself lose motivation. I will put in my full efforts until I finish my project to the best of my abilities regardless of the setbacks I face along the way. I need to maintain the motivation I started the project with right until the end of the project for my creativity to show through and to finish work that I would be proud to show.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Incomplete

    For incomplete, I used my first rough of Rocco. This was the copy I made that had the original track playing in the background and only consisted of the piano for my version of the song. This is the incomplete version of the song that I finished last week and the comparison between this version and the finished product are so different.

    Creative Experiment: Begin Again

    Today I found myself stuck for ideas and found I was wasting so much time trying to work with what I already had done so I used this creative experiment and scratched everything and completely started fresh which surprisingly helped me to finish faster.

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  31. Julia McCabe, 8:55, June 4, Week 6, Day 5 – Directing (17) and 4 Song EP
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Not Just Any Old Path

    Sometimes things happen by chance and end up effecting us for years to come. We see something as a child that we don’t realize at the time, but will end up motivating us or introducing us to something that we end up loving to do down the road or the chance findings of a certain type of music or musician. I believe that things happen for a reason and everything happens with a greater purpose. We can’t follow the paths of others because then we will lack creativity and the ability to make these self discoveries we experience in life.

    Daily Action: Practice

    Today I will practice giving up control of my music and allowing myself to connect spiritually with my projects. I will no longer base my music on what I think others will want to hear but instead on what I think sounds good and in the end what I want to hear. Through doing this, I will be able to connect with my work on a level that I very rarely find myself in while working creatively.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Directing

    For directing I picked a Twenty One Pilots song called Holding On To You. I picked this song because the way that Tyler phrases his lyrics and his vocal style almost sounds he’s directing his fan’s. Guiding them in the right direction and almost showing the their options through a song that was directed at everyone.

    Creative Experiment: Start a Song in the Middle

    Today I started editing my song at the chorus. I found this experiment to have an extremely unexpected outcome. I was able to successfully use the chorus that I made to then work around the rest of the song and create a song that I am really proud of.

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  32. Julia McCabe, 10:30, June 5, Week 6, Day 6 – Influence (71)
    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: States of Mind

    Sometimes we have projects that need to be done, but we have no motivation or we are not in the right state of mind to provide the work that is expected of us. This does not mean that we should forget about the projects all together but instead find the motivation. We can’t wait forever for it to come to us when we can go out and find it ourselves. We need to find the motivation through the things we enjoy and find ways to complete project regardless of how much we don’t want to or don’t enjoy what we have to do.

    Daily Action: Look for Creativity

    Today instead of letting creativity come to me, I need to go look for it. I sometimes find meself waiting for hours to try and have creativity come to me when I really need to stop wasting time and go out and look for creativity. Use my surroundings and the things I do throughout the day to find that creativity myself.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Influence

    For today’s creative word I picked a video of All Time Low covering a Blink 182 song. I picked this song because they started off as Blink 182 cover band and have been influenced by them since they started playing music. Thought the audio of this clip isn’t very good, it represents the fact that they have gained a fan base from this groups influence and now All Time Low fans are supporting them while they play a song from one of their favourite bands.

    Creative Experiment: Check Out and Zone In

    For today’s creative experiment I checked in to what I am working on currently and zoned out from everything else around me. This helped me to let my creativity flow and not get distracted from what I’m working on.

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  33. Julia McCabe,10:29 , June 6, Week 6, Day 7 – Different View (104)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Success Only From Failure

    This daily dose is relatable on a couple different levels for me. In my general life as well as creatively. I recently started a new job and have learned that you have to make a few mistakes in order to learn as successfully as possible. Through making a mistake or not really knowing what to do, we are given the experience and the knowledge we will remember down the road. This is relatable creatively too because while working on a creative project, you are going to fail, you might even fail many times before you actually succeed but through those failures, you are constantly learning and I do believe that we can only find success through failure.

    Daily Action: Love Is Enough

    Today I will put my love for what I’m doing into my creative work and know that what I put into it is enough. If I make my projects with the love and passion I have for what I do creatively then the outcome will be better and I will have put my true creative potential into my work.

    2. Recording

    Creative Words: Different View

    I picked this Twenty One Pilots song because of the different view of they have on music, they have created their own genre’s and have brought new sounds to music. In their music they talk about the issues that have effected them and how Tyler uses his music to stop personal mental health issues. They take a completely different view on music and that contributes to their ever growing fanbase.

