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Please post the your entries in your WordPress/SoundCloud accounts first as you would a regular assignment. Then post your “Daily Meds” entry (Word Form) under this section along with you SoundCloud link (under the “Daily Meds” section the recording applies to) of your recording assignment of the day. Remember this is to be done everyday for the rest of the course.  Each day you will pick a topic/theme from a new page in the “Daily Meds” to create, record and write on. You will turn-in two daily assignments to this “Daily Med Blog” (Personal WordPress blog and Soundcloud recording) in one post under the “Students Designated Post Area” . Start with your WordPress Account first, then Musical Daily Meds Blog, then Copy and Paste that Link under this post in the “Leave a Reply” section. All posts on all three WordPress sites(1. Students account. 2. Musical Daily Meds. 3. Intro to Audio.) need to be labeled with the student’s name, time, week, day, date, and topic title at the beginning of the post (Example: John Doe, 11:25pm, Week 1 Day 3 April 28, Begin Again). Remember you can link all assignment topics to the “Daily Meds Topic” of choice to help aid in finding a source of inspiration that is best for your recording and video needs. The Daily Meds Workbook can be found at (


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  1. i think that the future of music is going to be edm and underground rappers, most of which will get famous eventually, but they start from the bottom with no help. i even feel like this is the case now, most of the time people will will be listening to music and see someone who has a nice flow and a good beat and they will start liking them, its really about word of mouth and social media now a days. in the future i think that people will get noticed a lot easier because social media will be so big, in about 5 years it will be around us 24/7, this being said artists will have so much advertising they will get famous in no time. also the different recording tools we will have will be crazy, we will be able to do so much audio tampering and make heavy ass beats.

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  2. Creative Words: Mountain Sound – day – night

    not really sure what to write here so im going to do what i think we have to do.

    Daily Dose: Flow

    to me music is a big part of my life. the way the artist connects to their fans is just mind blowing, they create lyrics that we can relate to or beats we can vibe to. all of this makes a great artist, for me i mostly listen to rap, but not your typical 17 year old who thinks their a thug so the listen to the “hood rap”, i mostly listen to the chill, meaning full rap, like chance the rapper or kid cudi. it is easy for me to connect with these artists because i understand where they are going with the lyrics and i can vibe with the beats because the two flow so well with each other.


  3. austin outingdyke may 15 10:56 am week 3 day 20- daily meds
    Creative Experiment: Positive Attributes:

    i always wake up in the morning still feeling tired, but im sure thats the same for everyone. but for me, im up at 5 every morning to go to the gym and start my day off wit ha good work out. its a good way to start your day because it gives you a burst of energy. and its also a good healthy lifestyle to get into, its better then not doing physical activity all day.

    Daily Dose: On Obsession:

    i feel like the best way for me to enjoy music is to be alone while vibing to the song, or another way is to listen to it with my friends who also appreciate the music. there is a certain feeling you get when your listing to a sick song with your bros just jamming out to it, it feels like freedom. its good to appreciate a musician for everything they have done, you have to look at every aspect of what went into the making the son and then the final product. you should never say a song is bad if you dont know the ammount of work that was put in to making it. even though you have the right to an opinion, we shouldn’t judge someone if they made a bad song, it might not be your style but other people might like it a lot. you just have to be respectful and not be full of yourself, you have to expand your mind and be more appreciative.

    today i started to listen to more rappers and trained myself to appreciate their music styles.

    soundcloud track still isnt processed i will post it tonight.

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  4. Creative Word: Excess

    Creative Experiment: Superhero

    if i were to be a superhero i would be batman, because he is my favourite superhero. if i was him i don’t think i would be able to do anything i wanted, because he doesn’t have any powers, just lots of money. if there was music i could write it would be dark, because of his past and his nickname “the dark knight”, it would be edm type style with some strings and piano in it, something upbeat but dark at the same time.

    Daily Dose: Power and Control

    all the rappers i listen to interact with their fans and show them love, and they even show it in their lyrics that their all for love not violence, like in joey bada$$’s song 95 til infinity , he says “instead of lead slugs, i express my love”. its key not to get caught up in negative thoughts, its better to look at the positives in every situation, if your always critiquing everything in many ways you will have no creative flow and wont be appreciative of anything good. its always good to have good vibes only. accepting a musicians music at hand is a very good skill to have because it shows that you know good music and you’re accepting of their effort and talent that got put into producing the song.

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  5. austin outingdyke june 10 10:56 am week 8 day 48- daily meds

    Leave a reply
    Creative Word: Harvest

    Creative Experiment: Mirror Success

    the inspiration i chose was Timothy Sykes, he is a penny stock broker and turned $12,000 at 18 into 1.5 million at 21. this inspires me to get more into the stock market and figure the ins and outs of it, to learn all the numbers, where to buy in and where to sell. all this stuff interests me and inspires me to go out there and study this topic. my goal in life is to live a happy and healthy life and be a multi-millionaire, and own 30+ plus companies all around the world. tim inspires me to make lots of money to live the good life style, where money isn’t a problem, i don’t have to worry about paying off a house or getting a loan for a car, and be able to pay it all in cash. some people laugh when i tell them this, but i cant wait for the day when they come to me with a resume.

    Daily Dose: Negativity

    i know that some people only surround themselves with negativity, and i hate it, their not fun people to be around why would you put yourself in a crowd with people who will only bring you down?!?! i dont like to think in the negative, i like to see all the positives before i see any negatives. i only like good vibes, and if your negative 24/7 get the f*** out of my way.

    Daily Action: New View

    today i will look at all the good things about my day and try to enjoy it as best as i can with anyone bringing me down, and enjoy my music when in relaxing.


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