    114e43b7f92a006f0cb1e49b57ec4165 (Genre’s of Twenty One Pilots)

    Creative Experiment: Three Things

    Today I picked three things and made a list. I am going to get them done and not just done but to the best of my ability before I can go to bed tonight. This will help me to be productive as well as work towards something on a time limit.

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  34. Julia McCabe, 11:50, June 7, Week 7, Day 1- Loop (106)
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Relay the Message

    The daily dose talks about relaying the message and sharing the ideas and thoughts about creativity with those around you. This will help everyone. Help some to think of new ideas, some to just see what you are doing and for others, gives them motivation and inspiration for their own work.

    Daily Action: Pass It On

    today I will pass on my creative message to give those around me the creative inspiration that I wish to receive from others from their creative message. This might help someone else if they are stuck for ideas and help me to become more confident in sharing my work.

    2. Daily Recording

    Creative Word: Loop

    For today creative word of loop, I took a clip from an All Time Low song and looped it. This was a very simple loop but a skill I gained on a DAW as of recently. Until the start of the college course, I did not explore what I could do with the DAW and was using it for very simple tasks. Now I can use it to do new and cool things like loop audio.

    Creative Experiment: A Different Perspective

    Today I looked at my work from a new perspective, I tried to look at it as someone who doesn’t know a thing about what I’m doing, a child, someone elderly, someone who has a great respect for creative work and someone who doesn’t. This helped me to get different perspectives of what I’m doing and figure out how I really want my work to sound.

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  35. Julia McCabe, 7:25, June 8, Week 7, Day 2 – Joyous (137)
    1. Blog Post

    Daily Dose: Lucky

    I am lucky in the sense that I am able to try different things creatively and have the opportunity to explore my creative talent. I am lucky that I am able to learn the skills I am learning and have the technology that enables me to continue forward creatively. We sometimes forget how lucky we are and take for granted the things that we think are small and sometimes pointless. We need to truly realize how lucky we are and work off of that positive feeling when working creatively.

    Daily Action: Open the Door

    Today I will open the door and put my true emotional feelings into my work. I will not do the work to just get it done but I will put the effort into it that will make the fourth song of my four song EP something that I will be proud to show on Thursday.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Joyous

    I picked this song because of the positive vibe it gives off. This Wild Life took what they thought were negatives about themselves and changed it into a love song. This song gives off a joyous vibe and makes myself as a listen feel happy and joyful while listening to it.

    Creative Experiment: Learn Something New

    Today I went online and researched different DAW’s. This helped me to expand my knowledge and help me decide what I would like to start working with once I get the funds to invest in a better program than Adobe Audition. This new found knowledge has helped to show me that there are much better programs for what I’m looking to do and that I should be exploring my options.

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  36. Julia McCabe,4:00 , June 9, Week 7, Day 3 – Feel (144) and 4 Song EP
    1. Daily Blog

    Daily Dose: Music Just IS

    In many cases we seem to forget that our creative spirt should be our influence on our music. We learn the rules of high school and look for further and specific instruction. This notion of doing work exactly how it is expected of us can cause our creativity to slowly disappear and our true musical potential goes down the drain. We need to let the ideas flow and let the music be what its going to be. With that being said, we also don’t have to stick to the type of music we are told to like. Many children grow up listening to the main stream pop and are never introduced to the music that influenced the music they listen to. We need to find what we like and let the music go where its going to go.

    Daily Action: New Appreciation

    Today I listened to a piece of work I made for the four song EP and found something that I did not like. I listened through it many times and through doing this, I was able to find something that I did like and fix it. This processed forced me to really listen to my work and analyze it very closely.

    2. Recording

    Creative Word: Feel

    For the creative word, the first thing I thought of was this song. The lyrics of this song is passionate, sincere and he is singing from the heart about something personal to him. Not only do the lyrics to the song make you feel for him and relate to the lyrics but also the visuals in this video of the couple getting engaged at this Maine concert really make you feel passionate towards the song and towards the couple. The way that I saw the song preformed made me feel connected to the song because they took a song and simplified it, having only John on stage with his guitar and keeping it plain and simple to get to his point. This song gives you the feeling of love and you can tell that John did put his feelings into this song.
    Creative Experiment: When

    Today I sat down as I was struggling to find the motivation to finish the final song and I asked myself, “If I don’t do it now and put all of my effort into it, will it ever get done? When will it get done?” and Through asking myself that, I was able to go back to my work and see that I have put so much effort into the other three songs that by not finishing the fourth, I would have wasted so much time and energy. so I asked myself when and decided now is the time I need to do this and it needs to be done well.


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